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Ilk \^^' 


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^K "^-^^^Ma ^^""'~ 







Tnbute to Our Retirees 4 

Yearbook Dedication 6 

Administration g 

Academics ] q 

Senior Portraits 1 g 

Underclassman Portraits 38 

Theater 54 

Clubs gg 

Sports go 

Music i2g 

Senior Biographies 130 

Junior-Senior Prom 162 

Senior Cruise/Superlatives 166 

TCM Memorial 1 70 

Graduation 1 72 
Messages from the Community 1 76 * 

The Senior Will " 1 94 





To Our Retirees ^ 

Jessica Abrams 

"Mr. Brown's class was one of the most 

memorable classes of high school for me. 

That was sophomore year, and still to this 

day, in the hallway 1 get an enthusiastic, 

'Miss Abrams — how are you doing?' 

High school wouldn't have been the same 

without Mr. Brown." 

Joey Dello Russo 

"Mr. Brown has given over 20 years of his life 

to WHS. He has taught multiple generations 

of families and is a familiar name and face to 

all. For over 20 years, his booming hall-voice 

reminds everyone that they are in Westwood 

High School and that there will be no fooling 

around. He has revealed history to hundreds 

and hundreds of students over the years through 

his one-of-a-kind teaching style." 

Chris Follen 

"Mr. Brown is a teacher who has had a posi- 
tive impact on many of our lives. He is a 
very helpful and caring mentor, who always 
has his students' best interests at heart. He 
has helped me to learn not only history but 
also many other important lessons. He will 
certainly be missed next year." 

Mr. Dillon 

"Mr. Brown is as respected by his 
colleagues as he is by his students. He is a 
great teacher of history and a person of high 
moral integrity. He will be greatly missed." 

t..i/ y i I ,iJ 



Mrs. Gail 


Katie Harris 

"Mrs. Barraza was a great 

teacher who always pushed 

us to do our best and whose 

enthusiasm made her class 

interesting and enjoyable." 


Kristin DeCamp 

"Mrs. Hayes was a phenom- 
enal teacher! She always 
made class so much fun when 
she impersonated characters 
from different novels we read. 
Her love for teaching was 
incomparable to anyone I've 
ever met." 

Emily Kelly ^ 

"Mrs. Hayes definitely 
has a way with people. 
I looked forward to her 
class because of her 
humor, kindness, and 
"multiple guess" quizzes. 
I will miss her smiling 
face in the halls." 

Kaitlin Brodrick 

"Mrs. Hayes was one of the 
best English teachers that I 
have ever had. She helped 
me move from level two to 
level one by giving me all 
the extra help that I needed. 
She made sure that we all 
did our very best." 

Mrs. Kelsch 

"What can one say about a col- 
league like Mrs. Hayes? She is 
incredible- smart, funny, devoted. 
Wordsworth's daffodils will never 
be the same." 



Danielle Harris 

Mrs. Barraza is one of the 

greatest teachers I've ever 

had. She never expected 

anything less than our best. 

She is intelligent and truly 

loved her job. The Westwood 

HS community will miss her 

skills and enthusiasm greatly." 

Greg Wells 

"Mrs. Barraza is an excellent 

teacher. Her teaching skills 

are extraordinary. I learned so 

much in her class and 

my writing improved 

by leaps and bounds." 

Mrs. Brackman 

"Mrs. Barraza is the 
epitome of excellence. 
She defines "teacher." 
She will be replaced 
but never equaled." 


♦ Mrs. Jeryl 


Tribute to Our Retirees 5 

o» • ^ 


5aru Harrington and 

Max Dorsch announce 

(he 2006 Dedication and 

present a certificate to 

Mr Ducheneau at the 

Class Day ceremony 







Presented, on beltalfofthe Class of 2006, 
by Sara Harrington and Max Dorsch to 
Mr. Ducheneau, June 2, 2006: 

The main ingredient of the 2006 Yearbook 
is SMILES. And so it seems fitting that the 
members of the Class of 2006 have chosen to 
dedicate the yearbook to a man who is always 
smiling , and whose sincere love of Westwood 
High School makes us smile . On behalf of the 
Class of 2006, we dedicate this year's book to 
Mr., SehoK Bill Ducheneau. 

Mr. Ducheneau has positively influenced our individual and shared 
experience both inside and outside the classroom. Members of the Class 
describe him as welcoming, devoted, patient, openhanded, and a cheerful 
contributor. He has taught Spanish and French at Westwood High School 
for 34 years. As Nikki Brune said, "You can tell he truly loves teaching 

at Westwood. Mr. Ducheneau was my Spanish 3 teacher. 

never forget his lesson on the subjunctive, or 'subjuntivo.' 

understand it because of him." Though so many 

of us have benefited from Mr. Ducheneau 's 

work in the classroom, we appreciate him 

greatly for what he has given us outside ,^ 

the classroom. 

The sole organizer of the Prom, Mr. 
Ducheneau is our ultimate party host. 
The Prom is important to him because it is 
important to us. He thoughtfully considered 
every detail of the event to ensure our night 
was as special as we hoped it would be. He 
welcomed us to Prom with his camera in hand 

1 will 


and took pictures of us as if we were his own. In a tradition he started 
last year, he created a display of his Prom photos in the entry to the 
school to welcome us back the following week. 

Mr. Ducheneau has gotten to know many of us in his role as teacher of 
driver's education. He's logged a tremendous number of mustache- 
hair-raising hours in the passenger seat, teaching us "B.S. " 
- that's blinker/shoulder, of course, and all his other tricks to 
drive safely and confidently. With his knowledge, sense of 
humor, and seemingly infinite patience, he's gotten us on the 
road and made the process fiin. Tony Viti said, "Any man 
who can teach me to drive without having a nervous 
breakdown deserves to be knighted, canonized 
and most importantly have a yearbook dedicated 
to him." 

Much of Mr. Ducheneau's influence is the 
result of his unofficial role as our one- 
man welcoming committee. Though we've 
endured a lot of variables in the parking lot 
this year- gravel, mud, no paint lines, long 

6 Yearbook Dedication 


traffic lines - we've enjoyed one constant, Mr. Ducheneau. He is there 
every morning to ensure our safe arrival to school and to cheerfully 
wish us each a good day. As Brendan McCarthy said, "He stands in 
rain, sleet, sun, and snow to greet us. He's one of the nicest people in 
the world." 

Mr. Ducheneau extends his welcoming and warmth in the school 
throughout the day. He is the Governor of "Good Mornings", the 
Benefactor of "Bon Jours", and the Officer of "Holas" Whether he's 
standing at the door of A256 or walking down the halls, he receives us 
like an ambassador of goodwill. Can he possibly know us all? He tries 
to, and seems to. He even uncannily knows which language we each 
study and greets us accordingly. "Salve" to you on route to Latin class. 
Kathleen McDonald said, " Mr Ducheneau is truly dedicated to making 
everyone feel welcomed at WHS." Amanda Lever said, "He has been 
my homeroom teacher for the past four years of high school and every 
day he has been upbeat and happy to be there." He misses us on the 
weekends and looks forward to seeing us on Monday. Jimmy Vanaria 
said, "He loves what he does and we love and respect him for that." 
And for that, we, the Class of 2006, smile, and we offer our Yearbook 
full of smiles with muchas gracias, Seiior. 

Thank you, Mr. Ducheneau. 




• ♦ 

"You can tell he truly loves 
leaching at Westwood" 
-Nikki Briine 

"Any man who can teach me to 

drive without having a nervous 

breakdown deserves to be 

knighted, canonized and most 

importantly have a yearbook 

dedicated to him." 

i\- Tony Viti 



"He stands in rain, sleet, sun, and 
snow to greet us. He's one of the 
nicest people in the world." 
- Brendan McCarthy 



" Mr. Ducheneau is truly 
dedicated to making everyone 

feel welcomed at WHS." 

-Kathleen McDonald 

"He has been my 

homeroom teacher for 

the past four years of high 

school and every day he has 

been upbeat and happy to be 


- Amanda Lever 



"He loves what he does and we 
love and respect him for that." 
Jimmv Vanaria 


Yearbook Dedication 7 



School Committee 

John Gottschalk. Chairperson 

Brian T. Kelly, Vice-Chairperson 

Ellen Mason. Clerk 

Barbara Delisle 

Josepha A. Jowdy 


■V. i>:'fJT'^*; 

^^,-,^ , 

Mr. Thomas Brown 

partment Head Ms. Emily Cooper 

Mr Brendan Dillon Mr Ethan Dolleman 

Ms. Alison Donahue Mr. David Dore 

Ms Mary Furber Mr. Jonas Sherr 

Mr. Brian Shuman 




^ yi 


.— - 6.. 


' r: 


•. " • -^i^'^K 


Mr. Milton Kop 


Mr. Brian Baylor 

Ms. Eavan Monahan-Feroli Mr. Mark Holthouse 

Mr. Michael Mao 

Mr. Thomas McGarey Ms. Ashley Sparks 


Ms. Tanya Taylor Ms. Kerry Vogelgesang 



Mr. Todd Danforth Ms. Chen Goldstein Mr. Paul Houston Mr. Sean Lancey 




%». 4ief 



Ms. Sheryl Goodloe 
Metco Director 




^ff^ORT STM^ 




Ms. Mary Flaherty 

Mr. Paul Lilla 

Ms. Nancy Cawley Mr. Jerry Cronin 

Ms. Judith Dick Ms. Anne Gates 

Ms. Kathleen Hayes Mr. Jared Homer 





tm. " "m 


r ■ 




t^*^*-^ ^^^^^^M^^l 




'w' '' HPB 

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1 f *yy 



■v. if. V - ■_ _ I .1-- - ' T. , 


• V»««i ■. i 







^^-— - 

iS**f^ .- 

' %^ 



•O' ; 


I* 1 * 











fV ->^-?t 

Jessica L. Abrams 

Deanna R. Ahigian 

Justin Adams 

Babek Afshar 

Sean P. Andrew 

George Y. Aoude 

Elizabeth T. Ahearn 


Lindsay M. Baldassari 

Nicole H. Balekjian 

20 Senior Portraits 

Hilary A. Bart 

Andrew Bateman 

Andrea Beaupre 


Tanya N. Bechara 

Sarah Bernard 

Alexandra G. Beuscher 

Abigail Biller 

Jessica M. Bond 








) m 


Aria L. Bonsignore-Berry 

Elana M. Bornstein 

Katherine J. Briand 

Mark G. Broderick 

Kaitlin A. Brodrick 

Michael J. Boylan 

Nicola J. Brune 

Senior Portraits 21 

Jenna L. Cicerone 

Amanda M. Cloherty 

Mary Conneely 

Caitlin M. Connors 

22 Senior Portraits 

Matthew D. Corsi 

Sarah A. Costa 

Lauren M. Conner 

David N. Cox 


Courteney M. Coyne 

Samantha Crehan 

Meredith E. Crowe 

Catherine E. Cushing 

Kirstin B. Cutler 

Sylvia S. Deeb 

Joseph A. Dello Russo 

Jennifer A. DeMovellan 

Chantal L. DiBartolomeo 

Alexandra DiCenso 

Katharine J. DiMento 

Elizabeth J. Doherty 

Senior Portraits 23 

Matthew B. Donahue 

Matthew C. Donahue 

Drew R. Donovan 

Jason W. Dwyer 

Stephanie A. Egizi 

John S. Elliott 

Raymond M. Dorsch 

Christina M. Fabiano 

Megan E. Fafara 

24 Senior Portrnits 

David M. Fairneny 

Kristen M. Federico 

Kaleigh E. Foley 

Allison S. Gassman 

Jennifer M. Germane 

Andrew J. Geary 

Timothy E. Geers, Jr. 

Alexander T. Gentilli 

Danielle E. Gillis 

Jonathan Glaser 

Kurt S. Gottschalk 

Senior Portraits 25 

Paige K. Gunning 

Amal U. Hamdan 

Muhamed Hadzipasic 

Margaret J. Haffey 

Stephanie A. Halkett 

Rebecca A. Hansen 

Caitlin E. Harding 

Sara J. Harrington 

Stephanie J. Hauck 

Lauren M. Holbrook 

Charlotte D. Holler 

David F. Homsv 

26 Senior Portraits 

Katherine E. Hulbert 

Ashley M. Keating 

Colin B. Lancey 

Lauren M. Hurney 

Molly R. Hutt 

Andrew M. Keches 

Pardis Koleini 

Angela M. Lang 

Andrew J. Laughna 

Sophie E. Jedras 

Johanna R. Kunkel 

Jennifer N. Lawlor 

Senior Portraits 27 

Sheila B. Leahy 

liit^ ^ 

Charles J. Leibson 

Amanda R. Lever 

James P. Maimonis 

28 Senior Portraits 

Hallie R. Malitsky 

Shannon K. Maloney 

Roger T. Lis 

Laura F. Marquart 

Brendan M. McCarthy 

Katharine E. Mellor 

Caitlin T. McCarthy 

Amanda McDonald 

Kathleen M. McDonald 

Melissa J. Murphy 

Vincent L. Murphy 

Cassandra E. Murray 

Senior Portraits 29 


Sarah J. Musto 

Viviane T. Nguyen 

Patricia D. O'Donnell 

30 Senior Portraits 

Daniel P. Nally 

Stephen M. Napolitano 

Matthew J. Noonan 

Brian Y. Novoson 

John J. O'Leary 

Kayla B. Packer 

John P. Neptune 

Taylor E. Obey 

Justin T. Parker 

Sean M. Pender 

Anastasia B. Puckerine 

Marjorie S. Rochon 

Michelle V. Penido 

Jeffrey B. Poreda 

Ashley N. Powers 

Andrew P. Puopolo 

Emily M. Quan 

Gregory W. Randolph 

Samantha C. Ronan 

Suzanne A. Ruby 

Deanna M. Salter 

Senior Portraits 31 

Nadine Samaha 

James W. Scales 

Tara A. Searight 

Kristin M. Sementelli 

Thomas W. Shaffer 

Joseph Sheehan 

Zeina C. Shuhaibar 

Dean P. Slowey 

Janea R. Smith 

Jarrett D. Staaf 

Katherine A. Sugg 

32 Senior Portraits 

;ny> '^'yX- 

Charles F. Tapsell 

Kaitlin P. Walsh 

Richard J. Travers 

David P. Unumb 

Jason L. Urdang 

Emily V. Werth 

Jaunita L. White 

William A. White 

Senior Portraits 33 

Katherine M. Wiggin 

Samantha C. Wolf 

Alanna G. Wong 

Robert W. Worth 

Simon Xia 

Leila M. Zahka 

Kyle T. Zapcic 

Joanne C. Zessis 

No Portrait available for: 

Christopher R. Bruce 
Stephanie ]. Chin 
Meghan L. DiGiacomo 
Robert J. Irvine 
Michelle Pena 
Alexander D. Shapeton 
Nicholas J. Skvir 
Myesha D. Slaughter 
Peter H. Treon 
Maggie M. Ward 
Wenjia Yang 
Luke Zhou 

34 Senior Portraits 








- y* 



.*»; W«»^ 


Class of 2006 OFFICERS (L-R): 
Tim Geers, Treasurer; Mark Broderick, Vice 
President; Dan Nally, President; Abby Bi 

Senior I'ortniih 3!^ 




\i% « 













^Univo ^ 




rv' ' '^^K^ 



1 il^H 



^ A 





" ^ 






;irv * 


Amitai Abukasis 
Brett Adams 
Christopher Ahem 

Patrick Ahem 
Christopher Aloisio 
David Anderson 

Jamie Anderson 
Ruth Angelici 
James Arnpriester 

David Arustamian 
Dedae Audi 
Kathryn Banis 

Thomas Bamico 
Marylynn Bauzile 
Kevin Bean 

Constantinos Belezos 
Maria Bevilacqua 
Kelley Bonkowski 

junior Portraits 39 

i^ Z^ " 

Jessica Boylan 

Samantha Brackett 

Megan Bradley 

Derek Brogna 
Kevin Brooks 
Annie Brown 

Andrew Burke 

Amanda Cardinal 

Leigh Carey 

James Carney 
Adriana Castillo 
Audrey Cawley 

Alessandra Cecala 

Megan Cheung 

Anne Cohen 

Michelle Cohen 

Kathleen Cooney 

John Cope-Flanagan 

40 junior Portraits 


Steven Cromack 
Amanda Cronin 
Alison Curtin 
Meghan Davey 
Kimberly Davie 
Alexandra Debenedictis 

Kristin Decamp 
James Delisle 
Adam Deparolesa 
Drew DiMartino 
Emma Doyle 
Hannah DriscoU 

Janet Dunkelbarger 
Joseph Elias 
Kimberly Ethridge 
Steven Fanara 
Stephanie Feinberg 
Matthew Ferrari 

Michael Fisher 
T. Patrick Folan 
Julia Folsom 
Emanuel Frangiadakis 
Katherine Friedman 
Brittany Galvin 

James Gavin 
Andrew Gildea 
Alexander Gleason 
Steven Gleason 
Ryan Gold 
Elizabeth Goodridge 

Malcolm Goodridge 
Carmen Graves 
Zane Griffin 
Courtney Grimes 
Kasey Hallion 
Danielle Harris 

Junior Portraits 41 


'^ «>''j 

Katie Harris 

Jessica Hogan 

Kathleen Holmes 

C. Andrew Howard 

Jenna Hunnewell 

Brian Joyce 

Michael Ju 

Melinda Kareh 

Jennifer Keefe 

Brian Kelly 

Emily Kelly 

Jason Kelly 

Elizabeth Kenney 

Nathan Kolodny 

Brianna Kouri 

David Kusmin 

Allison Lampie 

Ryan Landry 

Caitlin Latter f 

Robert Leahy 

Ashley Logan 

Alexander London 

Andrew Lowey 

Kendra Luongo 

Elizabeth Lyons 

Kathryn Maciejko 

Aleksandra Mackiewicz 

Danielle MacNevin 

Karlie MacPherson 

Kelley Maher 

42 jiiitior Portraits 

Sam Maling 
Amelia Mandell 
Christina McCarron 
Matthew McClellan 
Brian McDonald 
Catherine McDonnell 

John McDonough 
Maura McGinnis 
Erica McLaughlin 
Alison McManus 
Andrew Mellor 
Amol Mepani 

Kenneth Michaud 
Joshua Mingels 
Cassandra Moitt 
Mark Molloy 
Jeffrey Moriarty 
Kevin Momson 

Christina Mouhanna 
Margaret Mulhern 
Briana Musto 
HoUie Musto 
Alain Nasr 
Lauren Naymie 

John Neville 
Elizabeth O'Brien 
Jillian O'Brien 
Kevin O'Connor 
Thomas O'Connor 
Matthew O'Donnell 

junior Portraits 43 

Ryan O'Leary 

Athanasia Orphanos 

Crystal Park 

Malcolm Pendergast 

Brent Peterson 

Bryan Peterson 

Robert Phillips 

Richard Pond 

Laurian Pope 

Alexandra Portanova 

Nicholas Porto 

George Primpas 

Michelle Pruchniewski 

Patricia Reece 

Carlin Reilly 

Emma Rhode 

Sophia Romanow 

Carolyn Rose 

Ryan Ruchie 

Matthew Sadler 

Omid Salehi 

Frank Santo 

Lucius Sargent 

Jessie Schroeder 

Matthew Sebet 
Luke Senerchia 
Nicholas Sestito 
Matthew Shang 
Max Shapiro 
William Sharry 

Jacquelyn Shipp 

Ramzi Shuhaibar 

Kyle Sloan-Rossiter 

Tyler Smith Flynn 

Douglas Stein 

Cara Sweeney 

44 junior Portraits 

Audrey Vogel 
Stephen Walsh 
Tonita Watson 
Duncan Wells 

Gregory Wells 
Jenny Whetstone 
Kimberly White 
Daniel White-Lief 

Allison Wilhelm 
Andrew Wolff 
Erica Zahka 
Lauren Zitoli 

No photo available for: 
Paige DiGiacomo 
Samantha Friedman • 
Ashley Gallagher I 

Nicholas Laham 
Claire Mancini 
Jessica Manning 
Patricia Murphy 
Paul Murphy 
Mariellen Mortelliti 
Melissa Mortelliti 
Patrick O'Brien 
Jenna Pirello 
Michelle Ruggiero 
Allison Shortt 
Janelle Strauss 
Elizabeth Walsh 

♦ 4 






Junior Portraits 45 


Class of 2008 QgF|g£RS (L-R): 

Richard DibenedettoiJiSiwretary), Belle Gushing 
(Vice President), Daniel O'Connor (President), 
Mariel Maling (Treasurer) 

Alexander Aranki 
Elizabeth Arpino 
George Audi 

Cory Baker 
Biyan Bart 
David Baryudin 

Alexis Barzin 
Alexander Becker 
Brian Benson 

Nicola Beuscher 
Elizabeth Birle 
Benjamin Blake 

Ryan Bowler 
N. Kris Brakke 
Jeffrey Brown 

Sophomore Portraits 47 

Nicole Cachelin 

Samantha Cahoon 

Bradley Calandrella 

Lisa Caldwell 

Mary Carlin 

Julia Cazanteva 

Amer Chahine 

Mark Chirokas 

Chenelle Christian 

Alena Chubet 

Rachael Chyten 

Jayson Clancy 

Neal Clay 

Stephen Cloherty 

Paige Congdon 

Alyse Conlon 

Mary Connors 

Christopher Costanza 

Jennifer Cravedi 

Maura Curran 

Anne Cushing 

John Cushman 

Hanna Cutler 

Elizabeth Dahl 

Katerina Dalavurak 

Alyssa Decamp 

Corey Dello Russo 

John Demovellan 

Richard Dibenedetto 

llda Doci 

Paras Doshi 

Veena Dronamraju 

Juliana D'Aleo 

Kathryn Egizi 

Margaret Emerson 

Kristen Farrell 

48 Sophomore Portraits 

Danielle Goldman 
Gregory Goodfellow 
Katherine Gorman 
Sean Grandfield 
Jill Greenberg 
Edward Groton 

Austin Hall 
Zachary Hanrahan 
Catherine Heier 
Celena Homsy 
Hillary Howarth 
Raeef Istfan 

Kelly Jackson 
Jessica Johnson 
Christopher Joseph 
Alexandra Kay 
Matthew Keaveney 
Daniel Keches 

Charlotte Kenney 
Jessica Kirkby 
Victoria Koutris 
Megan Lally 
Robert Laughlin 
Jesica Lavimodiere 

Sophomore Portraits 49 


Duncan Law 

Jillian Lenzo 

Meghan Leonard 

Jessica Lesage 

John Liebrock 

Michael Lynch 

James Mahoney 

Kristina Maimonis 

Mariel Maling 

Wyn Maling 

Laura Maloney 

Melissa Mancini 

Ashley Mandeville 

Ryan Martinez 

Erin Massimi 

Holly Mathaisel 

Andrew Mather 

Corey Mather 

Kelly McCarthy 

Danielle McCauley 

Johnathan McGee 

Christine McGrail 

Chad Michel 

Brian Morante 

Michael Morozov 

Kimberly Muellers 

Andrew Musto 

Elizabeth Nally 

Joseph Neimann 

Adriane Nguyen 

50 Sophomore Portraits 

Jose Olivares 
Andrianna Orphanos 
Alexandar Ortloff 
Kristina Ortloff 
Daniel O'Connor 
Roisin O' Flaherty 

Joan O'Neill 
Shiwei Pan 
James Park 
Virag Patel 
Rebecca Patrick 
Elizabeth Peckinpaugh 

Sarah Pellegrini 
Brian Pena 
Brian Pender 
Edward Perkins 
Christopher Pflanz 
Gina Pizzano 

Katherine Planeta 
Kara Powers 
Matthew Pruchniewski 
Kristin Puopolo 
Thomas Quinn 
Rebecca Radford 

Sarah Ragab 
Benjamin Randolph 
Suhas Rao 
Jason Resha 
Amy Reynolds 
Chelsey Ristaino 

Sophomore Portraits 51 



Christopher Roach 

Sean Rose 

Jonah Ruddy 

Meagan Ryan 

Joseph Salami 

Fadi Samaha 

Marianna Sayeg 

Layal Sayegh 

Kevin Schuster 

Alexander Scott 

Ariana Senerchia 

Matthew Shanahan 

Devin Singleton 

Cian-Thomas Smith 

Stephanie Solimine 

Matthew Springer 

Jeremy Stivaletta 

MacLellan Swan 

Alexander Teebagy 

Molly Tennihan 

Russell Travers 

Perry Treon 

Chrisoula Tsolias 

Jacob Tucke 

52 Sophomore Portraits 


Stephen Wright 
Devon Zaza 
Roland Zhou 

EHsa Walsh 
Molly Ward 
Elizabeth Watsky 
Rachel Watsky 

Thomas Weinreich 
Lindsay Weitzman 
James Whalen 
Anna Whelan 

Matthew White 
Albert Wisialko 
Kristen Wissmar 
Jesse Wolf 

Sophomore Portraits 53 



Bradford Baldwin 
Mary Banis 
Shariden Batts 

Barbara Beach 
Amy Bean 
Angelica Belezos 

James Berluti 
Kevin Boettger 
Molly Bonkowski 

Freshmnn Portraits 55 

; . : ^'. -,.»u^>>?fj 

Sam Boosalis 

Erica Bowlby 

Andrew Boylan 

Kyle Brew 

Jason Brogna 

Cassandra Brooks 

Laura Brooks 

Abbie Brown 

Ralph Bruno 

Matthew Burke 

Michael Burton 

Steven Calobrisi 

Nicole Campion 

Aihon Carvalho 

Pavan Chavali 

Sarah Chen 

Jeannie Cheng 

Joshua Cheung 

Eva Christopherson 

Mia Cianciarulo 

Nicholas Citrone 

Steven Clerge 

Hannah Cohn 

Megan Corsi 

\ ^i^Ait^ 

Colin Davey 
Hasan Davis 
Scott Delisle 
Aaron Derderian 
Cassandra Devin 
Arianna Dibenedetto 

Caroline DiGiacomo 
Elena DiMento 
Amanda Doyle 
Jamie Doyle 
James Drew 
Michael Fafara 

Nilofar Fallah-Sohy 
Tabbytha Ferguson 
James Filbin 
Paul Fitzpatrick 
Molly Foster 
Robert Foxx 

Jennifer Franchi 
Alanna Gallagher 
Rebecca Gentilli 
Julia Germano 
Brian Gilman 
Christopher Graves 

Stephanie Greeley 
Catherine Greenwood 
Pamela Guinta 
Alexander Gunning 
C. Russell Gutterson 
Amanda Haddad 

Freshman Portraits 57 

Omar Hadzipasic 

Elizabeth Haffey 

Amy Halkett 

Lauren Hall 

Sami Hamdan 

Yiijin Hamill 

Hannah Hammond 

Cameron Harding 

Matthew Harney 

Rebecca Hartley 

Paul Hatfield 

Melanie Hedal 

Matthew Hichar 

Jamal Hill 

Lauren Hillberg 

Joseph Hiltz-Maher 

Abigail Holler 

Carrie Hyde 

Samantha lonata 

J. Cameron Johnston 

Julia Kane 

Lauren Kareh 

Paulina Keskinidis 

Alexander Kjellman 

Anna Koban 

Matthew Koban 

Matthew Kress 

Justin Kucher 

Victoria Laham 

Kathleen Lally 

Mary Laughna 

Meghan Lawlor 

Brendan Leahy 

Justin Lee 

Stuart Leibson 

Anna Lentz 





58 Freshman Portraits 

Christina Mealey 
Jonathan Mellor 
Anokhee Mepani 
Gabriella Messina 
Alexander Moin 
Brian Molloy 

Julie Moloy 
Jill Mook 
Nicole Moore 
Margaret Moylan 
Erin Mulhern 
Mariandrea Munar 

Vincent Musto 
Julia Nagle 
Erin Nanna 
Jonathan Neimann 
Gary Novoson 
Cynthia O'Brien 

Brian O'Connor 
Matthew O'Donnell 
Taylor Peck 
Eric Peterson 
Kimberiy Pettit 
Amanda Poche 

Freshman Portraits 59 

Caitlin Pond 

Christopher Pond 

Michael Pugliese 

Katelyn Raftery 

Evan Rees 

Luke Reynolds 

William Richardson 

Camille Rogers 

Christopher Rogers 

Neggin Rostamnezhad 

Dominic Ruiz 

Allison Ryan 

Matthew Sawyer 

William Sawyer 

Abigail Sayeg 

William Scannell 

Tyler Schock 

Ali Schroeder 

Jason Sementelli 

Amanda Sestito 

Michelle Shang 

Afsheen Sharifzadeh 

Arya Sharifzadeh 

Michael Sharry 

Lana Sharuk 

Molly Shea 

John Sheehan 

John Sleight 

Max Smith 

James Strong 

Hilary Sugg 

Stephanie Sukennik 

Christopher SuUivan-Trainor 

Kathryn SuUivan-Trainor 

Laura Teehan 

Gregory Thompson 

60 Freshman Portraits 



i Vbff&Dfii^ 

Kelsey Thornton 
Kayvon Touran 
Matthew Traylor 
Daniel Troy 

Kyle Tucke 
Rachael Tuleja 
Phillip Walker 
Ryan Walsh 


Katherine Ward 
Anne Wells 
Corrinne Wells 
Matthew Werth 

Brooke Whalen 
Kara Wiggin ~* 
Jacob Williams 
Ian Wright 

Tony Xia 

Krishnachaithanya Yelleswarapu 

Andrew Young 

Nina Zafar 

Colleen Zapcic 
Stephen Zeng 
Matthew Zola 

No photo available for: 
Taiwanna Campbell 
Elizabeth Groton 
Marsha Groves r^m, 





vshman Portraits 61 







if - ^>^ 









^ ti 


• V 



5 -^ 









The Adventures and misadventures of 
two small town girls coming to the big 
city carried the audience through this 
year's musical. Wonderful Town. A cast 
of thousands, well 65, filled the stage with 
energy and excitement as they perfomied 
songs by Leonard Bernstein. The audience 
enjoyed a night of laughs and fun, not to 
mention some great Irish Step Dancing by 
the Smiths and a sax solo from Mo. Three 
great nights transformed the auditorium 
into a Wonderful Town. 

Hx m^jk. u^^Sl 

'otitlcrful Town " arhvork designed hv Danielle MacNe\ 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Jessie Bond. Susie MacCiillivriiy, hira Seanght, Kalie Wiggin. Ashley Smith. Kalhy Briaiid. /eina Shuhaibar. Alc\ 1-rusi. 
Kathleen VonEuw, Courteney Coyne, Charolette Holler. Meredith Crowe. Anial Hamdan. Kathleen McDonald. Katie Cushing. Katie Sugg. Jenna 
Cicerone 2ND ROW: Ryan Molloy. Vinny Murphy, Nikki Balekjian, Tanya Bechara. Paige Gunning. Joey Deilo Russo, Kyle Zapcic. Joanne 
Zessis, Shannon Maloney. Leila Zahka, Andrea Beaupre, Jess Lui, Steph Chin, AHsson Gassman, Muhained Hadzipasic. Richie Travers, Ryan 
G'Leary. Mike Fisher. Alex London 3RD ROW: Liz Walsh. Katie Maciejko, Carmen Graves, Steven Fanara. Costa Belezos, AH McManus. 
Kimberly Davie. Brittany Galvm, Adam Deparolesa. Samantha Bracketl, Kasey Hallion, Maggie Mulhern, Karlie Macpherson. Kaite Hams, Kat 
McDonnell, Lauren Naymie. Tyler Smith-Flynn, Brett Adams. Liz Goodridge. Erica Mclaughlin. Alisson Wilhelm. Matt Sadler. Andy WoKT. James 
Delisle 4TH ROW: Alexander Teebagy, Joey Salami, Roisin OTIaherty, Meghan Flaherty. Joey Frangieh. Aly DeCamp. Belle Cushing. Ben 
Randolph. Alex OrtlotT, Maclellan Svsan, Corey Dello Russo. Richard DiBenedetto. Stephen Wright. Maggie Emerson, Kristina Maimonis. Kristina 
Ortloff. Anna Whelan. Chelsey Ristaino. Hannah Cutler, Jonah Ruddy, Raeef Istfan. Jess Geers. Ryan Martinez. Cian Smith, Eddie Perkins. Chris 
Constanza. Suhas Rao 5TH ROW: Rebecca Hartley. Sarah Chen. Colleen Zapcic. Greg Thompson. Matt Burke. Kara Wiggin, Katheryn Martin. 
Elizabeth HafTey. Nicole Campion. Kate Aloisio, Mary McDonnell, Andrea Munar. Danielle Damren. Brian Molloy, Molly Shea. Jillian London. 
Carrie Hyde, Hannah Hamond. Julia Nagle, Kelsey Thornton. Ryan McCarthy, Paul Hatfield 6TH ROW: Russell Gutterson, Chris Graves. Scott 
Deiisle, Evan Rees, Camille Rogers 




U -^^ S ". 



•xx-SM^ . 

' ^Vc-r^irrP^ 



An ensemble cast brought to life 

Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses; 

the 2005 Fall Play based on Ovid's 

Metamorphoses. A collection of fables 

each of which looked at how the changes 

in the world impacted those who inhabit it. 

This beautiful piece of theatre washed over the audience 

christening the space as the first play ever performed in 

the new auditorium. 

CAST & CREW, FRONT ROW(L-R): Jenna Cicerone, Joanne Zebbis, Shannon Maloney, 
Tanya Bechara, Nikki Balekjian. Andrea Beaiipre, Katie Wiggin, Joey Deiio Russo, Alex 
Frost, Courteney Coyne, Zeina Shuhaibar, Kathy Briand, Tara Searight, Charlotte Holler, 
Matt Noonan, Vincent Muiphy. SECOND ROW: Kasey Hallion, Erica McLaughlin, Liz 
Goodridge, Ale.x London, Liz Kenney, Belle Cushing, Katie Harris, Lauren Nayinie, Allison 
Wilhelm, Brian Molloy, Kathryn Martin, Julia Nagle, Kelsey Thornton, Stephen Wright, 
Corey Dello Russo, Greg Thomson, Kris Brakke, Chris Costanza.THRID ROW: Matt 
Sadler, CJ Kenney, Malcolm Pendergast, Tom Bamico, Katie Banis, Nate Kolodny, Kate 
Aloisio, Joey Frangieh, Tyler Smith-Flynn. Hanna Cutler, Evan Rees, Maclellan Swan, 
Jess Geers, Roisin O'Flaherty, Alley Kay, Meghan Flaherty, Joey Salami, Brett Adams, 
Hannah Hammond, Mary McDonnell, Carrie Hyde, Alex Ortloff 



The Anime Club 's goals are to spread the un- 
derstanding ofanime art and Japanese culture, 
to learn basics of the Japanese language and to 
draw manga art. Club members develop a library' 
of manga and anime, watch and discuss relevant 
f(f^(CCccce(tCif(i tnovies and television episodes to- 

•ther, draw, practice the Japanese 
'anguage, and make up original 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Ruth Angelici, Kim Davie. Garima Giri, Lizzy 

Watstcy, Marjorie Pan, Martha Geary, Rebecca Radford; 

BACK. ROW: Katie Maciejko,Carmen Graves, Elisa Walsh, Rachel 

Watsky, Steve Fanara, Kimberly Muellers; 

STANDING: Stephanie Feinberg 


The Science Club is for students who have an interest in 
science. The Science Team provides opportunities to par- 
ticipate in competitions and interact with students from 
other schools. Students demonstrate and build on their 
science knowledge through such challenges as building 
robots and cantilevered structures, or even making 
paper airplanes. This year they moved up six places at 
state competition. 

FRONT (L-R): Elizabeth Watsky, Garuna Gin, Jenn Lavvlor, Rachel 
Watsky MIDDLE: Kelsey Thornton, Laura Anderson, David Anderson, 
Alana Wong, Ola Mackiewicz, Steph Chin, Raeeflstfan, Simon Xia, Mo 
Hadzipacic BACK: Mike Morozov, Alex Shapeton, Steve Fanara, Tom 
Weinreich, Kris Brakke, Suhas Rao 



Members of the Robot- %J 
ics Club experiment '' ' 
with robotics. The team 
competed in The FIRST 
Boston Regional competi- 
tion, a six-week period of designing and 
constructing 120+ pound robots. The team s 
robot. " Woody", had to play a full-contact 
combination of soccer/basketball as part of 
a team of three robots, against three other 
robots. The team s work earned them the 
highest rookie seed in the competition and 9th 
overall place out of 43. 

BACK ROW (L-R): Jeff Poreda, Justin Dale, Justin Adams, Stephen ' \|P"- 
Napolitano, Chris Aloisio, Josh Mingels, David Cox; MIDDLE: 
Viviane Nyugen, Kelsey Thornton, Kathryn Martin, Alex Gunning, 
David Anderson, Kate Aloisio, Matt McClellan FRONT: Stephanie 
Chin, Carrie Hyde, Katelyn Ralerty. Laura Anderson 

Clubs 69 


Amnesty International is a group of concerned 
students dedicated to freeing prisoners of 
conscience, gaining fair trials for political 
prisoners, and ending human rights violations 
and hunger world-wide. Activities, designed 
to increase awareness, include letter writing 

(L-R): Dan O'Connor, Greg Goodt'ellow, Spike Santo, Eliza 
beth HafTey, Ryan O'Leary 

"We the People " is a newspaper specifically devoted to WHS 
school governance. It was created to keep students and facultv 
informed about the important 
activities of the school's gover- 
~~~,.,,^ nance .system as well as provide a 
J forum for examining local, na- 
tional, and world issues. Its goal is to 
promote democratic discussion within 
Westwood High School. 

Xjs^isfciii^G \}Ox^ncnf 

70 ChiU 

The Legislative Council plays an essential role in the 
WHS community. Council positions are elected, hut 
the meetings are open to non-voting students and fac- 
ulty members. As the legislative body, the L.C. reviews 
and debates proposals, relating to important issues at 
,^« WHS. Legislation becomes part of 

the WHS Student Handbook. Jto~-^- 

J^ *^ 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Kathryn Martin, Roisin OTIahcrty, Stephanie 
Feinberg, Kelsey Thornton, Kasey HaHion. Carrie Hyde, Allison Wil- 
hehn: BACK ROW: Katie Wiggin, Matt Sadler, Cory Dello-Russo, Belle 
Cushing, Joey Dello-Russo, Stephen Wright, Mary MeDonnell, Hannah 


/, ^^ \ The Drama Club provides 
X "s i \ members the opportunity to 

explore their theatrical talents 
while contributing to the creative 
life of Westwood High School. 
Annual events include an After Dinner Theater 
performance and a puppet presentation. 







■ ■■■• 






The Judicial Council considers any student s appeal to a 
disciplinary decision. The Council is comprised of faculty 
and student members who listen to the student s case and 
then make a ruling. A two-thirds majority of the Council is 
necessaiT to overturn an administrative decision. 





(l.-K): Brendan Crov\c, Ms. Poreda, Meredith Crowe. Ms. I el 
Mark Chirokas, Ms. Rosengarten, Max Dorsch, Jackie Shipp, 
Terry, Ms. Greele 


^ f^r^-rr^i^ fl 



STAFF (L-R): Nick Citrone, Justin Lee, Matt Noonan, Tom Barnico, 
Ryan O'Leary, Austin Hall, Ola Mackiewicz, Mr. McGunagle, Caitlin 
Latter, Richie Travers, Johanna Kunkel, Kevin Bean, Lauren Conner, Ms. 





The Westwood Wire is the newspaper of WHS. 
The Wire sen'es as the voice of the community by 
publishing articles on a wide range of subjects, 
including news (from the school commimity to 
the broader world), sports updates, music and 
movie reviews, editorials, and student profiles. All 
students who were apart of the staff had excellent 
passion and abilities in journalism. 




Clubs 71 


Specliiim WHS created al WHS 
to recognize dijferences among 
students and to increase toler- 
ance of diversity, specifically 
around issues regarding people 's 
sexual identities. Although the 
group serves as the school 's 
gay-straight alliance, its focus 
is not solely on differences of 
sexual identity. This group works 
toward increasing the level of 
respect for diversitv among stu- 
dents and in the communilv. 

L-R; Ms. Witzburg, Paige Gunning, Jamie Anderson, 
Suzanne Ruby, Sophie Romanow, Danielle Harris, Allison Shortt 


FRONT ROW (L-R): lara Scarighl. Slcph Chm. Li/ C hen, 
BACK ROW: Mr. Dore, Jason Urdang, Luke Zhou, Max 
Dorsch, Chris Aloisio, James Scales, Matthew McClellan, Will 
Sharry, Drew Donovan 

Academic Decathlon is an interscholastic 
academic competition. Students discuss 
a range of topics including literature, 
mathematics, science, social studies, art 
and music in preparation for a league 
competition that qualifies for state and 
national competition. Students compete for 
individual medals in specific categories 
or for team medals in the 'superqui: ' 
category'. This year Westwood won the 
State Championship for the small school 

Clubs 73 


The Foreign Language Clubs oj 2006 
include Spanish, French and German. 
Language Clubs at WHS allow students 
the opportunity to celebrate and explore 
other languages and cultures with fellow 
language "aficionados. " 

^<f/ ^^01^ 

Best Buddies is a non-profit organi- 
zation designed to enhance the lives 
of those with intellectual disabilities 
by providing them opportunities to 
form one to one friendships. Mem- 
bers meets with his/her buddy once 
a week to share some quality time. 
In addition the group also goes on 
trips outside the classroom. It is 
a positive experience for everyone 
who participates in the program. 

FRONT (L-R): Laura Anderson, AnoklK-c Mcpani, 
John Massad, Kim Ethridge; BACK: Brian Oilman, 
Walker Wells, Elizabeth Haf'fcy, Nichole Campion, 
Tyler Smith-Flynn, John Cuzzo, JetT Poreda, Julia 
Kane, Danielle Damren 


Mock Trials provides students with an 

opportunity to argue a fictitious legal 

case. Each school receives a case file in the fall 

and prepares for "trial" in front of a judge and courtroom. 

74 Clubs 

The Ecolibrium Club works to help our 
environment. Members brainstorm and imple- 
ment ideas to make our school s environment a 
healthier place. 

BACK. (L-R); Elizabeth HatYey, Julia Kane, Michelle Cohen, 
Nikki Beuscher, Ms. Kristensen, Jenna Hunnewell, Anne Cohen 
FRONT(L^4»^lex Frost, Joey Frangieh, Jess Boylan 

The Ping Pong Club is an informal after school 
activity. Students and faculty get together to 
play ping pong. Players of any ability are 

FRONT (L-R): Vlad Galiouk, Stuart Leibson, Brad Baldwin, 
Mr. Kendrick, Paven Chavali, Mr. Sherr; BACK(L-R): Mr. 
Mucci, Alain Nasr, Joe Elias, James Strong, Andrew Gildea, 
Scott Delisle, Luke Zhou, Jed Delisle 

CLOCKWISE /ro/» lop: Luke Senerchia, Audrey Cawley, 
Catherine McDonnell, Callie Rose, Erica Zahka, Joan O'Neill, 
Kathryn Egizi, Mr. Mao, Janet Dunkelbarger 

H y 


It takes a lot of work, patience, and love to create a year- 
book. Thanks to "The Leadership" who approached the 
, 2006 YB as an endurance event: Sara (four-year veteran super- 
star, you rock, thanks for the hock); Max (the General of get-it-done-right); Jason (who needs depth 
when you have a pitcher who can start AND finish any game); Katie (design maven - parent ads never 
looked so good); Callie (from cut-outs to clocks, always creative) and Jillian (you make it beautiful and 
make it look easy). Shout-out to Stevie-wonder-cro-mack-daddy whose senior year shows great promise. 
Thanks team. Your commitment is unprecedented. - Liza 



Sara Harrington 
Jason Dwyer 
Max Dorsch 
Katie Brodrick 


Callie Rose 
Jillian O'Brien 


Ms. Liza Parks 


Steve Cromack 


Jenna Pirello 

Pardis Koleini 

Johanna Kunkel 

Katie Maciejko 

Cara Sweeney 

Emily Kelly 

Ruth Angelici 

Kristen Fairell 

Mike Shariy 


Liz Lyons 
Annie Brown 
Anne Cohen 
Tanya Bechara 
Tricia O'Donnell 
Maura McGinnis 
Elizabeth Ahearn 

Kristin Sementelli 
Charlotte Holler 
Amelia Mandell 
Elana Bomstein 
Alex OrtlotT 
Adrian Maedonald 
Brian Joyce 
Drew Lowey 
Dan McHugh 
Manny Frangiadakis 
Nick Sestito 
Molly Tennihan 
Gina Pizzano 
Audrey Vogel 
Greg Thompson 
Fadi Samaha 
Walker Wells 
Camille Rogers 
Brad Calandrella 
Mariandrea Munir 
Danielle MacNevin 
David Baryudin 
Tonita Watson 
Sean Rose 

"What's this 



'" — "-'-^ 

Girls' Awards 


Amelia Mandell 


Margaret Haffey 
Katie Sugg 

"When you put yourself on the 
line in a race and expose your- 
self to the unknown, you learn 
things about yourself that are 
very exciting. " 
- Doris Brown Heritage 

?RONT ROW (L-R): Dan McHugh, James Scales, TJ Geers, Mark Carey, Matt Noonan 
5ECOND ROW (L-R): Jeff Moriarty, Nick Porto, Adam Deparolesa, Rick Pond, Max 
ihapiro, Greg Wells, Amol Mepani, Josh Mingels THIRD ROW (L-R): Scott Delisle, Tom 
A/einreich, Kris Brakke, Maclellan Swan, Paras Doshi, Will Richardson, Jonah Ruddy, 
"each Hargreaves BACK ROW (L-R): Chris Rogers, Michael Sharry, Andrew Boylan, 
-hris Pond, John Ahigian 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Jackie Shipp, Jessie Schroeder, Kelley Maher, Katie Sugg, 
Margaret Haffey, Jessica Boylan, Megan Bradley SECOND ROW (L-R): Steph Greeley, 
Kim Davie, Megan Cheung, Amelia Mandell, Kathleen Holmes, Jillian O'Brien 
THIRD ROW (L-R): Janelle Argiros, Cassie Devin, Kim Muellers, Elisa Walsh, 
Yujin Hamill, Anokhee Mepani BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Hava, Jamie Doyle, 
Rachael Tuleija, Neggin Rostamnezhad, Cindy O'Brien, Laura Teehan, Julia Kane 

Cross-Country 81 



Junior Varsity Team 






FRONT ROW (L to R): Sarah Pellegrini, Tricia Murphy. Maggie Emerson, Ali Lampie, 
Meghan Davey, Brittany Galvin BACK ROW (L to R): Coach Cohutt, Connaught O'Brien, 
Layal Sayegh, Melissa Mancini, Jenna Pirello, Adriane Nguyen, Kelly McCarthy, Devon 
Zaza, Sophie Romanow 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Ana Bonsignore-Berry, Chelsey Ristaino, Emily Kelly, Carim Rcilly, 
Kristina Maimonis BACK ROW (L-R); Melissa Murphy, Maria Bevilacqua, Deanna Salter, 
Paige Congdon, Katie Brodrick, Danielle Gillis 

Volleyball 83 


84 Boys ' Soccer 


■^ ^ ABOVE: Malchy schools some kid with a popped 

-^ .i^ collar. LEFT: After Sean scores, not even Matt Ferrari 
is too cool for a high five. 

» 4 

LEFT: Captain Chris Follen clears the 
ball. ABOVE: MVP sends it long, 



Muhamed Hadzipasic 


Chris Follen 


Sean Andrew 

"The strength of the wolf 
is the pack, and the strength 
of the pack is the wolf " 
- Rudyard Kipling 




.1 *^ 

BACK (L-R): Coach Burke, Sam Ronan, Drew Lowey, Brian Joyce, Adrian Mac- 
donald, Matt Ferrari, Chris Follen (Capt.), Sean Andrew, Mo Hadzipasic (Capt.), Yoni 
Glaser, Kyle Zapcic, Colin Lancey (Capt.), Roger Lis, Coach Lancey FRONT (L-R): 
Tony Viti, Robby Laughlin, John DeMovellan, Jimmy Gavin, David Kusmin, Will 
Sharry, Andrew Wolff, Malcolm Goodridge, Matt 0"Donnell, Pat Ahem. 
Not Pictured: Jesse Wolf, Zack Hanrahan 

Boys' Soccer 85 


"VJ^V . f- : ...j: '.|/ 



FRONT ROW (L-R); Sammi Bracken, Alex Frank, Jen DeMuvellan. Jill Greenberg, 
Jessie Bond, Hollie Musto, Tricia O'Donnell, Liz Lyons, Cat McDonnell, Lana Sharuk, 
Erin Messimi BACK ROW (L-R): Katherine Friedman, Melinda Kareh, Cara Swee- 
ney, Sara Harrington, Annie Brown, Kathleen VonEuw, Maggie Ward, Abby Biller, 
Steph Egizi, Victoria Koutris, Chrissy McCarron, Amanda Lever, Christine McGrail 

88 Golf 

■ i M 

:»i;^ -.9 ' 

"Golf is deceptively simple 
and endlessly complicated; 
it satisfies the soul and 
frustrates the intellect. 
It is at the same time 
rewarding and maddening 
- and it is without a doubt the 
greatest game mankind has 
ever invented. " 

-Arnold Palmer 

: t-^'.dS 


'1 w ^"^ 






w - 

^ «am 




P&i' ■ 


\ ^^y 

» "%>:■ 


TOP: D.K. watches his drive soar. BELOW: 
Sebet makes a nice chip out of the rough. 
BELOW LEFT: Gildea hits a beauty out of 
the rough. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Coach Gillis, Taylor Peck, Daniel Abbott, D.K 
Law, Matt Sebet, Justin Kucher, Jake Tucke, Cam Johnston 
BACK ROW (L-R): Kyle Sloan-Rossiter, Bobby Leahy, Andrew 
Gildea, Andrew Howard, Dan Nally 

90 Girls' Swirinniiig 


ABOVE: Senior Steph Hauck competes 

m the 100 yard butterfly. 

"The reason I keep doing it 
is for the tremendous rush 
I get at the end of any great 
swim. ..I'm overwhelmed by 
the strength of my body and 
the power of my mind. For 
one moment, just one second, 
I feel immortal. " 

- Diana Nyad 


BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Sparks, Coach Buckley, Libby Dahl, Amy Bean, Alena 
Whealen, Maura Curran, Alena Chubet, Kristen Farrell, Jess Kirkby, Erin Nanna, 
Molly Shea, Brooke Whalen. MIDDLE ROW (L-R): Hannah Driscoll, Tricia Reece, 
Katie Cooney, Erica Zahka, Leigh Carey, Maggie Mulhern, Alessandra Cecala, Andrea 
Munar. FRONT ROW (L-R): Taylor Obey, Susie MacGillivray, Nikki Brune, Eliza- 
beth Ahearn, Kristin Sementelli, Steph Hauck, Caitlin McCarthy 

Girls' Szvimining 91 


"People who work together 
will win, whether it be against 
complex football defenses, 
or the problems of modern 
society. " - Vince Lombardi 



The Whole Team 


Kevin O'Connor 


Jimmy Vanaria 

ABOVE: Brooks slings it bacic, ready 
Ui unload a bomb. TOP: Gentilli keeps a 
Mustang defender out of the play. LEFT: 
Cjoldy stays humble after a nice TD run. 

. .^^'17^ • 

"i»'^ ■*■■ •. 

^^ .^ 


^■M^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ""c^a-^^^^^^H 

^ J 




ABOVE: Urdang sacrifices huusLll and hups over the whole Medfield team. 
BELOW: Jimmy makes an acrobatic catch for a touchdown against Millis. 

92 TootbnU 

BACK ROW: Steven Clerge, Jed Audi, John Cuozzo, Eric Peterson, Tyler Schock, Jake Mahoney, Russell Travers, Gregory Niles, Ryan Walsh, Ralph Bruno, 

Phillip Walker, James Berluti, Brian O'Connor, Jonathan Neimann, Michael Fafara, James Filbin, Matthew Burke, Jamal Hill, Matthew Harney, George 

Audi, Steven Calobrisi, Bryan Bart, Adrian Penido, Brian Morante, Matthew Shanahan, Ryan Bowler, Matthew Springer, Connor Walsh, James 

Whalen, John Cushman, Michael Morra, Chad Michel, Cory Baker, Edward Perkins, Jacob Williams, Max Smith, Amer Chahine MIDDLE: 

Daniel Troy, Corey Mather, Mark Chirokas, Tom McCauley, Matthew White, Sean Grandfield, David Arustamian, Brent Peterson, Bryan 

Peterson, Nick Sestito, Manny Frangiadakis, Brian Kelly, Constantinos Belezos, Kevin Morrison, Nicholas Laham, Brian McDonald, 

John McDonough, Ryan Gold, Roland Zhou, J.J. Ahigian FRONT: Kevin Brooks, Andrew Mellor, Paul Murphy, David Homsy, 

Tom McDonald, Jason Dwyer, Donal Lyons, Andrew Keches, Jimmy Vanaria, Jason Urdang, Alex Gentilli, George Auode, Robert 

Irvine, Joe Sheehan, Andrew Bateman, Kevin O'Connor, Tom O'Connor, Pat O'Brien 

i-'v.,* '-jiB^I 



Varsity Team 

BACK ROW (L-R): Jenny Whetstone, Alex DiCenso, Laura Anderson, Erica 
Bowlby, Krystal Tsolias, Danielle MacNevin, Sandy Brooks, Molly Foster, Caitlin 
Pond; FRONT ROW (L-R): Michelle Penido, Cathy Conneely, Ashley Smith, Coach 

LEFT: Pond flying high. ABOVE: Bowlby, 
Whetstone and Conneely posing before a 
'jame. BELOW: MacNevin and Anderson 

"Simply because we do not run 
across goal lines, slam dunk 
basketballs, or hit home runs, 
doesn '/ mean we can '/ change 
the score. " - Anonymous 




FRONT ROW (L-R): Paige Gunning, Caitlin Connors, Katie Gushing, Meredith Crowe, 
Cassandra Murray, Caitlin Harding, Becky Hansen, Deanna Ahigian, Viviane Nguyen BACK 
ROW (L-R): Mary Connors, Ashley Powers, Sam Friedman, Kristin DeCamp, Sarah Ber- 
nard, Kaitlin Walsh, Charlotte Holler, Sarah Costa, Katie Carlin, Megan Lally, Betsy Nally, 
Jenny Germano, Lauren Holbrook 



98 Boys' BaskeWall 

ABOVt: Okey drains a free throw. LEFT: 
Chriokas showing mid-season form. 
BELOW: Manny pushes the ball up the court. 

"Push yourself again and again. 

Don 't give an inch until the final 

\J buzzer sounds. " 

-Larry Bird 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Chris Roach, Malcolm Goodridge, Manny Frangiadakis, Pat O'Brien, 
Russell Travers. BACK ROW (L-R): Kevm Brooks, Mark Broderick (C), Max Dorsch (C), Jimmy 
Vanaria (C), Spike Santo, Kevin O'Connor, Mark Chirokas, Coach Reidy. Not Pictured: Nick "Bear" 

Boys' Basketball 99 

li ;^'^^'^.':K-'>0^?^g^:;H 


Varsity Team 

£v a f? f^ f^ O rto 







■^ J 


BACK ROW (L-R): Sara Harrington, Kara Powers, Laura Malone>, Carj Sweencv. Ui.aniia Saltci, 
Paige Congdon, Angela Lang, Claire Mancini, Ashley Logan, Coach Riley, FRONT ROW 
(L-R): Annie Brown, Maria Bevilaqua, Christine McGrail, Christina McCarron, Jill Greenberg, 
Alex Frank 

Girls' Bafkethall 101 




" When you pull on that 
jersey, the name on the 
front is a heck of a lot 
more important then 
the one on the back! " 
^- -From "Miracle" 

Varsity Team 

\i| — \l. £\KM 



ABOVE: Nally proves he is the fastest skater on ice. 
BELOW: Donahue finds a Warrior to hunt down. 
LEFT: Nally squares oft". 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Stephen Wright, Daniel Abbott, Jimmy Gavin, Joe Maher, Matt Springer, 
Matt Sebet, Dan Keches, Perry Treon BACK ROW (L-R): Joe Mullen, Coach McCusker, Jay 
Whelan, Brendan Leahy, Drew DiMartino, Andy Musto, Dan Nally, Andrew Laughna, Matt Pruch- 
niewski. Brent Peterson, Andrew Keches, Paul French, Matt Donahue, Sean Andrew, Brian 
Novoson, Coach Welby. 

Boys' Hockey 103 

104 Girls' Hockey 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Amanda Lever, Sheila Leahy, Meghan Davey, Calhe Rose, Kate 
Hulbert. BACK ROW: Coach Boudreau, Coach Beaumont, Ariana Senerchia, Brenda 
McCabe, Lauren Hall, Lauren Hillberg, Joan O'Neill, Kathryn Egizi, CJ Kenney, Hollie 
Musto, Coach Sargent, Coach Mastrobatista. 

Girls' Hockey 105 




> f."' 




Alii Lampie 

Chris Follen 

106 Skiing 


BOYS' TEAM (alphabetical by grade) L hiis l-ollcn (C ). Joe Dello Russo, Chris AhemConstantinos Belezos. 
Mike Fisher, Patrick Folan. Michael Ju. Ken Mischaud, Mark Malloy, Andrew WoltY, Tom Barnico. Nathan 
Kolodny, Patrick Ahem. Ramzi Shuhaibar. Rob Phillips, James Carney, Brett Adams, Oiisman Akram, Corey 
Baker, David Baryudim, Corey DelloRusso, Michael Pollen, Brent Giachetto, Ted Groton, Raeef Istfan, Bob- 
by Laughlin, Thomas Quinn, Matt Sadler, Jeremy Stivaletta, Albert Wisialko, Jesse Wolf, Alex Becker, Jake 
Tucke, Matt Koban. Ben Anderson, Brad Baldwin, Kevm Boettger, Aaron Dedarian, Paul Hatfield. Matthew 
Hichar. Eric Peterson , William Richardson, Michael Sharry, Dan Troy GIRLS" TEAM: Jess Abrams (C), Alii 
Lampie, Daniel Gillis, Joanna Kunkle. Charlotte Holler, Pardis Koleini, Cassandra Murray. Samantha Brackett, 
Caillin Latter. Ali McManus, Margaret Mulhem. Liz Walsh, Kristina OrtlotT. Lindsey Bums, Kristina Wiss- 
mar, Alyse Conlon, Devin Singleton, Caitlin Connors, Angelica Belezos, Cassandra Devin. Stephanie Greeley, 
Elizabeth Groton, Meghan Lawlor, Jill Mook, Hillary Sugg, Brooke Whalen, Kara Wiggin. 

^' ^' :^S^h^:-^'-'tm^m 

108 Indoor Track 

ABOVE; Becca, Cynthia, and Pam line up for 
the dash. BELOW; B-Mac hucks the shot put. 
LEFT; Drew speeds along the turn. 



Adrian Macdonald 


James Scales 

"Most people run a race 
to see who is fastest. 
I run a race to see who 
has the most guts. " 

-Steve Prefontaine 

Girls' Team 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Ryan Gold, Adrian Macdonald, James Scales, Ben Randolph, Bobby Calobrisi. John 
Slight, Tommy Coyle, Alex K.jellman, Chris Sullivan-Trainer, Michael Burton, Mark Carey; SECOND ROW: 
Coach Lancey, Will Sharry, Jason Urdang, Matt O'Donnell, Khs Brakke, Tom O'Connor, Jeff Moriarty, J.J. Ahi- 
gian, Colin Lancey, James Strong, Stuart Leibson, Alex Moin, Paras Doshi, Mickey Swan, Jonah Ruddy; THIRD 
ROW: Charlie Leibson, Stephen Napolitano, John McDonough, Brian McDonald, Dave Homsy, Alex Gentilli, 
Duncan Wells, A.J, Geary, Greg Randolph, Andrew Boylan, James Berluti, James Filbin, Greg Wells, Brian Gil- 
man, Alex Ortloff, Coach White, Suhas Rao, Richie DiBenedetto, James Park 

BACK ROW (L-R); Kim Muellers, Margaret Haffey Steph Hauck. [;li--a WaKli, I mma Rhode, Sandy Brooks, 
Coach Hava. FRONT ROW; Coach Udall, Marjone Pan, Liz Birle, Megan Cheung. NOT PICTURED: Janelle 
Argiros, Amy Bean, Jessica Boylan, Laura Brooks, Katie Carlin, Audrey Cawley, Kim Davie, Elena DiMento, 
Jamie Doyle, Janet Dunkelbarger, Jen Franchi, Kathenne Friedman, Rebecca Gentilli, Pamela Guinta, Celena 
Homsy, Julia Kane, Anna Koban, Anna Lentz, Liz Lyons, Kelley Maher, Amelia Mandell, Kathryn Martin, Krista 
McGinnis, Anokhee Mepani, Julie Moloy, Cynthia O'Brien, Carlin Reilly, Ali Schroeder, Jessie Schroeder, Amanda 
Sestito, Jackie Shipp, Steph Sukennik, Laura Teehan, Audrey Vogel, Katherine Ward. Comnne Wells. 

Indoor Track 109 


^( ) 


IL£. ,™.-:.™,,..:.«^.., 



Joe Neimann 


Kevin Bean 


Mac Pendergast 

ABOVE: the bullerfly effect 

LEFT: Greg Thompson huffin' and puffin' 

BELOW: Mac, "How'd I do?" 



LEFT: "Aquaman is here!" 
BELOW: "How's the water taste?" 

"/ wouldn 't say anything is 
impossible. I think that every- 
thing is possible as long as you 
put your mind to it and put the 
work and time into it. " 
Michael Phelps 

^9^i m 



Varsity Team 





«r «" ■» 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Coach Lee Bamum, Jonathan Neimann. Greg Thompson, Josh 
Cheung, Mac Pendergast; BACK ROW: Kevin Bean, Mr. Fogel, Bryan Peterson, Joseph 
Neimann, Edward Perl<ins 

Boi/s' Su'imming 111 


112 Boys' Tennis 


BACK (L-R): Corey Dello Russo, Amol Mepani, Omid Salehi, Duncan Wells, Dan 
O'Connor, Andrew Wolff, FRONT: Coach Dolleman, Greg Ucuz, Alex Frost, Mike 
Frangieh, Joey Dello Russo, DK Law, George Primpas 

114 Girls' Tennis 

ABOVE: Liz and Maura watch Iheir little 
sisters' varsity debut BELOW: Belle readies 
her serve. 

"If you can react the same 
way to winning and losing, 
that is a big accomplish- 
ment. That quality is impor- 
tant because it stays with 
you the rest of your life. " 
- Chris Evert 

Varsity Team 

BACK ROW (L-R) Maura McGinnis, Beth O'Brien, Kristina Ortloff, Sarah Chen. Leigh 
Carey, Erica Zahka, Katie Gorman, Coach Houston FRONT ROW: Rachael Tuleja, 
Krista McGinnis, Liz Chen, Nikki Brune, Katie Gushing, Belle Gushing, Nikki Cachelin 

116 Box/s' Lacrosse 

BACK ROW(L-R): Coach Bubba, Will Sharry, Matt Shanahan, Sean Andrew, Matt Fer- 
rari, Chris Follen, Tom Bamico, Andrew Keches, Matt Donahue, Mark Malloy, Andrew 
Laughna, John McDonough, Matt Springer, Coach Lancey FRONT ROW: Jonah Ruddy, 
Matt White, James Berluti, Jesse Wolf, Dan Keches, Colin Lancey, Luke Sargent, Mike 
Tuleja, Mike Follen, Jay Whelan. 



Colin Lancey 


Dan Nally 


Andrew Keches 
Andrew Laughna 

LEFT; Colin Lancey hncsses through the 
defense, wheelm' and dealin'! ABOVE: 
Laughna fights his man for the ball. BELOW: 
Whitey goes after a loose ball. 

'mim- ' '. 

f^ tf 

Boys' Lacrosse 117 



118 Girls' Lacrosse 


120 Softball 



122 BasebnII 

Varsity Team 

BACK ROW (L-R) Rvjii bold Rub Phillips lohn MlCjcc Drew iVlcllor lohn Sheehan, 
Nick Sestito, Pat O'Brien, Sean Granfield, Connor Walsh. FRONT ROW: Tim McGrail, 
Kurt Gottschalk, Jimmy Vanaria, Paul French, Tom Schaffer, Max Dorsch. 

ABOVE: Goldy shows his hand-cannon. 
LEFT: Paul turns on a hanging cur\'e. 

mi OW: rininiy waits Itir the pilch. 

"Baseball is the only field of 
endeavor where a man can w m ^ ^ w i » 
succeed three times out of ,>• V.. 
ten and be considered a goo d _ V 
performer " 

p f^,[' '^^ ' /> -' 

"^■■^^^^f^**^^ \^^ffr 


ABOVE: Senior Captains Kurt, Jimmy, and Paul. 
BELOW; Walsh makes the throw from second to 
first. RIGHT: Walsh applies the tag at second. 

Baseball 123 



i'- At 

124 Boys' Track & Field 



Jeff Moriarty 


Kevin O'Connor 


Adrian IVIacdonald 

Varsity Team 

ABOVE: Tom Okey sprints off the blocks RIGHT: 
T-Mac gives it his all BELOW LEFT: Alex Kjell 
shows a good pace in the distance. BELOW 
RIGHT: Alex Moin comes off strong in the 100 
meter dash. 

BACK ROW: T.J. Geers, A.J. Geary, Steve Napolilano Fourth Row: Kevin Brooks, Coach White. 
Tom Weinreich, Kevin O'Connor, Brian McDonald, Brian Kelly, Coach Bateman Third Row: 
Coach Leonard, James Filbin, Jason Dwyer, Tom McDonald, Stuart Leibson. Alexander Moin, Mi- 
chael Fisher, Matt Kress, Bobby Calobrisi Second Row: Kris Brakke, Raeef Istfan, Ryan Maguire, 
Paras Doshi, James Maimonis, Alex Ortloff, Mickey Swan First Line: Tom Coyle, Matthew Zola, 
Kyle Tucke, Brendan Leahy, Alex Kjellman, Tom O'Connor, James Scales, Adrian Macdonald, JetT 
Moriarty, Chris Pflanz, Luke Senerchia 

r ^ 







Boi/s' Track & Field 125 

»','•" Lvt . y. 


126 Girls' Track & Field 


"The will to win means 
nothing without the will 
to prepare. " 

- Jiima Ikungaa 


Varsity Team 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Katherine Friedman, Jess Abrams, kdllileen Von Euw, Jackie Shipp. Laura 
Marquart, Charlotte Holler 2nd ROW: Steph Hauck, Kim Davie, Brianna Kouri, Janelle Argiros, 
Kelley Maher, Audrey Vogel, Jessie Schroeder, Corrinne Wells. Cassandra Brooks 3rd ROW: Han- 
nah Driscoll, Ali Schroeder, Jillian London. Steph Greeley, Cassandra Devin, Brooke Whalen, Gab- 
by Messina, Julia Nagle 4th ROW: Amy Bean. Elizabeth Haffey. Neggin Rostamnezhad, Laura 
Teehan, Cynthia O'Brien, Stephanie Sukennik, Elisa Walsh, Marjorie Pan LAST ROW: Yujin Ha- 
miU, Kim Muellers, Holly Mathaisel, Andrianna Orphanos, Maggie Emerson, Kristina Maimonis, 
Elizabeth Birle, Meghan Flaherty, Roisin O'Flaherty, Alley Kay, Laura Brooks, Hanna Cutler 

ABOVE: Maggie and Christina relax 
between events. BELOW: Hanna throws 
with all her miizhl. 

•mam Ba*f5<>£ ', 
■■■■ *■■■■:••$ ' 

* J»1R« 5* 

■s25 1 ? 


p # 



Girls' Track & Field 127 


J'W^ ***^ 








Jessica Abrams 

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little 
of each other everywhere." This is to Thursday's at Mikes, B-block Latin, Ski 
Team, numerous nights in numerous basements, Canada '06, Summer '05, 
cape parties, the old school courtyard, the new school patio, sox games, San 
Diego '04-'05, JF walks, prom, concerts, the drama, the love, the fun - so many 
memories. To Lean, Mike, Chris, Marj, KZap, Sam, Lu, Suz, Alex, Sheilz, 
Jo, Richie, Joey, Liz, Deanna, Sean - Thanks for the best four years, I love 
you all. 




Justin Adams 

^Ok, so, highschool good limes, bad times... maybe more bad times than 

good unfortunately. 1 will miss almost nothing. Highschool showed me 

I what life is like, it showed me what people are like and that not everyone is 

who they seem too be. Highschool has taught me too many important les- 

r' sons about people and life that have shaped me into the person I am today. I 

' miss Halo on friday nights at my house with my friends (highschool started 

•- and ended that tradition). 1 have met many important people in my high- 

' school time. Katie, my loving girlfriend, 

^ is the most important person of all :) My 

■' friends are also extremely important to 

me and I'll miss them. Also important 

( through out high school were Mr. Chat- 

, terton, Mrs. Misuta, Mr. Mao, Mr. Kulick 

S and Mr. Mala.xos. 


-=. sr.\. 





eaniia Ahigian 


"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our pos- 
sibilities become limitless." The last four years have been the best and most 
interesting four years of my life. Thanks Mom, Dad, Tommy, and Meghan 
for all your support. Also thank you to my friends. We've shared a lot of fun 
times together. ICrislen, we. will be best friends always and forever. Memo- 
ries which I will always remember include. Girls' Swim Team 9-12, Espana 
'06, Las Chicas, 71 1 runs. High Rockin it to NB, Panera, birthdays at Chil- 
es', cone bombing, prom, shaving creaming, "O'S Chevrolet", "Sasha", 
"Nellie", "the box", ^ 

my pedestrian pals 
since sixth grade, ^ 
scarves, Boston 1 

(and II, Stoughton, 
beach adventures, 
and of course Sat- 

^urday nights at the 

T "Blink and you miss a beat." To the ones who made these 4 years unfor- 

-i getlable-I love you all. Varsity Field Hockey #7. Myrtle Beach "06. Pura 

\ \ Vida & Aruba '05. Summer '04 &'05. The crazy memories— alex's house, 

\S\ manny's palace, closets, spy missions, making history, movie nights, spin- 

y^ bottle, safe buddies, Halloween, sledding, sleeping in the jeep, [rainjdance 

parties, themed parties, JDAK road trip, great times vv/ Schncll & Rube. 

I Latin 4 Cult—sketch scale, Magistra's stories, impending doom. Old 

^ School-heaters, lipstick on walls & water fights, remember track? Miss 

\rs. you Tommy ['88-'04]. Mom & Dad-thanks for everything. I truly had the 

\ time of my life. 





i Sean Andrew 

/C High school has been all about companionship and friendship. There is noth- 
/ ing quite like our late night bonfires, running into the entire grade at Ice Jacks 
TT on a Saturday night, or the infamous dance parties. Here's to FSU '05, and 
/\ the snooze button when the alarm is telling me it's time to get up and head to 
^^ Nobles at 4:30 AM. The truth is it never mattered what I was doing, it was 
r all about who I was with. So here's to the friends I will never forget- Love 
all you guys. Best of luck Seniors of '06! 


George Aoude ] 

I will always remember Wolverine Football and my teammates. Crazy nights 
in tlie basements, countless late night visits to Friday's. "WHO BROKE THE 
PIG?!" French Trip '05 and o\xr clestiuci ion of France. Islington Park visits, < 
and unleasing our inner child. I love all my girls. You made Senior year so 
much fun. "A brother is not always a friend, but a friend is always a brother". 
LAGIT! Colin, Alex, Rob, Chuck all you guys are brothers to me, and 1 will 
never forget you guys. I love you boys. Hilarious discussions during E-block 
in the library. Munching down RIBS with Colin and Tim at Clyde's. PAM 
we will meet one day! 

Nicole Balekjian 

TJJNKZ- possibly the most talented sketch comedy group EVER, "join 
me," "the sparks" Kathy's senior bible. Scene It, the same 5 restaurants 
in rotation every weekend, hang man and word pass in MICH, JS cblock... 
drool. Jenna-I5 years and counting. Zeina- Your laugh lights up my life. 
Jessie- "you complete me." Tanya-There's not enough space to list your 
moments, but I cherish every one. Kathy-our shenanigans are countless, 
from cells to now you've kept me laughing. Thank you all so much for . 
getting me through four years of procrastination. My life would be nothing 
without you! amaze. 

Hilary Bart 

K&M studio, you guys are siiiackk. sup NOW?! "She doesnt even go here!" 
Boss & sidekick always. Monster Jam 04' and 05'. The Green Room. New 
Years Eve 05' -yeah...i called the cops on my own party. "I'll fight your 
mom!" PEACE UP A-TOWM DOWN. Freshman Year "You Must be SO 
embarrassed", never forget the meatball Melissa. "Hibbyyy do a shibbbby!" 
Katharine you are "muh lova". Last but not least. Tommy- my Guardian An- 
gel, i'll never forget you. watch over me always. Thats it...kbye. 

7 Andrew Bateman 

,|' "The fight is won or lost far away from the witnesses, behind the lines, in the 
y? gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights..." 
^ --, DMF, AMK, HCC, WOD, my boys, 'objects', REX, The Bird Nest... 
J Graveyard Fort, firepits. Westwood Football - I'll never forget you boys - # 
-tf' 7,21,51, 10,45. TCM , 

Andrea Beaupre 

Four years in 95 words: *01d School - "Big Bad Freshmen," The Heater 
Crew, Courtyard, Mezzanine and the Backstage Wall of Fame. *Theatre 
Geeks - we know who we are - Crucible and frosh dinner, Copa Cabana, An- 
tigone (95% silence, 5% 'Page, would you die for me?' laughter). Anything 
Goes, Bang Bang, Hamlet (the non-sexual "Ahhh!" while dying), Pajama 
Game, Metamorphoses and organizing frosh dinner. Wonderful Town, Back- 
stage Crew-"Midget" 
-Props Mistress. *Se- , ' 
cret Tragedy, Best i^ 
Friends, male gym- ^^^ 
nasts, 'educational" ';_.,' 
movie nights, and car ; i 
parties, "a", dancing. I'J 
*The hardest things i 
, to say in life: the first 
hello, the last good- 
bye. Let's not say ' 


Tanya Bechara 

"our years and a lifclimc ormemories. . . Thank you to my family who's always 
been there for me. To all the awesome people I have met and friends I have 
made. 1 will never forget Jessie's love and spirit, Kathy's random break outs in 
song, Nikki's odd noises, Zeina's metal leg, and Jcnna's amusing stories and 
loudness. I'll remember how my slow moments always made people laugh: 
"I'm Irish!" "Liza, wouldn't it be funny if you gave Jessie a C?" "Hi, I'm 
Tanya Bechara." It's been an amazing four years... I'll never forget them. 

Alexandra Beuscher 

high school = parties at my house, gatherings in James's basement, fire pits, 
weekends at the cape, beach fires (what did you girls do, rob a forest?) dean's 
dad's house, orange peels and led zeppelin, the old school, walking before we 
had cars, having no where to drive once we did, always finding places (even 
if it was behind a church or in a field), discovering music, and more music, 
meeting and missing people, and more people, holding hands, kicking cans, 
i'll miss everyone, ps. sophomore year (i want to go back) > 

Sarah Bernard 

"Beginnings are always scary and endings arc always sad, it's the in-be- 
Uween where we make memories that last a lifetime." Cedar "05, Ply '04, 

Punla Cana '06, BlueMan, B-days in Boston, basements, hockey/football 

superfans. Hallow '03, Pats/Sox parades, golfing :) , WWFH good times, 

Mike n' Ike- my bestest 

always xoxo, Disney '05 

'06, U.T.B.M., PAM, St. 

Patty's Day,TRIANGLE!, 
' 0B<3 f+a, STEAKMS 4 [ 

life, to my loves; M.W., 

E.B„ S.W., K.V., A.P., 

T.O.- "even at my worst, 

I'm best with you." Mom, 

Dad and Dave- 1 love you, - 

thanks for always being '<■ j 

there. l. |' 








Abby Bilier 

"How lucky I am to have some- 
thing that makes saying good- 
bye so hard. ."-to the girls, such 
a good four years, thanks for the 
good times: staakked, saak, kee- 
pin the streak! Kpack's basement, 
"the room," the third floor. Deer- 
field ave, the shagwag(RIP), our 
table. Kings nights, H block free, 
pranks, "sophomore girls," the 
culde, Fleishmans, cruise '05, the 
pun/tal&bot, colTee pots, wandaa, 
soldier singalong, soccer'02-'()5, 
summer jam, the cape, the trian- 
Ige!, many memories, 
gonna miss em all. To my family, 
thanks for everything these past 
four years, love you guys! 


f '* 

Jessie Bond 

Soccer: being the little frosh, TVL champs, the fans. Soccer '05. Also, indoor 
track, JV lacrosse, and theater-the class and productions. "Friends are the most 
important ingredient in this recipe of life." Memories: movie nights, cruising 
in the amaze Corolla, Mariah Carey sessions. Office parties, LOST, Psych, 
attempting a Photography Club meeting, Costa Rica, Starbucks, ice jacks, 
Corsi's with Tara, cast parties, dance-ofl's that I win ;-), Tanya Moments, creep- 
ing, BONDing, "iliciousness", kwaum, declaring my love to everyone, and 
so many wonderful hugs. People say life "truly" starts after high school. But 
the truth is, life starts the instant you're born, so live it to the fullest! Love and 
thank you to all the people who made WW and 
my WHS experience incredible! 


Aria Bonsignore-Berry 

Four of the craziest, most awesome years are over but will never be for- 
gotten. Top 5 memories: Band Tour/ Mme Flahrety/ infamous "Failure" 
Kelch paper/ French trip/SENIOR YEAR! To my Goober, you are the best 
thing that has ever happened to me, the most amazing person I know, and 
I love you more than anything. We have had soo many good/fun times 
these past 3 years and I'm going to miss having you 2 minutes away to 
hang with. But no matter how far, I will always be thinking of you and I 
will always love you. 




Elana Bomstein 

"Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the 
world, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all 
still friends." STEAKMS, Plymouth, pats/sox parades. Cedar, Shakers, 
Nica, Mexico Cruise, hamper, U.T.B.M, racquetball therapy, the many 
concerts, Pam, pig. Hockey Superfans, St. Patty's Day, Punta Cana. "We 
all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little 
of each other everywhere." To my girls - sw, mw, sb, kv, to, ap - and my 
boys - you mean the world to me. 



Katherine Briand 

Over the years, I have had the constant support of my amazing friends. 
Thank you to everyone. You have made me who I am. So many amazing 
and hilarious people, along with just as fabulous times. ..Everything from 
theatre-especially hug circle. Twins! What? Twins!, mon essentiel, la cass^ 
de brice and Madame, our creative writing family-'no, we like our rulers, 
go away!' my bible, 'Toiny,' super chouetle, harry potter love, Italian lovers, 
bertucci's or fridays? In his eyes and non-slop musical theatre exposure, 
laughing on the phone for hours, thou- 
sands more from the past four years and 
thousands more to come. 


) Mark Broderick ^ 

y^ I've got a theory that if you give 100% all of the lime, somehow things will < 
^ work out in the end. - Larry Bird ^ 

Going to miss being a Wolverine, and < 
Co-Captain of the Wolverine Den. Tail-,^ 
gating @ 7am. I will definitely miss alH 
my friends and the legendary teachers.'^ 
Morning Woodshop w/ Ricci. MAO, Hi- ^ 
larious Lunches, Scales Basement/ Bam, f 
Union "Always Happy, Never Satisfied", j 
B-Ball, Morrison, K.aine, Jersey Trip, x 
McChickens, Custodial Duties, Double T 
and the occasional Triple Stall. MER, T 
Scenes Team Assemble, Blue Slushes, <^ 
Marco, PLANET, Semper Pi, Celtic Die- 
hard, TRUTH, Amazing times have been y 
had, even better to come. . . . 


Katie Brodrick 

Take me back to the o-tel... France '05. Summers (cii the cape. 
"DAK.ACH." Volleyball outings. Trips in the van and Nissan... Fridays 
and Saturday nights w/ the crew Cci), mcors. Trips to coldslones to tip Belle 
and Al. The drama of senior year. 

Nicola Brun§ 

^ Remember that time it's finally our 

y turn to write our senior bio?... weird. 

J~-^ Here's to tennis, Oh-Oh's, BUH-bye, 

i-yJ going camping, Mr. Houston's vest, sir 

^ cats, waking up at 4:26 in the morn- 

-X^ ing for swimming, dance parties on the 

y bus, high school musical. Car Nikki, 

^ track (1 laugh), re cola, copacabana, 

-X-* band, student council, key club, hale, 

^ sandy and anti. Little Steve, OC par- 

"1 ties, Nick's basement, bdubs, creepin, 

> snap, Montreal, the driveway and san- 

^ dy valley, family feud and bagel bites, 

P> meet me at the hoop in 5? What 7? I 

~~?, guess you could say high school has 
V^been pretty amazing. A special thanks 

■\ to Mom, Dad, Caryn, Sean, Anna, and 

^ Matty B. 

Bobby Caiobrisi 

What I will always remember about my high school experience was that I 
was able to have friendly relationships with almost everyone I came into 
contact with. I started to become less intimidated of the upperclassmen in 
my freshman year in Mr. Ricci's Woodworking class and more of myself. I 
then decided to keep a positive attitude towards things and found a calling 
in Winter and Spring Track. I made sure to put my best effort into every- 
thing I did. I want to be remembered as the guy who everyone could get 
along with and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. 

,,>.n />j--7 

Senior Bin^ranhies 13 


Mark Carey 

Ashley Catlow 

Fridays at Drew's or Mali's. Spain trip — riding camels in Morocco. Franklin 
Park races — visiting the monkeys and watching my race go by. Thank you 
Ms. Plunkctt for gelling me through Chemistry and Mr. Kulick for ignoring 
most of my tardies. "Shut up or I'll jab a pencil in your eye." 

F^v Vs^^j^^M^i^^l 


RIPThomas Christopher Michaud, I will I'orevcr love and miss you.frosh yr. get 
rich or die tryin. "u must be so embarrased!" - MD. crazy timez w/nick & ale.x,^ 
ilyKD. mad love to my 'poop troop' members. Shady Lane, mornin sessions w/ 
my best buds, nightly cruises w/Jessie. big summer classic, trey anastasio, moe., 
les claypool and umphreys mcgee! 6.10.05 lyMJT. We are the dutch masters. 
Trips2boston. BOOM BOOMERS. Halloween 05. CMC. 9.16.05. all of my 
love and thanks to my devoted grandmother, Mimi, who has gotten me through 
everything that life has to olTer. peace & love. 



Elizabeth Chen 

Soccer games in the rain, A Block Latin cult meetings, late night movies in 
PJs, ice cream outings, "moo goes the hunnybutt," pasta dinners, Houston's 
red truck, summer concerts, the smell of the old school, Spain 2006, driving 
around with no place to go, DEAL JEEL, nature walks to Lyman's pond, 
singing classic boy-band songs at the top of our lungs, caramel frappuccinos,"^ 
long weekends on the Vineyard, and you will always be in my heart. ^ 

To all my fellow classmates, best of luck next year, and to Dad, Mom and 
Sarah, thanks for everything; I love you. 

Stephanie Chin 

Carol never wore her safety glasses, now she doesn't need them. (Leilarilfic!) 1 
shall remember Jess' glasses glowing in the pit. Oasis SH,SM.SM,LC - what's 
a wonderwall? One time, at oceanography camp.Lana, remember our science 
related expeditions and otherwise loveless adventures? Joannie-bananie: the bug 
in my orange, 5th grade. AdotBdot! The mice ate our chocolate mobile mice. 
Sarah, oh physics.speaking of-bandies: the dead mouse hanging from the band 
room light. I'd like to remember laughing, especially when Dave Anderson pro- , 
nounced "integral" funny and meant to say "grunion fish." Beauteous were First 
Night fireworks with my family, I love you. 



J Jenna Cicerone 

y Cait, Kris and Mandy. Where would I be without you three? Whether it is 
■p sneaking into Sems pool, scaring a certain someone with The Muppets, or 
' writing a particular word on people's birthday cakes we always seem to have 
W good limes together. Nikki, Kalhy, Tanya, Zeina and Jessie. Words cannot 
s describe how much you five mean to me. From our in depth dinner 

conversations, to our random movie nights, to our all out WWF smack down 
7 board game battles, we have fun. I do not know what I would do if you five 
were not in my life. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!! 

Mary Conneely 









134 Senior BiDgrnfihi 


I Lauren Conner 

/ "When you can count on one hand what you love and you can count on 

rK ^'^° y°" '°^^ '° '^^'P y*-'' "^'^ ^ '°"8 ^^^y down." I will never forget Chilis 

' '> and hockey games, the drink book, labs. The Rube Corner, conebombing, 

V B-block art, Drop-In, 7-11 trips, driving, Panera, MCS! The Bio 

I Experience, 24, Las Chicas, Spain and All my wonderful friends because 

^ clearly high school would never have been the same without you. 


\d^^ <^ 


Caitlin Connors 

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter were we go, we take a 
little of each other everywhere." To everyone that has helped me through 
these four years thank you! I wouldn't have made it without your help. To 
all my friends, I love you! AC,KC,K:S,EA,SH,LC,SM,MC,CH,C1V1,JC. 
Red Sox Games. Tennessee and Phili for nationals. 711. Ski trips. Prom. 
Spain. FH have fun next year-you deserve it! Mom and Dad thanks for 
always believing in me! May and Bobby thanks for these wonderful years, 
they've been great! 



Matthew Corsi 

Sarah Costa 

I would have to say my best memory of high school is of being in my 
basement with everyone. Going on the trampoline when it was 50 degrees 
out and raining with Sean and Dan was interesting too. Getting pq's with 
Kurt was fun. I'll have a hard time forgetting Bobek's continual "redeco- 
rating" of my computer screen. I'll never forget the school trip to France 
(well I can't because I have that scar on my arm), and how we discovered 
that Mike and Ikes make excellent projectiles. Lacrosse was really fun 
too, especially the part when we got free poweraide. 


"> ^' W 1 



^ Courteney Coyne 

"* y I hope you dance" Have you ever: walked barefoot on the beach?stayed awake 

.( to watch the sunrise?dove into the ocean at midnight?spent a weekend on the 

^ cape'?spent suminer in Plymouth'.'danced around N YC?had a movie night?spent 

-p a birthday weekend in Disney with best friends'?been a best buddy?had a 

I perfect prom weekend?taken a long weekend ski trip?taken a roadtrip'?been 

~^ a WHS superfan?swam with dolphins?or explored Costa Rica?.. .We have. 

*s Mom,Dad,Ti I love you,thank you for 18 years of unending love and support. 

To my best friends: May evei-ything always stay as perfect as it is right now. To 

'^ '06: "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars." 

Samantha Crehan 

All-stars &Playmates. NJC. The ANIMALS. Clydes. Kakadodoppo. Sky- 
line. The Cliffs. Braintree. Psycopathic converts. Plymouth South Panthers. 
8th grade. Extended Day. Mr. Kulick & D.O.K. Baker. West Point: Gen- 
eral Sweetpants (ily). thePOOKIES. Thomas C. Michaud: "See you at the 
crossroads" I love and miss you so much. Always & Forever in my heart. 
Lacrosse games with Steph (parking lot, horses, chickens!!) 10.31.02/04 
L.Z.I.S.A.C. Off-roading. "Under inches, uhh sorry!" Thanks for every- 
thing Mom, Dad, Pete Mike, Meliss & the rest of the fam & friends I love 
you guys. PEACE!!! 


^ ''Here s to the laces I have seen. A carnival oi those who dream. FH girls, 
■/Ihanks for making me laugh, keep having llin. To my theater people, 1 love 
' you. Stay awesome. Char-- 1 have known and will know you forever, the shed 

out back will be waiting. To my friends, thanks for helping to pass the time. 

Mom, Dad, Brendan- thanks for putting up with my mornings, you mean the 

world to me, "Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam. Be it ever so 
' humble, there's no place like home." To the class of 2006, keep smiling, I'll 

see you later. 


Kirstin Cutler 

High school to me was about new experiences, different phases, and having 'J/v' 

fun. I have made friends of all kinds, some i have lost, some i still have, but the J^"^ 

memories i will keep forever. KF,AB loved the times with you girls at ale.x's, i=^5_-> 

unforgettable nights with the boys and the band-aid over the eye. SH-ducking '-/~-y 

from po"s, taking cars, late nights, dan's tent, your backyard, the good times go /\ 
on forever. Gonna miss concerts with Tj and Kurt, driving around with alii and^i — ^ 

jess, and gossiping with the A block art class MC, DU, AL, RW. TO, RL. p-i3 


Four years at WHS... to all my friends — Field hockey, dance parlies, agili- 
ties, Olympics (red runners), amazing trail mix. pasta dinners, motivational 
speeches. Tennis, Houston's brown vest, the weird hat, Liz's cupcakes, Buh- 
bye, Uh-Ohs, bus rides, "going camping", pasta dinners, the volley. Nikki's 
serve, chats between games. Sir Cat's ( 10 & 2), "Wail, 7?" walks to Roches, 
Hale, Band, Copacabana, Bob "n Legis, B-dubs. AHC. Wonderful Town, trips 
to Starbucks, cast/dance party, Markus, Conga! "Billy", the Rube, homeroom, 
Madame, French music videos, France, karaoke, crepes, movie nights, Hon- 
^ duras — roof/hotel room parlies, abbreviations, H-block chats, Smoofer, Pane- 

Joseph Dello Russo 

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you 
didn't do than by the things you did do." -Mark Twain 
I remember a homeroom of population, 5; a radiator in the old music room; 
our first seniors & our last seniors; Costa Rica '05; countless performances 
on and offstage in WHS Drama Dept.; Hamlet; baseball, soccer, tennis; Lex- 
ington girls; new friends and old friends, gold and silver; post-prom Sailer's 
Point; Cape Cod summers; Boslon/Regina; concerts; Montreal '06; "Chili's 
and a movie"; Mike's basement; 2703 PL; an unbreakable bond: JD, AF, CF. 
MF. SP, KZ, RT. 

Jennifer DeMovellan £ 

The last 4 years have really just been an exciting roller coaster ride, with the 
ups and downs. Bui when ihe world felt upside down, you turned to the most 
important people in life. To my true friends, you guys know who, thanks for the 
awesome memories: .IDAK summer04, allnighters/neverending boy convos w/ 
Kaleigh-sding. monsterjam, soccerlaxtrack. Ash's house/cape OS-ahhemm the 
pond..., Manny's castle/Alex's house/dance parties/raindance parties, Dehigz's 
couch, Christies/McD's parking lot, spy missions, sox/pats parades, football 
games, puravidaOS, oh the wonderful drama. TCM 11.1 1.04 always&forever. 
Nick-thanks for making my senior year unforgettable; couldn't have done it 
without you. To my family-thanks for the undying support through the entire 
journey of highschool. Missandloveyouall. Next stop... life. 



Chantal DiBartolomeo 

guys* Boston Art Trip o6.~ CI&Rw.. bathroom 
guards. Friends Network- never forgotten 
bonds. Spending time with Rc~ unforgettable 
meiTiories.5.24.04.ily. Trio+C. Bh&Bb- sum- 
mer o5. always laughing, ducki pals. Halloween 

05 at Mp as Marilyn Monroe. Prom o5~the bus 

6 Dougs. Concerts- Umpfreys, Keller & Cold- 
play. Red SOX parades.- Kw..getting trampled 
by crazy fans. KSC ' 1 Rest in peace *Thomas 
Michaud I miss you.Thanks Mom & Dad for 
supporting me throughout my high school 
years. I love you. 


lexandra DiCenso 

Writing tills bio, confirms tiiat liigh school will soon be a memory. I 
want to thank everyone who has been there for me these past four years, 
especially my parents and friends. I couldn't have done it with out 
>all your love and support. The memories, both good and bad, have 
> prepared me to move on. 1 will always remember the fun and crazy times 
with all my friends, going to random places and running into the entire 
senior class. These last few months have been great and I wish the 
class of '06 the best of luck always. 


wow there are so many things i'm going to miss... Poop troop, barbados 06, 
the green room, monster jam, hotels,"you must be so embarrassed, driving 
around in the tacoma with hibbz, "Get rich or die tryin", the old school bath- 
room, halloween 03", FLEX. ..all my friends i love you!!! Tony i love you so 
much! Tommy RIP may 8 1988- nov 1 1 2004 " a young man's dream so soon 
to leave and as your friends we all believe that god will carry you for now" 
"only the good die young!" 

Katherine DiMento 

Frosh yr. - sailing, white van, car rides in the jetta, oldskool girl's brm- 
Halloween, Bermuda & Aruba w/ rose, 3step's parties, rollin to hull, ,\ibit 
w/ John, late night drives on school nights, first day of school '04, grimey, 
parks inn- new years '05, days of nickro w/ ash, lifers w/ mr.D, singing in 
the jeep, 702 Nantasket Ave, Barbados '06, Caml's w/ Tommy- R.I. P. love 
& miss you "see you at the crossroads" Thanks to all my family & friends 
for keeping me sane, love you all. 

Elizabeth Doherty 


Matthew B. Donahue 

club 151, kobe room, red red whine, good clean fun, hockey-practice after 
superbovvl, 109 caddie runs, morning wetstones, puking religiously, smell- 
' ing apparently, lackadaisical, lethargic, dominating in assists, the book of 
ketches, I beat disco (dan) nally once, we passed the buck, lax-best two 
year commitment ever, Wallace, defending the box, buba I'm bigger than 
you, smitty is a legend, regret not throwing my cleats at someone, lapper, 
nunnie, flight twa, Minnie rules, they call me tater salad 
to all my friends, teachers, acquaintances. Thanks for the memories 
bestlooking Donahue "hold on to that feelins" 

Matthew C. Donahue 

Jamming in Kurt's basement. (Strasser). playing/going to shows. The cape. 
Bonzi. Mall rats. Movies nights at my house with chocolate millky! John 
Corey.. New Years Eve Parties. Com mutTins. Fires! O.C Style drama by 
the limos and chillis. Maine. Getting rowdy. Showering at George's. Foot- 
ball/ V-Ball games. Ice Jacks. Lobstering with Seany. Gazeebo Shows! 
We've had such an awesome four years, especially senior year. It would 
not have been the same without my friends. I appreciate each one of you 
more than you could imagine. Thank you Chatterton for helping me think 
for myself 
Polska Party 2006! Love you Baby! 


Senior Biographies 1 37 

Drew Donovan 

/A Block Latin Cull. Sketchy Scale. Hanging around at the two base- 
ments. Art History Contraposto. Pool. Good times in the woods. JV 
Track captain thanks Adrian. French Trip 05. See everyone later. 


A^^K ''-^''^'^'J^^^^^^^^^H 






I i 

aymond Dorsch 

It's been an unforgettable four years, having great times with great 
people. I hope everyone had the opportunity to have as much fun as 
I did. 



M m 


Jason Dwyer 

"We're not here for a long time; we're here for a good time." Rascal, Cul- 
desac, Gale's basement, the Turk. SHELDEN WILLIAMS, JJ REDICK 
& DUKE games, the fam. Soccer '03, Kechup, "boom." the Bird nest. 
Cape after prom '04, NOMAR, PEDRO. Frenchy and our Bbail. base- 
ball, Morrison, wiffleball, racquetbali. IWL, "1 live for this." TRACK!! 
MVP. Old school, basements, Friendlys, road trips. World Champion 
SOX '04. Molly, N64. Pre-K, Manhu nt. Red Sox Games, my people, 
hockey games, talks w/ Yoni, the 
Wards, trips to Maine, college visits, 
summers. "Life's only as good as|| 
the memories you make." ' 

Stephanie Egizi 

Ten years from now 1 may not remem- 
ber what we did those nights, or what 
made us laugh so hard, but 1 will al- 
ways remember you were the ones who 
were there- Abby. Amanda, Krissy- No 
one will ever compare. Thank you for 
always being there & making the last 
4 years unforgettable. SAAK, STAA- 
KEed, Sophomore Girls, 
Culdesac, La.x State Champs 
05, 03, CEO's, the third floor, - 
the room, WWsocccr 05, /' 
Deerfield Ave, ahc, wanda, pp t 
field trip. Soldiers sing along, '^ . 
Where's the laptop?, the ^ 
streak, track handshake, hi- 
larious nights freshman year. 
To my family. Thanks for ev- 
erything, I love you. 



-Here's Johnny!- Carport, french st, mornings with birdman, mc5, D.S.,T. 
,DC,SH,BD,MR./Resevoir Dogs "03", late nights, early mornings, new 
hampshire "05", cape "05". Poop Troop/summer "03"/"05". 1 330 high st 
aka the white house. Flex. Drock's basement, chillin at dean's, talent show 
"04". "88" R.I. P Tommy "04" i miss you more every day." plowing, stall # 
2 in old school, concerts, the line, projects at katie's house, the cave, stones 
at fenway. The docks, we don 'I need no education. 

Christina Fabiano 

The GP. Bird's nest. Summers on the cape. Running from the Po (KDRM). 
Marco'05. Great Chase AL. 7 cups left .IG. "Helloo down there" HB-sup 
now. Bball, Frosh Softball. The Fimps, Soph's my 2nd home. S4S. Mon- 
ster Jam "05. AM calls-scroll of shame. MM-Bahamas'06, dragons, is this 
not ok? Road trips with APops, sailllinn. "Turns out not where but who 
you're with that really matters" Scniors'06 it's been fun i'll miss ya all. 
TCM keep watching over us love&miss you always. Mom&Dad thanks 
for everything Ly. 




138 Senior Biographies 


Dave Fairneny 

Bird nest. Mornings with John, NFL, B2, SB Squad, Summers at the G.P, 
New Hampshire 05 weekend with the crew. Road trip to N.H 06, Rollin 
in the Camry, Lax, Cape, Peaks, Docks, Jacks hood rich porch, McNichoIs 
rippers, 1330 High St. Montreal 06, Double T DF NS JG, T Petty Steve 
Miller PJ shows. Summer jam. Monster jam with KK., Good times with the 
crew AK,AB,HC,JE,DS,TM,JG,JG,KW,MM,TF,SJ. Thomas C. Michaud 
Rest in Peace you will always be in my heart Forever. 

Kristen Federico 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and 
leave a trail" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. Elizabeth you are my best friend and 
always will be - lova ya tot. To all my friends high school wouldn't have* 
been the same with out you- love you guys, favorite memories: Anything 
Goes, Copa, nahs, amesly, scarf making, prom, sleepovers, shopping and 
Saturday nights at my house. 

Christopher Follen 

Firstly, thank you to all of my teachers, and everyone else who helped me 
along over the past four years. A special thanks to Mr. Grover, for every- 
thing he's done for me. I will always remember the good times on the ski, 
lacrosse, and soccer teams, and will certainly never forget the infamous 
Nantucket game. Other great memories include the musicals, prom, parties 
down the Cape, weekend ski trips, Thursday nights at Mike's, Chili's and ; 
movie, the prom fashion show, the night at the drive-thru 's, and Montreal ' 
"06; can't wait for Senior Week and the all night graduation party. 

1 lb 

Michael Frangieh 

My time at WHS has been unforgettable. 1 have memories of the courtyard 
in the old high school. 1 remember rela.xing outside on the grass during free 
blocks. Along with this memory, I will never forget playing varsity ten- 
nis. The tennis team has been immense amounts of fun. The greatest part 
of WHS, however, has been all the life-long friends 1 have made. I have 
learned a lot both socially and academically. I will always remember my 
four years at WHS. 

' "ac'. js^f^A 

Paul French 

^ PFree, "Life moves pretty fast. If you 

( don't stop and look around once in ' 

s/ awhile, you could miss it." Islington, 

^Morrison Park baseball basketball, 

f^ School street park. Manhunt, IWL, 

'W PEDRO, 10-9er Blue line domina- 

^ tion, Montreal's, Wolverines, Canton 

rink. Nobles 5: 1 5, Call On Me, Rene- 

7 gade, "Route 1 38 Stoughton . . . Nev- 

> er heard of it", Murphs, IO-3-9er+22, 

>^ Donahue's Basement, licking fin- "^ 

?gers. Halo tourneys, NHL 93, Super • 
Troopers, FARVAS # 1 , #2 1 , NH'05, ■ 
Starsky & Hutch, Cape, Old Blue, ' 
. Mooching, Joumey, Mini-Hockey, 
[V^ports Center. "It's not the destina- 
-^ion, it's the journey". Thanks Mom, 
Dad, and Lauren for evei^thing. 

Alexander Frost 

Senior year has been a series of surreal events. In a year full of endings, 1 
can't help but remember all the beginnings, hi the face of every WHS student 
and teacher, I see my past. This year has been the culmination of 12 years 
of education, formal and otheiAvise. Thank you all for educating me. Some 
things I'll remember: Platonic, "the pact", Costa Rica, every show ever. 
Tennis team, "The Nest", Thursday nights at Mike's, Fast food night, Festi,< 
Stealth at KZ's, Richie's in October, Hh A Frees, everything... "Farewell, 
hello, farewell, hello." 


5^ **\ 






"^"^ As we go on, we remember all liie times we had together. And as our lives 

^^ change come whatever, we will still be friends forever: KB,JZ,JC,SM,SH 

\> ,SC,AS,LC,LN,MS,JF,BM,AM,DD,SW. Wonderful Town, Antigone, Cru- 

\ cible. Anything Goes — Drama Kids forever. Coidstone's trips... playing at 

> the park, stalkers 4 life, codenames, movie nights w/ Chinese food, ice skat- 

l J ing with b.molly and a.munar, superbowl parties, cast parties, histoiy movie 

c^ nights, g-iinit rocks the stage, Spamalot! stripped lighters, "girls", RENT 

■-^ parlies, NAWDTY, musical theater sing-a-long in Chemisti-y! It's something 

j:^ unpredictable, but in the end it's right. I hope you had the time of your life. 


^ Andrew Geary 

After four years I want to do it over again. Remember: undefeated fresh- 
man boys" soccer. I've tracked it up for four years, and hope to keep 
on doing it in college. The Javelin is my weapon of choice, and my 
mark is made for years to come. Band is the best class ever. I'll always 
remember the classes of 02 though 09. Since my will was too short I've 
got some stuff left. To Drew Lowey I leave drinking water on June 1 7th. 
I'd leave Arty and TO track, but they're already better than me. Boys 
Stated for Life. 

Timothy Geers 

Who can forget the Waterdrinkers, June 1 7th, or that year we were actu- 
ally good? How about the Diamond Dynasty? Or that( those) time(s) at 
Gloucester and Hartford. At 2A1VI. Rain or shine. I won't forget track, 
Hargreaves' booming voice, or the bus rides. "Pick a movie title that de- 
scribes your...," anyone? I'll always have The Pit, The "try to make Mr. 
Doyle say..." game, Corsi's basement. Snake at Drew's, Lufchts, Sign 
"displacement," 4/16 ("say you wont care..."), Honduran antics, Mexi- 
can wrestling, ghost hunting. Not party-fouling at Kurt's cape house, and 
the crew (male and female) who made it all happen. Thank You. 

H ^v^jfl^^^l 


'-i J[^BB|^V^ 

i ^ Mm, 



C '^Tw 



Alexander Gentilli 

I will always remember the fun nights in George's basement and my 
basement, dinners at Fridays and Clydes, the Diamond Dynasty (the 
best fantasy baseball league ever, live years and still running strong), 
hanging with my friends, football, working out with George. Thanks CL 
GA Rl CTTM MD for all the fun memories. To the Senior Class- thanks 
for making these past years the four most memorable years of my life. 


Jennifer Germano --^^ 

Pop up Swirl!, Good times at the GP, Seven cups left. Monster Jam X~\^ 

04, Fieldhockey, Softball, New Years 05 and 06, THE FAM, Friiiiiday p^ 

Niiight, Yeaah, Peace Up A Town, Ohio, Tredmil of Life, Sketchiness, "i^ 

beating the system. Birds Nest, Team Stick Dance, Marshfield, Cape \\S 

Cod, Scuba diving, Freddie my love. You wont doo ittt. So many more \r--^ 

memories. These years went by way too fast, I love you - MM KW AC v^-' 


Danielle Gillis 

Time flies when you're having fun. ..that's for sure. France '05, Friends, 
Volleyball, Track, Ski Team, Cape trips with the girls, Disney "04, BST, 
NH. Thank you to all those who made these four years unforgetable. 
Lots of love and good luck class of 2006! ..."The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 

{ Jonathan Glaser 

^ Yoni's arrival to Westvvood at lOtli grade brought forth a new chapter in his^ 

7 hfe, creating many memories in his hfe. Soccer, being Yoni's favorite pastime, ^ 

^ has allowed him to remember great memories in Westvvood that include long 

yV bus-rides, Gatorade championships, and most importantly the celebrated team 

^ that was, and still is the Water Drinkers. Furthemiore, his introduction to leg-< 

Y^ ends, Darrin's dance crew, and personas that puke at the gym have helped the ^ 

I high school years fly by. Yoni vividly recalls schooling being interjected by( 

^^ enjoying chicken feet and great hockey games. R.I.P high school days. 4 


The Diamond Dynasty, June 17th, Water Drinkers, Strasser, Westwood 
Baseball, and all of coach's sayings. Cape Cod, the pit(s), 2 AM missions 
and adventures, sliding, concerts (216/416), Baseball at Morrison, sign 
"displacement," Bonzi Buddy, drawing pictures. Iced Tea, Lufchts wher- 
ever we feel inspired, ghost hunting, hotel lobbies, and all the things we'll 
still do when we come home. Brand New, Zito, Charlie Brown Christmas, 
Matt's and Drew's basements. Sector Three, PSU weekend. Always forget- 
ting to take pictures when 1 wanted to the most. Walking with no destina- 
tion. Thanks to those who made it all possible, I'll miss you. Go Spartans! 


Paige Gunning 

1 never thought that I would be sad to fmally be leaving Westwood High, 
but there are a few things 1 know I'll miss: concerts in the rain and monkey 
men; Seymour Glass and his feet; Amnesty meetings; late night drives and 
conversations at one in the morning; Most of all 1 will miss the people and 
experiences that, for better or for worse, made me who 1 am. 
"We can all be free, maybe not with word, maybe not with a look ^ 

but with your mind" 
-cat power 

H, ii 






ft-A >.■■»■ 

Muhamed Hadzipasic 

1 started out high school as a big shot Freshman on the Varsity Soccer Team. 
Andy Bond and Dave DufT remembered to always remind me 1 wasn't that 
big by pointing and laughing as I carried the water jug. Music and class were a 
blast. ..Mr. Seider's class was great. 1 will always remember Sophomore year by 
AP Chem and Dr. Griffin; from the Volvo seat on wheels, to Henry the Dog, to 
the chair in the trash, to the Chem seesaw.. .it was never boring! Junior year 1 was 
a workliorse. Mrs. Kelsch kept everyone busy and Mr. Holthouse's class was 
always a blast. All State Music and Symphony Hall will always be remembered 
along with my first jazz combo. At the end of the year, 1 finally got to sleep. 
Senior year meant applying to college. Luckily I was one-and-done. Relaxing, 
hanging out with friends, captaining the soccer team, and playing music was a 
lot of fun. ..Good-bye Westwood High...JHU here 1 come! 

"? IMargaret Haffey i 

"-^J These years have been filled with great memories. My family and friends ' 
" "^ have made this experience unforgettable: "This life is worth living, since 

I ^it is what we make it." (J. Williams). 1 will never forget the awesome trips I 

,_/to the Cape, P.V. concerts, watching numbers, ice cream in free blocks, ! 

■\^ walking up hills during track, xaverian practices, and being captain with ^ 

_i^ Katie and Steph. To E.A, K.F, S.H, K.S, J.L, A.H, L.Z, PG, A.B, and E.H, \ 

Jfs/ thanks and I'll always remember the wonderful times we had together. < 

Amal Hamdan 

Trying to put four years of memories in less than a hundred words is some- 
what impossible. I've had so many great, and often interesting, experiences, 
half of which I'll eventually remember twenty years down the road. How 
could I possibly describe about the past four years of my life? Fun? But of 
course. Frustrating? Always. Pointless? 
Never. "It was the best of times, it was 
the worst of times..." Bingo. 


> Rebecca Hansen 

f'y^ou think you know but you have no idea- Freshman year. New yrs. eve 

J peanut butter, senioritis freshman yr, SS, 2 A.M. joyrides, cops: "is she in 

^ the car by choice?", muzzies, summer 04 and 05, field hockey, bruins games, 

\x weekend escapes. Cape 05, taco bell rides, sieepover parties, D block under- 

\. classmen, JP rides, oxford, the oath, the underdog, TTT, and all the mistakes 

J i"ve made in between, crash- im gone, you can't lose something you never 

N^ had. *Meg*, Sean, mom and dad; thanks for everything. 

aitlin Harding 

"When you leave here, don't forget why you came."- Adiai Stevenson. 
Here's to four great years of memories with my favorite people: Costa's par- 
ties, field hockey, pasta dinners, slingtown, ice cream trips, the becky run, 
crusin in the convertible, the downcy school swings, Irish step, sleepovers, 
proms, beach trips, free blocks, cappuccinos and raisin bagels, A. P. classes, 
and fast food runs. To my lucky charms and all the friends I've made over 
the past four years I wish you the greatest luck and happiness in life. Thank 
you. Mom, Dad, Cameron, and Tori for always being there for me! 

Sara Harrington 

"Life's a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you 
follow. Don't worry about what you don't know... Life's a dance you learn 
as you go." Lax Slate Champs 03, 05. *Lax, BBall, Soccer l,2,3,4*Pasta 
Dinners* Can be found in the Wolverine Den, Hockey rinks, lacrosse fields 
and Partridge Dr. *Pet Peeve: ACLs* Favorite numbers: 8 and 13* Molec, 
Shuman Psych, G Free, TK, Freshly Popped + cranberry* march 1st, DPN 
♦Summers on the Cape*Conifer- chipotle + polo match *Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Kerri and Jamie for the love and support. 

Stephanie Haucit 

"Most of us will never do great things. But we can do small things in a 
great way." Thanks Mom and Dad for all your support... Swim Team 9-12 
Lane 3 gang... Indoor and Spring Track 9-12 Ya distance crew. "A friend is 
a present you give yourself" Espaiia- ya las chicas! Road tripping in sasha, 
the box, nelly, and oshea Chevrolet ...Conebombing... shaving creaming... 
Marshfield... Stough ton.... Boston I + 2... poker nights... Chilli's, Panera, 
IHOP, 71 1 runs ...Paris and Call... B-block art...Highrocking it, summers 
at NB... Myrtle Beach, basement quality, code phone, "Concordia," Shann- 
best friends forever... I love you guys, thanks for all the memories. 

Lauren Hoibrooit 

Girls, these four years have been incredible! so many good times! the BBP'S, '\ ^ 

going to New York City, Field Hockey! Baking birthday cakes for Quan, U»^ 

watching stupid anime movies, talking about bricks and stupid boys! Even ^-iJ 

the pain of planning prom has been fun with you guys! these four years have ^^\^ 

gone by so fast and mean so much to me! You're in my heart forever chicas! H~^ 


Charlotte Holler 

To Marsys, Abs, Mum and Dad? thank you so much for your support over 
the years, love you. To my bestest friends, you know who you arc, thank 
you for giving me so many memories to cherish. Good times all around, 
from field hockey traditions to hockey games to trackkk! to physics with 
Udes, then Walbs. Spending nights with the people I love. Thanks for mak- 
ing this something special. 


David Homsy 

Man did these past four years fly right by, I remember just liice it was 
yesterday. Freshman year came to be a huge surprise; the difference between 
private schools and public was very evident. With a rutf start, my career 
began. Junior year was definitely one to remember, thanks to Coach White 
spending endless hours working on my shot put form. 1 achieved 50 ft. plac- 
ing me 4lh in Westwood's history. 1 then met the most amazing woman, 
Audrey. "Summer nights" Senior year rolled around and by fall 1 started at _ 
Defensive Tackle, and OlVensive Guard. Lastly, thanks Westwood high. 

Katherine Hulbert 

"In a thousand years, and a thousand tears, I'll come finding my original crew." 
Thanks to everyone who has made these past 4 years unforgettable, -alex's-man- 
nys' mansion (PM)-closets, BFFBF/team bobby-spy kids- -matty's basement-safe 
buddies-devious babes-summer/cape '()5-hockey girls-red red -go nuts-{rain) dance 
parties-themed parties. Kimmie&Chloe-PR-NH through the yeare. Cape Crew Al- 
ways. Thanks to my family for putting up with me-1 love you. MYRTLE BEACH 
'06 "There are fun nights, there are crazy nights, and then there are those niglits that 
make us legends." Tucker Max 

' Lauren Hurney 

I "Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters" To the crew, 

J its been quite the journey to this point. France 2005, Florida 2006, beach 

^ trips, hockey games, Kelly car rides, random basement parties, being fresh 
azimiz, BBP's, Cassi's & OC parties - T's -1 love you all, thank you for the 

\ memories. To the best friend 1 could ask for, J - thank you for always being 

I there. 1 couldn't have made it this far without you. Thanks for never failing"^ 

1 to make me laugh! To Mum, Dad, and Ry - thank you for your continued^ 

, ' love and support. Congratulations Class of 2006! TALK TO YA! 

Molly Hutt 

My high school experience has been one that was so fun and so interesting. 
1 had a really good time pretty much my whole four years, but i must say, 
most of my fun times happened outside of school. Some of my favorite 
memories would be going to Tellos with Meghan D, Going to Boston with 
my girls, Braintree ( even though it was a while ago i still loved my time 
there) Franklin, the funny noises that come out of Soapaloaf, walking into 
the DiGacomo house at 6am and just chillin with my girls. I'm going to miss 
a lot of people when the school year ends but i'll be so happy to be out of 
high school. Thanks to all my teachers and good luck to the under classmen! 

Robert Irvine | 

Wolvenne Football, LAGIT, S.A.A.K, The Jeep (so many good times), bball 
with aoude after school, making the table, Georgeeeeeeeeeeee, Medfield 

) games so riddiculous, talk to you lyncli/lain. Mall Rides, getting "ice cream", j 

The O.C nights, wabbet, #54, Freshman bball with peppercorn, 3 years study t 

wow, don't forge a doctor's note, tackling the snowman oops. Wolverine den, \ 

Lazy days with krissy everyday haha, hooters trip into boston and running J 

form the tip, TGI fridays, st. patties day, "it wasnt me", love my cardio work 2 
outs so much except someone always gets hurt. 


Ashley Keating 

"How fortunate I am to know those who make saying goodbye so hard..." 
To my friends<3jendeannakatekkjennyamandanickkaleighalex. JDAK SE- 
NIORS06. Paige-you walked in when the rest of the 
world walked out.. ill never forget that. Thankyou. •• 
Iloveyou. soccertracklax, ryan cabrera/ashlee simp- 
son concerts, monsterjam, prom, redsox/pats/celt- , ^ 
ics, capecod, mannys castle, alexs house, BBC, ' ] 
Christies/McDonalds parkinglots, joyrides, YDI, 
dehigz's, spy missions, sleepovers, dance parties, 
allnighters, lifers, football games,.. Tommy- forever 

in my heart 11.11 .04<3To my fam- . _. 

ily-you are eveiything and more, . 
without you I wouldn't be here 
today. Thank you for believing in 
me. "Heres to goodbye, tomorrows 
gonna come too soon"-it was fun 
while it lasted. I love you all. 

■ liiojirnphies 143 

Andrew Keches 

"The purpose of life is to fight maturity." 


Good Memories: the bird nest, freshman fam, b2, NFL, rex, fg nights, 

Montreal, NH weekend, the GP, Me vs Dave at Mc5's, "boom", hockey, 

lacrosse; Bad Memories: hockey, lacrosse, high school drama queens, ford 

The good die young, rest peacefully Tom. 

Pardis Koleini 

Johanna Kunkel 

The past four years have been a blur of memories that I'm going to miss. 
The trance trip, prom, adventures to subway, the bbh and fourtank, guster 
concerts with bella, beach trips, driving around and doing nothing, ski trips, 
knowing glances with laura, making up songs with char, lazy movie nights 
with richie, montreal, and so much more. To all my friends, thank you for 
making me laugh and keeping me sane. I love you richie, 1 can always count 
on you to make me smile. To my family, thank you for all your support. 
"This isn't goodbye, it's see you later". 

■ ■ ^w'' 

For the most part, high school has been the best part of my life so far. 
However, it was in the worst year of my life that 1 discovered my true friends, 
the ones who went through every minute olthe tragedy with me. I want to 
thank eveiyone and anyone who helped during that time - you know who 
you are. I'm never going to forget the unconditional support and kindness 
of my friends and classmates. T's, you'll always have a special place in my 
heart. Cass, we've become the people that our parents warned us about, and 1 
absolutely love it...Westwood High School, never forget thai my name means 

Colin Lancey 

1 will always remember my four years of soccer and lacrosse, the veiy interest- 
ing nights at Alex's and George's Basements, LAGIT, George, Alex, Rob and 
Chuck love all of you guys forever. All the girls that made Senior year what it 
was, thanks for all the memories, the tlin times the Waterdrinkers and June 1 7th 
had and clydes after, the establishment and still going Diamond Dynasty, Alex 
and his one liners "My Bones", Warming up with Adrian, Downey at 2AM with 
Kurt and Tim, Movie nights with Tim, and all of our NH trips. 

Angela Lang 

^ Andrew Laughna 

Memories: The treehouse. Prom '05, Sum- 
mer '05 @ Morgans, Birds, Tfabs; New 
Years w/ Dsalt freshmen year. New Years 
'05 and '06, Sacred Heart trip, Brown Uni- 
versity, good times down the Cape, Mashpee 
OH; Summer '05 w/ Jenny, team Changela 
Varsity! Varsity! Cheese-itz-Tina, Basket- 
ball, Red Sox game, six flags, Maine, Water 
Country, Bretty's, Soph's, sailing. Monster 
Jam, Dave Matthews, Punta Cana; To my never forget these past 4 years 
they went by way too fast. 1 love you guys! 
DS, TF, MM, SJ, JG, AP; Mom, Dad, Matt, 
Jeff and Chad thank you for always push- 
ing me and believing in me, 1 love you. 


Memories- CP Crew, HWH, Alaska, Isle Royale, France, hockey and lax 

teams. Black and Gold, NA, Michigan, Pittsburgh. Thanks to everyone who 

was there along the way. 

"We usually don't pick up hitchhikers. But I'm gonna go with my instincts 

on this one. Saddle up partner!" 

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on" 

"It's not what you take from this experience; it's what you leave behind" 

"Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and 

of strength to be derived by unity." 


144 Senior Biopapl 

;' Jennifer Lawlor 

Hey guys! It's been fun. From pranks in Molec to huge poetry papers, 
we've had our work cut out for us. From hanging in the cafe to getting 
. lost in Lowell (great Phil Vassar concert), we've had a blast. From visits to 
Cape Cod ("Hey Cutie!") to impromptu Numb3rs parties, we've made some 
great memories. These past four years have really flown by but I'll treasure 
my time spent in WHS forever. I've made some great friends not limited to: 
MH, AH, AB, PC, LZ, and KS. Love va! 

Sheila Leahy 

"Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, and laugh as 
much as you breathe." I'll never forget the old HS, X dances, Mike's house, 
being grounded, sophomore year. Cape Cod summas, Mr.Mao's class 2 yrs 
in a row, starmarketsquad, tickle me Tuesdays, SOX World Champs, Tom 
Michaud hugs. Girls Hockey _~. ,_ ^_ » 

Team, late nites, summa & ^ - ^k» ".^ 

monsta jamns, 7th grade crew. ■ , 

Emz-bestest. Ily G Mackin It. 
Thru good and bad we made it. i 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Pat & 
Alanna. I Love you all. 



^"^tt Mm. 

* rl 

Charles Leibson 

Biweekly Taco Bell runs, hacking in schools old and new, and 1 3-hour mov- 
ie marathons in Viviane's basement. Philosophical discussions at I in the 
morning, crazy Spanish videos, and Halo 2 LAN parties. Super Smash Bros, 
and waffle parties in band. Buying an exorbitant amount of pins. Seeing 
Metallica and others live. Skating at Medfield, Norwood, Randolph, and 
Hyde Park. Snowboarding trips, and taking the long way home. Going to 
Jazzband religiously, and somehow managing to play Electric Lady every< 
year. Running the 110 hurdles by myself, and subsequently making a fool 
out of myself Loving every minute of it. 

Amanda Lever 

"I can't remember all the times I've tried to tell myself to hold on to these mo- 
ments as they pass" SAAK/STAAKKED - love you girls, thanks for all the 
memories. The 3rd floor, Deerfield Ave, Shagwag, the Room, the "streak", 
Culdesac, the "sophomore girls" for life, CEO's, Skeedays, WWSoccer'05 
crew. Hockey '06, Molec, hey misters, H-block, old E-man, hersh, bobbin' 
it/suitin' it, soldier sing-along, panera, wanda, d-munchies, the table, cruise05 
(the pun & talbot), coffeepot, cape adventures, fleishmans, summer jam, kings 
nights. Mom, Dad, & Meredith - thanks for always being there,love you. 

"'1 - •- / 




h7 ^ 


Roger Us 

Memories never fade away. Thank you to my teachers. I learned a lot from 
all of you and without your guidance I would not be the person I am today. 
Pencil spinning. A shout out to soccer. Without being able to look forward 
?to practices and games, life would have been a lot harder. Unlucky about 
#9. Thank you for the life lessons. A few words for my friends. . .you were 
always there for me and I'll never forget any of you. Plus I'll be up in 
Montreal, so don't be a stranger. To my family: You were always there for 
me. ..always. Dzieki i Kocham. High school came and went... too fast, 
but let's remember the GoOd TiMeS. 

Jessica Lui 

If you don't take risks, you risk even more. It's all about your attitude. Hope 
is all you have. Procrastination is key, and so is food. And the greatest of 
these is love. Senior year = crazy. Bio experience with Ic and sm. Twenty 
Four. Band. WTC with sc. Circles with X's. Rubik's cube. Take you me for 
a sponge, my lord? Crisped rice. B block free. Shakespeare. Going through 
the stages of coping with km. I love pit band. James Blunt. I would prefer 
not to. Italian job and rube. And next year? Watch out, Boston. 







} Adrian Macdonald ^ 

^^"Play fair. Foul play is treachery. " My high school days consisted mostly of ^ 

y sports; everything from my two-point freshmen basketball career, to the Paw L 

■^ Sox game on prom night, to the Diamond Dynasty. I loved every minute of [^r 

\ the soccer season, especially my "perfect, floating service" to Yoni in the Med- / 

_> waygame. I'll always remember the many long runs and maze workouts with \_ 

I J the track team, and relay medals. 1 can't forget The Soccer Team, the no-name T 

<^ championship team, the Water Drinkers, and June 1 7th. I also managed to enjoy KT} 

-1 myself in Latin IV and Grover's class, and Germany should be as sweet as \ 

. Honduras. J^ 

usan Macgillivray 

"Looking back on the memory of..." family and friends and all that they've 
done for me. Here's to: foreign countries, late night beach walks (and wres- 
tling matches), unsuccessful ghost hunts, 4 a.m. lufchts, karaoke nights, mu- 
sicals. Garden State, Mike's basement, spying through basement windows, 
and late night adventures. I remember knowing extraordinary teammates 
and winning those meets/games that meant the world, bus rides, spirit box- 
es, dress up days, '05 tournament, and the coaches who got us there. High 
school has definitely lived up to its reputation. 
Between friends, classes, and annual changes 
in curfews, it's been well worth it. . ,' 

Hallie Malitsky 

"True friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget" 
It's been a great four years, with so many memories ~ movies, chilis, softball, 
the BBP, OC parties, nights, basements, cassand's, dinners, ddr, slap ddr, 
dance parties, concoctions, France 2005, Kelly, blasting the music, car rides, 
32. fresh azimiz, Florida 2006, beach trips, the hockey games, and so many 
more. T's- you mean the world to me, 1 love you guys so much. J- from day 
one its been you and 1. 1 don't know how 1 would survive without you. Mom 
and Dad, thank you for everything you have done for me, I love you guys. 
A- I miss you so much you will always be in my heart. Here's to laughing 
and crying together. 
Class of 2006, it's 
been good, TALK TO 

Shannon Maloney 

Lauren's little cows...B-block art, the bio experience, G-block conference 
room... Fall Plays and Spring Musicals!. ..writing essays to Kathleen... 
eventful walks to Downey... Chilli's, IHOP, Panera, 711 runs, thousands 
of restaurant. . .chocolate parties... coneboming...Marshfield, Stoughton, 
Boston. ..Espana y las chicas... Nights with my favs in nelly, the box, sasha, 
and oshea Chevrolet... pats parade... countless revolution games... last days 
of school... breaking it down with Leila at Haflis... "Concordia," Myrtle 
Beach, basement quality, code phone, 
secret life. Steph- best friends forever... 
Thanks family for everything... "The best 
way to predict the future is to create it." 

'^ Sp,,'^ 

.^ ^. 


Laura Marquart 

"We're so young, let's abuse it all and have a little fun, I'll drink to that let's 
all drink to that." -David Melillo, thanks to my friends for the past four years, 
it's been perfection, I'll miss: mike planning everything (thanks), OC parties, 
driving around with nowhere to go, platonic (P!), track, band, pacts, laughing, 
crying, smiling, late nights, excursions, France with Madame, Montreal '06,< 
singing in free block with Sam, Dunkie's with Marji, Homeroom with Susie, 
knowing glances with Johanna, slacking with Jess, laughing with Sheila, and 
doing just about everything else with Nikki, thanks guys, good luck 



Brendan McCarthy 

These past four years have 
been productive, informa- 
tive and fun as well— the i 
learning experience has 
been a maturing experi- 
ence also. I have profiled 
from the curriculum, most 
especially History. I am 
scheduled to join the US 
Border Patrol, and I look ■ 
forward to this experience 
with great expectation. 

Good luck and happy 
times to all my classamates. 

U Caitlin McCarthy H Amanda McDonald 

/ / I was on the Girls Varsity Swim Team for all four years of High School. I 
y^J swam the 200 freestyle, and the 500 freestyle. The team is a great group of 
^"7" girls, and I hope they keep up the good work. There were some good times 
|y\ in high school. Listening to Doc Baker in math, and Mr. Kulick for legal 
/ ^ studies. Going to our Hack Circles during lunch or free blocks. My Hack 
JTH Name was Sarge. Pretty fitting I think. I'm gonna miss my friends when we 
■"TV all leave, but I'll always remember them, 
frVj and all the laughs we've had. . .S^^t 

I have learned to take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love endlessly \ 

because every sixty seconds you spend upset is one minute of happiness -X 

you'll never get back. (^ 

-voileyball-beach-cookouts-flamingo-newyears-the window-costa rica-ire- / i 

land-FiESTAS-brazil2006-super and ninja-woohoo crew-a2m2- N^ 
Thank you to my family for their unconditional love and support and to my ^n 

friends for four unforgettable, fun filled years. / 
Mich. Michelle. Ashley.Quan.Sarah.Nadine<3 * Loving Memory of Thomas 
Michaud and Dr. Koleini / ^">. 

^ . 55 

Kathleen McDonald 

Thomas McDonald 

In 10 years, when I am living in sunny California, and I lookback to high A-f* I'll remember freshman basketball, 2 years offootball, one year of spring track, 

> school the first thing 1 will remember and miss are the many friends I have A^ my friends, and (this material has been deemed inappropriate and/or illegal). 

J made here. One of my favorite things about high school was the wind en- ^^V 

.-. semble, and the pit band. I have also loved pitching for the varsity Softball ^^ 

. > team. 1 will always smile when I remember prom, Scituate, sweet 16, the^ ^ 

' fun weekends, Minnesota, and Chili's. WHS is amazing because it is the^ 

I place that shaped me into the person I am today. ■^ 

Timothy McGraii 1 

Westwood baseball, WaterDrinkers, June 17th, Clyde's, basements, the 1 
park, Colins mountain house. Summers at Belknap and at Kurt's cape 
house. Those were four years I will never forget. 

Daniel McHugh 

Westwood High, what is there to say? Bye. One my favorite memories from 
High School will always be the picture seen here. Matt waiting for his date 
before prom, it's hilarious. Shoutout to all my true friends, you know who 
you are. Parties in Matt's Basement, these won't stop. Getting caught by 
Ms. Walbran, I swear I was working on my yo-yo. Sitting with Alex at In- 
door Track every Saturday. Mr. Dillon, Mr. McGunagle and the moldy room 
in the old school math wing. Why did Matt get suspended Junior year? 

y Rose Mckernan 

<j It's a rough day-but everything's okay, I'm up all night-but everything's al- 
.^ right. It's a rough week and I don't gel enough sleep-it's a long year pre- 
\. tending 1 belong here. "Many People will walk in and out of your life, but 
5^ only some will leave footprints in your heart."- To Danforth, Houston, and 
I.J Laneey, 1 wouldn't have made it without you. 1 thought of all the yesterdays, 
^ the good ones and the bad, I thought of all the love we shared and all the fun 

r we had. If 1 could relive yesterday, just even for a while, 1 say goodbye and 

I kiss you, and maybe see you smile- r.i.p. Tstylez 

■ W Thonks A 

,,\uom & Dad J 





Melissa Murphy 

Katharine Mellor 

r'And I stood there thinking as 1 said goodbye. Today is the first day of the 
rest of my life" Andrew & Hilary. . .high school wouldn't have been the same 
w/out you 2, thanks for always making me laugh. So many hilarious memo- 
ries: creepin', driving around laughing at everything possible, monster jam. 
Thomas Christopher Michaud, you will always be in my heart. You will 
forever be loved & missed. "A young man's dreams so soon to leave" 5/X/88 
- I I/I 1/04. Thanks to all my friends and family for everything, and to Tom 

' for always being there for me, I love you. 

"Through the Good, the Bad, the Happy and the Sad, fwill Never Forget the 

Crazy limes we've had."4years of Volieybail,TheFam, Curacao+Longlsland+ < 
AprilVaca'03 w/DS, Summers(&'theCape-TheTredmillOtLife-JG's. . .MySis- 

tersForever, TheBirdnest, FabsBasement, SummerNightsfajAlangs, 0H10,T , 
heTreehouse,Altlantis'06w/T,HidingBehindMailboxes, Swingin'bySoph's, 

T'sMorningCalls, RunningThroughSprinklers, "BugsBunnyDroveMe"AC, i 

MeetinUpW/Hibbz, NewYears'06, AlwaysSailing, MonsterJam'OS, Bea- ■ 

tingTheSystem-.lG - Through it all:JgTfAISjDsHbApAkDrAbJgMd-<ML3. (^ 

Thomas-"AYoungMan'sDreamsSoSoonToLeave"-Love&MissYou. To my ' 
family: Mom, thank you for being my best friend. Dad, thank you for always 

being there to support me. Jenny, Tricia, and Stephanie- thank you for putting . 

up with me through the 4 toughest years of my life-1 love you guys. It's been ^ 

real everyone, PeaceUpA-TownDown. f- 

Vincent Murphy 

"Life is what happens to you while you're working for your future. Learn 
as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomor- 
row."-Mahatma Gandhi; 1 will always remember: "v dizcameo's" the P.M 
...awesome, Halloween!, Beed's birthdayte lever's. Office party {iv kayla's, 
"help me find my camera", A clorls singing Madonna, drama class, math 
class '06, Saturday nights, saak, bbc, lagit, Ashley's chocolate chip cookies, 
freshman basketball, sophomore football, tailgatingfu football and baseball!, 
the White van Katie!, BG Bear's, Summers, "class of '06 definitely made it 


Cassandra Murray 

"It takes a lot of understanding, time, and trust to gain a close friendship 
with someone. As 1 approach a time of my life and complete uncertainty, my 
friends are the most precious asset". Most importantly I'd like to say thank 
you to my mother and father for being so supportive, and my brothers Jesse 
and Brad for always being there for me. I'd like to write all the fun times I've 
had with my T's but I'd run out of space. 1 love you girls! Par, we've become 
the people our parents always warned us about and 1 love it. To the endless 
nights in my basement, and the many more to come. 

Sarah Musto 

SC SH LC SM, hockey games, midnight dunkies runs, cones, signs, 
downey nights, boston, concerts, paris, California, lauren's car, 
drive-ins, the zamboni, A block free, the old school, freshman bio. 
numerically sequential, the art history corner, Pats, Sox, and the 
parades. Thanks mom, dad, and Vincent for everything! 

% '"W 



Daniel Nally 

Proudly living on the outskirts of Slingtown — PDBL, poker, getting taco- 
faced; Hockey — the three Donahues at the barrel during Montreals, Whet- 
stone in the morning, feeling like Gretzky the morning after the Super 
Bowl, Reveera BIoz, "Route 138 Stoughton? Never heard of the place," 
the Coyle-Cassidy hit, Whelan's words of wisdom, joining lax to keep 
hockey season alive; Golf Team — quoting Caddyshack, winning the Nally 
Cup during a Nor'easter, hitting drivers a mile high; Tailgating then as- 
sembling in the Den; Fierce battles with Lever, Beeds, and A-Pop in the 
morning; Latin A Block cult — the sketchy scale; C-Free hearts and Kee- 
no"s O'DouFs; St. Patty's Day '06— Erin Go Bragh; SH— March 1st— U2, 
Bon .lovi. Red Sox games, and many trips to the 99. 

Stephen Napolitano 

My memories of high school will always be of just hanging 
out with my friends, making and playing music, going to con- 
certs, and having an all around good time. 



Viviane Nguyen 

High School was quick, boring, cool, 
and emotional. Upperclassmen hate the 
incoming tVeshmen and kids never re- 
ally get along. Field hockey, the best four 
falls of my life, pain included. Clubs, 
best place for friends and goofing off. 
ROBOTS! Enjoy it kids, best time ever 
with enforcers and stools. I still have that 
scar! Hacky-sacking in the lobby, scram- 
bling to finish NAHS projects. Spectrum 
"meetings." "Cronin" and Mao sniping 
in the hallways. The ridiculous Halo par- 
ties, randoin trips to Panera and Taco Bell. 
Never doing anything senior year and do- 
ing everything junior year. FRIENDS, all 
you have and all you need. 

Matthew Noonan 

Over the past four years, there have been so many memories of my time at 
WHS. Ranging from freshmen soccer, in-town basketball, running the mile 
and 2 mile, Cross-Country, and four amazing years of CYO Basketball 
with Coach Noonan. Patriots games with Bobby, James, and Richie, the 
New England Patriots becoming a DYNASTY, the Boston Red Sox win- 
ning the World Series. Hanging out with friends, Summerball and pick-up 
games at the Sheehan, wiffleball in the Travers" backyard. Playing Tenor 
Saxophone in the jazz band, sound crew with Charlotte, Meredith, and 
Lampie. Summer with Ed K, broadcasting, the muddy parking lot. 

--- ■ ":r ,-i * i.-saai98«»»«»«5fc-'^; — 

.Go Patsf: 

Brian Novoson 

In my four years I don't know if I've learned more about my classes or the \ 
people I took them with. I'll never forget the innocence of being an under- . 
classmen, having an Icon. I'll always look back on being an upperclasmen r 
with a smile. Senior year; Matty's basement with the crew, Treon house. Club 
151, and loving Natti, singing country with Kate and Amanda, library ses- \ 
sions with Magz and Dwyer. 1 0-9'er will enforce for years to come. No more \ 
Montreals! Boys lax > Girls Lax. I can't believe my four yet 
the people 1 leave knowing have made them the best four years of my life. 

Taylor Obey 

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself" 
Lax State Champs '03 & '05, swimming and Diving, England '06, 
STEAKMS-Punta Cana '06, Blueman, Boston b-days, the room, the 
table, CEO's, Cedar '05, driving to Mansfield, Dok Baker, boys-lagit, the 
park, don't breathe. Psych crew, St. Patty's Day, basements, KATT, brrr 
hallway, ap bio, Plymouth, closet + story time, late tests, Sox + Pats Pa- 
rades, cheating scandal, the cork, England girls, bobbin' it and suitin' it, 
tootsies. Physics corner, neighborhood memories, Boston secrets, Welch, 
' r.i.p. TCM, love you Ad, Fam and Friends-Thanks for a great 4 years. 



Patricia O'Donneli 

r^ "You can spend your life drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing 
' them." E-block Latin, skivnoms, sharking the bait, celery stalkers, the fam, 
molec, the ultimate cheating, patty pottery. Cedar lacrosse field, shapcybaby, 
"Ya like that daddy?", brr hallway, bobbin' & suitin' it, summer of 24, sox 
& pats, WW Soccer '05 & Softball, KATT drivebys, capades, H free, eat- 
ing contest, skeeotondotons & skeedays, STAAKKed weekends, the streak, 
soldier singalong, feather boy, the room, 3rd floor, deerfield, "my hersh", 
3 KRIS!, the dome, laptop, making history, Punta Cana, PP field trip, psych 
crew, TK... Thanks for 4 unforueltable years, love you all. ' 

1% ir'^\ c* , 



P^HT-^ -^mf fl^pl 



>- ^^^^^^^^T^hLV^^E^ 


Ly 'i r ' ^^^^ 


.^J^Tlb Jiik- 

Kayla Packer 

"We had no excuses for the things that we'd done, we were brave, we were 
crazy, we were mostly young" KATT, STAAKKed: great friends, great ' 
times... love you girls, molec, SAT switch, icon, dok, E-block latin, celery 
stalkers, sharking the bail, skivnoms- skeeter ceramics. Cedar lax field: "ya 
like that daddy?", making history, brr hallway, pilates with .lenny, track ' 
handshake, H-block free, hersh, skeeolondolon/skeeday, the room, CEOs, 
3rd floor, deerfield ave, the streak, our table, shums, pp lield trip, old e-man, 
soldier singalong, d. munchies, laptop, capades, TK. Mom, Dad- thanks for' 
everything, love you. 

Sean Pender 

IMichelle Penido 

I'll miss: Summers, MP's Basement, Gazebo with MD and CT, Being cold 
in KG's basement for ten hours a day aka jammin, free concerts in Bostoq- 
on Thursdays, 3 Gates and Wilsondale trips. Fishing, the Dock, Long Drives,i 
Jazz band. Having nothing to do. Annual October at RT's, Parking Lots, 
Humanities, Marina Bay, Tunnels, Staying up late. Getting up early, Sleep' 
Overs, Band, Chilis, Wiffle Ball, Five Silent Miles, Guitar with AF, Them'f 
Big projects to save our grades. Drawing Pictures, Swings, MF's trampoline,! 
The Best Time, Good bye and Good Luck. 

Jeffrey Poreda 

h school can be different 
things to different people. 1 re- 
member Latin class freshman 
year, which was my first class 
with seniors. I remember my first 
chess match, my first mock trial, 
my first year on judicial council, 
my first date. 1 remember my 
freshman year like it was yes- 
terday, yet my senior year is al- 
most over. The years have flown 
by, and I will remember them as 
some of the best years of my life. 

A2M2- BFFL Never ganna forget the late night McDonald's runs, crazy nights, 
THE FLAMINGO!, Rhino sneakers. Victims, Halloween 05, New Years 06, 
summer 05-wit Monica everyday, ghetto ching!, beach party's, SoUlH BeAcH 
06, fun times at my house. Daddy Yankee concert, English with Michelle, un- 
forgettable car rides- "We be ridin on the clouds, no one can stop uss nowww", 
laughing hysterically, MSM.MPAL.AM.CD.EQ.SC.CC.AG.JZ. I'm ganna ' 
miss you guys! Thanks Mom and Dad for always being there and supporting 
me, i love you so much. -<3 MicH- 

Ashley Powers 

"It's times like these that you'll never forget simply because of the friends /\/^ 

you've shared them with. "Many good times and memories love you guys, SJL^ 

drivebys, culdy," it's a baby", rides to football games, bball superfans. \^ y 

fieldhockey, camp. Summer '05, highway, cape, F.block crew, introtoai-t05, ^ 
cohoes, senior year. Thank you mom, dad and girls for everything. ^ 



;' Anastasia Puckerine 

^,^ Hey my name is Anastasia Puckerine but everyone knows me as Stacey. My 
_7 most signiticanl memories are coming to scinooi and iiaving fun, laugiiing and 
"7" spending all the time in sucii a different environment. The most important peo- 
7\ pie to me in and outside of school are my grandmother and my mother because 
'^ without them I would not be where I am at today. I also want to thank all my 
"^ teachers at Westwood High School for putting up with me. And last but not least 
I would like to thank all of my family and friends. U know who you are. I want 
\3 everyone to remember me as a very outgoing person and I also know people will 

mm;-' remember me for the way 

• _ that 1 dressed. The last 
thing I want to tell every- ' 
- one is "HATE IF YOU 


Andrew Puopolo 


Emily Quan 


^i the concerts (GC mosh pits aren't that great of an idea after all) (Kiss 

[^ "05). Boston/Newbury Street, Fanuel Hall, "Ello Foon it's me". The long 

\ awaited hot air balloon ride at the Common, State House bathroom (never 

T will I forget that), IMAX, Providence Place smoothies, parking lots, and 

' sketchy security guards. Wildcat pizza and Coldstone, Btree pool and hot 

j^ tub. Ditching for Imperial K rangoons. Six Flags, New York City, Kinda 

'y funny how BBP seems to always come back, and so much more... <3 

'\ QUAN 


Gregory Randolph 

PC '10. We've all been together for so long it's hard to just get up and 
leave. There are tons of memories that I'll always have of high school. 
Some highlights of these four short years that I'll probably always re- 
member are... all the hilarious times at Drews (i.e. Snake) and Corsi's... 
Kurt's cape house... late night runs to 7/1 1 for beef jerky... the Pit... all 
the concerts TBS/JEW/MotionCity/TheFormat/FOB. 1 have my friends 
to thank for all the good times and of course Sammm <3 my awe-inspiring 
gf Peace out senior year. 


Marjorie Rochon 

J "And then one day you find ten years have got behind you..." Canada 06', 

^7"-'^ Martha's Vineyard 06', San Diego 05', walking in the rain in MV, volleyball, 

\^ Boston Harbor Islands, dance parties in the car, surprise parties, Saturday morn- 

-ing Dunkies trips. Nana and other ridiculous songs, the OC at mikes, the cape 

^^ /after prom, Latin class. Chilis, Japanese restaurants, John Mayer (three times), 

pV^ Coldplay and grilling corn on the cob, and -^^..^ .,- ^ — 

J^—K the senior prom 

i fashion show. 
To all my 
friends, I love 
you. We've 

been friends for 
so long now and ^ - '" 
I don't know 
what I'll do 
without you. 



Samantha Ronan 

100 words could never do the past four years justice... frankly, I've grown 
pretty attached to this stack of bricks. Madame Flaherty made junior year 
bearable, Mr. G made playing oboe worthwhile, and Mr. Kulick exposed 
me to everything from Salinger to sarcasm. I've somehow found myself 
surrounded by the most amazing group of friends. Even when indecision ' 
was "the plague of my existence," I was always thrilled just to be with^ 
those kids. Switching schools, Mike's basement, JV volleyballers, FOB/ 
TRS, prom, France ("o-tel!"), band trips, managing the best-looking team 
in Westwood...*sighs thoughtfully* "On 
vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde." 



Suzanne Ruby 

Deanna Salter 

Dsall-Lax03, Sottball04. Varsity Volleyball()2-()5. Volleyball sicepovers at 
Ihc Lahams()2, 03. Varsity Baskctbali()2-06. New Years & April vaeatiiin 
Freshman year. My friends; I love you guys, miss you so mueh ne,\l year! 
Behind Seenes05-()6. Good times (a Angela's, Dan's, Brett's, and Brown 
U! Prom()4-()6. AL- Senior trip- Punta Cana2()()6! Thanks to my parents for 
all the support throughout the past four years. Thanks to my brother Adam 
for helping me my freshman and sophomore year & Andrew guiding me 
every step of the way. Chris, I love you- thank you for everything. "You 
have to expect things of yourself before you can do them." M.Jordan 

Nadine Samaha 

I would like to thank everyone, for being there for me. My family with- ^ 
out you guys, i wouldnt be where i am today. My friends, high school 

wouldnt be fun without you CH, DH, DS, AM. Net, SNasr. Cherks. JD. <^ 

KK., Petey, Dave, all my MAHS girls high school started with you and r 

ended in Westwood. I love you all. ' 


James Scales 

Sup ya'll. May I never forget: my basement (nor the little green man 
that dwells within), the basements of my friends and the basements 
of friends I've never met, all the times and places and people I don't 
have enough words to mention, hearts in the cafeteria (and soul on the 
dance-lloor!), the listless summers nights, my good friends, my casual 
acquaintances, my arch-enemies (not nearly enough), and everyone 
I've ever smiled at. I am the last of my people... 


"Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length." -Robert Frost 
To my friends: Thank you so much for the laughter, the tears, the idiocy 
that lead to more laughter, and for literally every memory I treasure from 
my years in Westwood. What is important to remember is that it's not over 
yet. Westwood, for better or worse, hasn't seen the last of me and even if I 
cannot visit as much as desired, you will all be in my heart until the day I 
forget about you. You know I love you. 
To my teachers: I'm sorry about never turning anything in, I meant to I 


' ' Kristin Sementelll 3 

I "Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there, with open arms and open eyes." ^ 

To my friends and family- thanks for everything. Katie- best friends means ^ 

friends forever. "Let's become old ladies together..." KAMKA- 1 don't know (^ 

f what I'd do without you. "There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach"- ^ \ 

swim team is my life. Lauren getting locked in closets with Alex. NIPS! yt~ 

"Wendell?" "No I'm .lelT." NoiAvood! Nonvood! Chilis and dance parties, V^ 

Stop stalking MOS. Random nights in the shaggy waggy. "Someday you will < ^ 

^ lind me caught beneath the landslide in a champagne supernova in the sky." ^ ' 

J 52 Senior Bioi^rnLthics 


Thomas Shaffer 

Wolverine Baseball "06 #18. Going to every Westwood Football and Hock- 
ey game. Murph's every Sunday. VIP parties. 


Alexander Shapeton 

My time at Westwood High School can best be summed up by the following 
quotes and phrases from the last four years: Molec nature walks, the Incas, ' 
"Move the fulcrum!". The chocolate milk incident, "Simon, can you look 
that up for us?", "I have a gift for you", "Its the duck!", "Oh yes we ride", 
"And the Lord did grin, and the people did feast", and "No! zero times in- 
finito does not equal 1".- Alexander Daniel Shapeton 


Zeina Shuhaibar 

Dear Hunnybutt, MITYS. and Burkina Faso; Swim lessons; Groupies, 
TJJKNZ (??) and VAZAMM. "Hehehe"/penguin talk; 9-oth; Office Par- 
ties/movie nights and "study" parties that turned into both; Three Gates and 
Medfield; Te,\l messages, bills, and .limi Hendri.x; 58 minutes and my drag- 
on; Dude, Rube, and Shoob, and Advanced Placement Physics B; Bobs;,, 
Kathy's Bible and Michael Scott points; Will Ferrell and Scene It; 10 Well- 
fleet Drive; High Street Market 8:30-2; "Life" and "Smoof; Mom, Dad," 
Ramzi, and my friends with your unconditional love and support:l will be 
missing you, but never will I be forgetting you. Love always, Zeina. 

Myesha Slaughter 

" Its been a long time, a long time coming but i know but i know change is 

gonna come" Peace everyone, Myesha Slaughter 

P. S. The road is so long but we gotla keep holdin on 

Dean Slowey 

Carport, one itter, pool lobby, poop troop(or p-troop), stalls one 
and two, sheet metal, forever blind, forts, reservoir dogs 03, white 
house parties, cape 05, mc5, tcm, jse, djb, jr, tb, Im, ja, jg, sg, ma, 
7mpa, sm, bm, co, ab, kf, da, burns, dmf, amk, dijacks, dc, wd, he. 
ab, mid, pmd, blm, sah, rm, chris and the rest of you. 

Ashley Smith 

WHS, Wow! what an amazing joumey. It has been the best lour years of my life so ^ 

^ far. So much has changed, but those changes all happened for a certain reason, and / 

for the best. Those changes changed me as a person, a Iriend, a student, and a leader _. 

Tliose changes all came fiom Westwood High School, and the amazing people in it. [__ 

I will always remember my friends especially my closest friends. Karlie, Ali, Mag- /y 

gie, and Kristin. They are amazing girls who were always there to support me 1 00%. \j, 

' Tliey believed in me and my dreams. I couldn't have made it this far with out them. *^- 

. Thanks girls you are the sisters i always wished for I will never forget our silly . 

/groups, 3B and Kamka. Other people may of thought they were goofy, but they al- i-X 

^ways reminded us that we were there for each other. I will never foi^et my teachers, /" 

fellow classmates and others whom 1 cherished and loved so much. Thank you for 

helping me shape the pereon i am today. Andmost of all thank you for believing in ^ 

^me! I will miss u all tiemendously. Lots of my love throughout etemity. Ashley! ( 

Janea Smith 

Katherine Sugg 

^Westvvood High it's so sad to be leaving but -^ 

' the time we shared over the past four years 

has been great. 1 will always miss the friends *'Ji 

that I will part from come June 4th. The count- 
I less number of snacks during free blocks. 
Teachers confusing my name with Jaunita. 
The non-stop homework and countless tests 

taken. 1 never 

thought 1 would 

be saying this 

but I believe it 

was all worth it. I want to leave Westwood 

High with the memories of having great times. 

My mom couldn't have chosen a better school. 

1 want to be remembered as a nice person and 

very funny person to those who knew me. 


Charies Tapsell 

Thank you Seniors '06. I'll miss LAGIT even though Cancun never hap- 
pened. I'll miss Humanities with Chatterton and Gazebo Nights with MD 
and SP. I'll miss Marina Bay and Straylight. The John Stare with KG. 
George's palace and Alex's basement. Freshmen year in Epic. MD SP KG 
GA Rl CL AG-Good luck next year. 

To my friends, and our memories: sleeping on the balcony, moo goes the hun- 
nybutt, the LOTR obsession phase, nature walks, AMC hut trips (and AMC 
caretakers), Katie 1 and 2's game voting system, Paigie's candy basket, M'ba, 
blasting Nsync with the windows down, the Rube days, Billy, Honduras hotel 
room parties. Batman; the Dark Knight!, movie nights, the smoof, abbrevia- ' 
tions, Panera trips, OOice parties. . . I could go on forever. The point is that 1 love 
you more than a little paragraph can explain! Thank you for the love, smiles, and 
. hilarious moments — this is definitely not the end of the road. 


Richard Travers 

The Ladies: JK, SR, LM. MR, JA, LC, SM, SL and the The Gents: MF, CF, 
JDR, KZ, SP, AF, I'll always remember you guys. France Trip, Montreal, 
WIFFS! What up Diamond Dynasty. Late nights with Jo, love you. SOX, 
PATS, what a run. Free blocks with Homsy, Grega, and Mams. Shout out to 
the sophomores, you know who you are. "Before you critici/e someone, you 
should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're 
a mile away and you have their shoes." 





j^^k." ** J^^l 



■^^My 1 

David Unumb 

Long Live... The pit(s), "The Bat Cave", Corsis', Madame, PSU, France, the 
pool, midnight missions, winter street sledding, the original Strasser, lufchts 

VICIOUS snake battles, chuck norns facts, steammg, and the trnies ill never 
forget but cant remember. Everyone (you know who you are) who made it all 
worthwhile, i couldnt have asked for better. 

I^Mh |Sjjj| 

' Jason Urdang ^ 

p Thank you. Mom, Dad and Evan, for all your support and Meghan for always C^\ 

^ being there for me. Westwood Football #21, 03-04 champs. The Union, Tri- ^^^A_ 

-ij angle, PB Mansion and all my boys will be missed. It was the best four years of ^^^/ 

-^ my life and 1 hope eveiyone had as much fun as 1 did. "It's good to have critics VZ_-' 

7 because that's what motivates you and helps you take yourself to another level. VA 

-V Let them say whatever they want. It makes you strive harder." -Michael Vick <\k 

t^ *■ 



^^l^^l / ^3 





154 Senior Biof;mfihi 


James Vanaria 

I loved high school. I have made so many friends that I will keep close to 
me throughout my life. I will always remember dancing to the juke box in 
the cafeteria al lunch. Friendship and sports are the things that are most 
important to me. 1 want to be remembered as a good person. A person that 
people could go to either talk to or laugh with. I bleed green and I will 
always be a Wolverine. 

Kathleen Von Euw 

"Someone I'll always laugh with, even at my worst I'm best with you" 
Love my girls .JA.SB.EB.SL.TO.AP.MW.SW. Punta Cana 06. Pats&So.x 
"call me for a goodtime" Parades, summers. Birthday's in Boston, Blue- 
Man, First Nights, basements, the pig, UTMB, Islington park. Cedar 05, 
Highway, PLY 04, Celts*Gavin, Halloween "screen-door" 03. She-She: CC 
04, hockey, Merrimack&HC soccer camps w/ Lu. .lessie-my beslesl, San 
Diego 05 w/ MR, John Mayer l&Trio.WWSoccer05, hale, musical dance 
crew. I44C. all the way back to the Green Devils. To all my friends, I'll miss 
you-"Do what you will, always walk where you like, your steps, do as you 
please, I'll back you up." And to my family, thank you for everything. 

Anthony Viti 

144C, in the eye of the plunker. track? sabbaticals and b-teams. joy in 
mudville ("why not us?"). CAP, the golden wrench, guidance room floors 
and f-a-c-u-l-t-i-e-s. 4/16 ("we won't stand for hazy eyes anymore") water ' 
drinkers and June 1 7th. sup y'all: letting it rain at the scales plantation, little 
green man in the basement. F.S.U. and listen to your heart, gatorade cup 
champions, car sandwiches, nantucket. men of preferences with bloody dan- 
gers, latin cult: garden gnome productions, popsicle sticks, and impending 
doom, gislebertus, the legend, the jungle is dark but full of diamonds, so get 
busy living or get busy dying. 



m ^f^ 


i\ "? 

'> Kristen Walker 

/ "We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a 
I little of each other everywhere." The 3rd floor, Deerfield Ave, the room, 
y cotTeepot, Sophomore girls, the culdesac. Party Mansion, CEO's, TRISH! 
> Amoul&Apook LN trips. Summer Jam 04 05, the jeep, teasing, Sundays, 
Marties... Rob thanks for a great year, I couldn't imagine it with out you. 
Can you help me find my camera? Dog gone cute. Summer 05, H&E free. , 
Mom, Dad Phill and Kurt thanks for all the love and support you've always' 
L given me. SAAK. and STAAKKed thanks for all the good times and memo- 
_ ries... Seniors 06 good luck and miss u! 




_ ^ 


Kaitlin Walsh 

Maggie Ward 

""> AcJgKhJgDaAkJdKdKfSrCd 
^ BirdsNest.MannysMansion.Be 
-\^ s,SoxGames,Allnighters, Marsh 
-1)^ field,NH,Sketchy,Fred,tracksis 
^^^ tas,moonboots,Miami,Mickyd 

~^ 's/Chrisites,GoNuts,MonsterJa 

-y^ m,Prom,Fh,Germanos+Walshh 
■^ ouse=Cops,BfTbf,WereHorribl 

f^ e, MyrtleBeach06-ThatsWhat- 
J> sUp. Cant believe its all over, 

j^ had some of the best times of 

^^^ my life. Thanks guys for all the 

( ylaughs and good times. ..gunna 

Jl-^iIss this all so much. 

' "Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up." Mike n' Ike - My bestest 
forever! Disney 05' 06', Hallow 03', Ply 04', Birthdays in Boston, Sox/ 
Pats parades, basements. Cedar, Punta Cana, Green Devils, Hockey Super- 
fans, Soccer, Prom 05', Ghetto Beach. Paul - N.H, Coinstar, Kobe room, ly , 
STEAKM'S - I know you'll always be there,The best is yet to come! Mom 
and Dad thanks for everything, 1 love you! 



Emily Werth 

Jaunita White 

~> High School has been greal. I've been involved with Amnesty, SAAH, No 

\ Parenenlheses, tennis, track, soccer. The Pygama Game, NHS, and so much 

more. I want to remember all the great times and the tough times. I've met 

some awesome people at WHS and had some unforgettable teachers. I've 

learned I can stick it out and then excell. 

Memories I will never forget: -Amanda Cloherty you are so funny babe I 
' will never forget that crazy laugh. "Hey Girls" -.lanea what are we going 
to do with you, you're crazy "The CHAMP is here." I will definitely see 
you later. -KK continue to make me laugh we finally got a class together 
senior year remember PowerPoint freshman years those were the days, , 
-Myesha I will never go out to eat with you again because you might 
leave (LOL). Never bye but Later for now. ..I hope we have the times of' 
our life ~06~. Betcha that can't do it like US! 

fKatherine Wiggin 
"The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and good- 
bye for the last." From two high schools, come two million memories. It's ^ 
impossible to list them all. From musicals to vball, 6 flags to Costa Rica, 
to NY trips and Boston outings, lazy nights with friends, to hectic days, \ 
backstage to under the lights, VE to karaoke nights, old HS courtyard to the /, 
p-i~^3 patio, new friends, old friends, driving, running, screaming, hugging, and ^ 
^-pC laughing... its been quite the ride. To my best friends, to Mom, Dad, Kara o- 
\ix/ anti Jack, thank you. I love you. "The past is behind, learn from it. The ^ 
\^y future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it." \ 

Samantha Wolf 

"There'll be times in our lives we'll look back on the love and the laughter we've 
shared, and we'll start down that road once more, the road of childhood past." Ce- 
dar '05, Ply •04, Punta Cana '06, Bdays in Boston, hallow '03, golfing:), Nica'04, 
Shakers, racquet ball therapy, PAM, PIG, U.TM.B.,Mexico'()5, Gav/Celts, OAR. 
To my girls, STEAKMS S.B, TO., E.B., A.R,K.V.E., M.W "I always knew I'd 
look back on the times I cried and laugh, but I never knew I would look on the 
|K , times I laughed and ciy" Mall-J.T. and the 

-Jft •s.;-*.*' " * polska party I love you! boys-you're awe- 
*W *'0'^'^ and you all always keep me laughing. 

g JltHli. 


Not enough sleep aka my high school experience. The terms wonderful, 
stressful, enlightening, HARD, and too short also come to mind. Memories 
to keep: Plunk ('nuff said), wOOt science team!!!, free blocks of laughter, 
"It's just a bird!", blue slushys (= the secret to life), Brice et Madame, the 
best friends I could ever hope for. The last is most important. I love you 
very much. Thank you for being there for me. ..GROUPIES (forever), Leila 
(my life planner), Steph (there are no words to describe), and dear Stoic 
(*HUGS*). Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream. 


Robert Worth 

Some lies last a lifetime 
They keep our diaries hidden 
They don't let the whispers slip 
Between the cracks of the bathroom stalls 
Or be written on the bathroom walls.... 
But still I can hear those dirty birds chirp away 
It's a song I know by heart 
Sometimes I resent making friends and acquaintances 
It's a thin veil between us It's a thin veil between us 


156 Si"i/(oi- B/oxra/'/r/i"; 

^ Simon Xia 6^ Leila Zahka 


Possessing only prole articulateness, I am probably going to stumble a few 
limes in describing why iiigii sciiool was so leel. On a visceral level, I think 
we all know why we have enjoyed these years, so Fll allow the fine people 
residing in the bios next to mine to explain. Meanwhile, thanks to all who 
made high school a place in which many quests were had, many goals were 
followed, and many memories were made. 

If you don't know me by now, you never ever will. 



Kyle Zapcic 

Mneah. seniors06, the ever legendary Nest, Soccer, OC thrusdays at 
Mikes, chili's and a movie in early days, platonic, France 05 and Mon- 
treal 06; two of the best vacations of my life. Pitch, Tom and 100 dollar 
man, sood times. 



Joanne Zessis 

In four years I have changed so much... thanks Mich! Amazing times and 
no regrets with many people but AG, SM (just Shan), SC, and SH, you 
have been my lifelong buddies! Shan, I am so glad you did the plays. We 
became so close considering we never saw each other during school! Ally, 
we have been best friends/ twins for ten years and hopefully for more. 
We must add to our unforgettable inside jokes, which include: beanbags, 
pandas, paper airplanes. Jack and the beanstalk, and striped lighters! Girls, 
remember the good, forget the bad, and anticipate the future! 

Ak\ * • ^ ' 


^> Luke Zhou /^ 


"^^ year 
> Mar 

An ancient Chinese saying goes, "However hard it may be to start some- \ 

thing, it's even harder to leave it." Moving to Westwood was tough, but 5 , 

years later, leaving it is even tougher. From Planet winning AD medals, to f 
Raymond pinch hitting as team manager, to James swit\ dance moves, to 

Mark's hilarious quotes, to Tony's AJ Burnett, to Kyle nailing threes, to TJ's \ 

mission, to forgettable nights with unforgettable people, this year has truly V 

been amazing.'"Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent > 

together that matters, not how we left it." - Interestingly enough. South Park ^ 









= 3 

f^/f^. % 



















11 12 ^ 





6 5, 




;:at.t .Ij^. 

p<*'- rt> ., •*»* < . ; 


Robert Calobrisi 
Mark Carey 
Ashley Catlow 
Elizabeth Chen 
Stephanie Chin 
Jenna Cicerone 
Mary Conneely 
Lauren Conner 
Caitlin Connors 

Sarah Costa 

Courteney Coyne 

Samantha Crehan 

Meredith Crowe 

Catherine Cushing 

Kirstin Cutler 

Joseph Dello Russo 

Jennifer DeMovellan 

Chantal DiBartolomeo 

Alexandra DiCenso 

Katherine DiMento 

Matthew B. Donahue 

Matthew C. Donahue 

Drew Donovan 

Raymond Dorsch 

Stephanie Egizi 

Christina Fabiano 

Kristen Federico 

Christopher Follen 

Michael Frangieh 

Alexander Frost 

Allison Ciassman 

Timothy Geers 

Alexander Gentilli 

Jennifer Cjermano 

Danielle Gillis 

Jonathan Glasci 

Kurt Gottschalk 

Paige Gunning 

Muhamed Hadzipasic 

Margaret Haffey 

Amal Hamdan 

Rebecca Hansen 

Caitlin Harding 

Sara Harrington 

Stephanie Hauek 

Lauren Holbrook 

Charlotte Holler 

David Homs\ 

Katherine Hulbcri 

Lauren Humey 

Molly Hutt 

Ashley Keating 

Andrew Keches 

Pardis Koleini 

if « 




160 Senior Babies 

Johanna Kunkel 
Colin Lancey 
Angela Lang 
Andrew Laughna 
Jennifer Lawlor 
Sheila Leahy 
Amanda Lever 
Roger Lis 
Jessica Lui 
Adrian Macdonald 
Susan MacGillivray 
Hallie Malitsky 
Shannon Maloney 
Laura Marquart 
Brendan McCarthy 
Caitlin McCarthy 
Kathleen McDonald 
Timothy McGrail 

Daniel McHugh 
Katharine Mellor 
Melissa Murphy 
Vincent Murphy 
Cassandra Murray 
Sarah Musto 
Daniel Nally 
Stephen Napolitano 
Viviane Nguyen 
Matthew Noonan 
Patricia O'Donnell 
Taylor Obey 
Kayla Packer 
Sean Pender 
Michelle Penido 
Jeffrey Poreda 
Ashley Powers 
Anastasia Puckerine 

Andrew Puopolo 
Emily Quan 
Gregory Randolph 
Marjorie Rochon 
Samantha Ronan 
Suzanne Ruby 
Deanna Salter 
Nadine Samaha 
Kristin Sementelli 

Thomas Shaffer 
Zeina Shuhaibar 
Myesha Slaughter 
Ashley Smith 
Janea Smith 
Katherine Sugg 
Charles Tapsell 
Richard Travers 
Peter Treon 

David Unumb 
Jason Urdang 
James Vanaria 
Anthony Viti 
Kathleen VonEuw 
Kristin Walker 
Kaitlin Walsh 
Maggie Ward 
Emily Werth 

Katherine Wiggin 
Samantha Wolf 
Alanna Wong 
Robert Worth 
Leila Zahka 
Kyle Zapcic 
Joanne Zessis 
J^uke Zhou 

Senior Babies 161 





, J 








^^m\ 1 




^ • 







u ^ 


Best Accessorizer: 

Ashley Smith 
David Homsy 

Best Actor: 

Tara Searight 
Alex Frost 

Most Likely to be 
Approved by Parents: 

Susie MacGillivray 
Chris Follen 

Most Argumentative 

Hilary Bart 
Roger Lis 


Most Artistic: 

Alex Beuscher 

Kaleigh Foley 

Rob Worth 

Most Athletic: 

Sara Harrington 
Jason Urdang 

Class Clown: 

Jessie Bond 
Jason Dwyer 

Biggest Coffee Junkie: 

John Elliott 
Lindsay Baldassari 


168 Senior Superlatives 

Biggest Contrlbuter to the 

Courteney Coyne 
Dan Nally 

Cutest Couple: 

Dan Nally 
Sara Harrington 

Best Dressed: 

Tom Shaffer 
Tanya Bechara 

Best Eyes: 

Tim McGrail 
Staph Hauck 

Most Fashionable: 

Andrew Puopolo 
Pardis Koleini 

Most Likely to be in a 
Fender Bender: 

Staph Halkett 
Joe Sheehan 

Biggest Flirt: 

Jimmy Vanaria 
Charlotte Holler 

Biggest Gossip 

Kayla Packer 
Chuck Tapsell 

Best Hair 

Justin Adams 
Aria Bonsignore-Berry 

Best Laugh 

Vincent Murphy 
Amanda Cloherty 

Life of The Party: 

Dave Fairneny 
Kate Hulbert 

Future Business Mogul 

Yoni Glaser 
Deanna Ahigian 

Biggest Movie Buff: 

Joey Dello Russo 
Kathy Briand 

Most Musically Talented 

Katie Cushing 
Mo Hadzipacic 

Most Likely Not to be 
Found in School: 

Peter Treon 
Rose McKernan 

Most Original Style 

Sammi Wolf 
Rob Worth 


Best Personality: 

Sheila Leahy 
Mark Broderick 

Most Lil<ely to be on 
"The Real World" 

Steph Egizi 
Rob Irvine 

Worst Case of Senioritis. 

Luke Zhou 
Sophie Jedras 

Best Kicl<s: 

Stacey Puckerine 
James Scales 

• f 

So Shy: 

Margaret Haffey 
Adrian Macdonald 

Best Smile: 

George Aoude 
Jen DeMovellan 

First in Line at Cafe West: 

Max Dorsch 

Most Lil<ely to Succeed 

Dan Nally 
Liz Chen 

Most Technologically SavA^: 

Jeff Poreda 
Stephanie Chin 

"What Homeroom?" 

Matt 8. Donahue 
Melissa Murphy 

Hottest Wheels: 

Brian Novoson 
Katie Wiggin 

Most School Spirit 

Bobby Calobrisi 
Sara Harrington 


Senior Superlatives 169 

iflv* ^"t w.*^^ 



*» J 




^ 9^<-j t, 







Qy V V 1 



U li 


C Mtchaud 

ways a memSeroftfk Cfass of 2006, 










... -- •^; Z^ -, — 

0^ fTit^ocvtS. OPly-^ •■|<aci^'<^ '^^' 

Li le.e' T*i>S • 
it ate »/>>. 


\M V5V( 




















David Fairnen 

OSC McKernan^ 

You know what's right for you. I MK^HSoi^otl^ 
amount of faith in your ^'^'''^^yP^HBjB''' ''f^ ^ happy 
one. The only obstacles you baveal^^^ In your own 
mind; don't be satisfied witfefless than all you can be. 
There is no race to win and nothing to be proven, only 
dreams to be nurtured, a self to be expressed, and love\-g 
to be shared. Never doubt your worth, and always 
know that you are truly loved and valued. * -^ 

^ Love Mom *': 

Rose, your achievement marks... 

A fond farewell to yesterday, 

A warm welcome to tomorrow, 

The siinset of a beautiful part of the past. 

The sunrise of a bright new future, 

And the anticipation of even 

Greater happiness. The future opens up 

for you like a new book... 

Waiting for you to commit to its pages, 

the story only you can write. 

Congratulations Rose, 
we're so proud of you! 
Love, Mum, Dad, Ryan and Rory 

176 Messages from the Community 



nnifer Lawior 

Ooftarma, . 9 

^efieve in uourseff, S^. . , 

"oh, if)e maces liou'dqof" 

TVe 're so hrouefofuou! 
£ove, 'Momand'Oaef 

jciin- Congratulations! 

We are so proud of vou! The 

best is yet to come- you're the 


\jovt. Dad Mom & Meg xxoo 

^_^ _ 






My link- l),il>y Ru-dis, 

\\c' .111- so proud (>l \<)ur ,n-hio\i-ii 
Keep vour liiMUlilul .siuile .uul en 


lIllDUgll colli'^c. Yoii \Nill be ,1 
MTV siKit'ssful vomig WOllUlll. 

W'c \o\c yon, 

Vonr Mom .nul ISrotlici-, 
A/.il.i ,mcl I'.usi.i 




\ '\ 







Do whatever it takes to make 
\our dreams come true. Always 
belie\'e in yourself and keep pursuing 
your passion. 

'.Uristopfier ^ (Bruce\ 

To my son Chris, 

I am so proud of you. 

You made it to Graduation 2006, 

way to go. 

Love Always, Mom 

SHannon MaConey 

Congratulations Shannon, 

for all you have achieved 

and all you will achieve 

Love, Mom, Dad, Lauren and Erik 

CHantaC (Di(Barto[omeo 

Congratulations Chantal 

"You Go Girl" 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kira and Anthony 

Messages from the Community 177 

you are ourhride andjou, 
Commfufad'ons andalweysfolfowvour fieetrt 

'Horn, Uacfemdlh/dl^fi 


Matthew Noonan 

From the first day of 
kindergarten to the 
day you graduate 
from high school, 
you've always 
made us proud! 
Keep following 
your dream and 
it will come true! 

Mom, Dad 
and Madeline 




We are. u) proud ofymA,. 

May your dreoAH/s hiftayou, 

VaA, Mem, 
JokH) VoAKci Mtd Noma. 


May all your dreams come true 
Wishing you success in all 
that you do. 


Mom, Dad, Tommy, 

and Meghan 

178 Messages from the Community 

Messages from tiic Coiniiiiiiiiti/ 179 

2^yie (MHaifi5 


We are amazed 
k everyday at the person 
you have become. 
May your heart and 
smile always shine 

Love to you always. 
Mom, Dad 
\ & Robyn (in spirit) 

1 CfiarfoUe 'Hoffer 

d^-- m 


We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Abigail and Margaret 

feJ^^^P^"': \i>y^ 

180 Messages from the Community 


You have given all of us so much joy 
with your warm heart, kindness and 
smile. We're so proud of you and all 
you have accomplished. Wishing you a 
lifetime of happiness and success. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Joey and Anthony 

Messages from the Community 181 

Doniil L 



Congratulations! ^A 

Once again, you liave made ^Kflr 
us very proud. ^j^m ^W 
You are about to begin an ^^^^^ 
exciting new journey and ^^tam 
you will always have our love ^^HM 
and support. ^^p^ 
The sky is the limit! Mr , 

Love, _^^ J 
Mom and Dad ^Mm^jSjim 




Vhax hex hehinJ vou 

nd w'biil lid 

are linv mulieis compared 

10 wbui lies within \oii. 

— Emerson 

Congratulations, Laxiren! 

We are so proud of you! 
Love, Dad, Mom & Katie 

182 Messages from the Coininunity 

:r»-..,.^..^:,~.»^»».-.»,.— .— .^^^^^ 


Congratulations on all of 


your accomplishments! 

Wr^' ^^^TT^I 

We wish you the best of luck and 

HMk ^' -^Ik^^I 

much happiness. 

^g^ ^ y^l 


^I^Pt ^:^ J ^B^^l 

Mom, Dad, Jen, Hugh and Jon 

J " ^ ^ 1 

r ^ * 1 

Drew Donovan 


n ow favorite 


We are .so 


Mom, Dad, 

Ulen and John 







We are proud of you. 

Wishing you a world of 

happiness and contentment. 

Mom and Dad 

Messages from tlic CoiniiiiDuli/ 183 

ti'r:. * -.r 


Co ngratuCat ions 

'With aCC our Cove and 6est wishes 
for a rich future fiCCed with 
Cove, happiness and success. 

Mom and (Dad 

Babek Afshar- 

Dear Babek, 

Having you for a son has been one of the greatest gifts 
life has given us. You have special qualities which have 
helped you in meeting your goals- 
special qualities that will bring you a wonderful future. 
For all you have been, for all you are, 
and all you've yet to be 

We love you very, very much. 

Mom & Dad 

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Yau'^i/t aUmys imacU -m^ frovui. 

Ashley Smith 

Ashley, you have faced many obstacles chroughout the years, you have accepted 

each challenge and gone forward with determination to conquer them one by one. 

You have never quit, most importantly, you have believed in yourself. 

You are an inspiration and role model to many and admired for your talent and 

dedication. You have achieved greatness in many ways. We have watched you grow to 

become a young lady, a loving and caring human being, a loyal friend, and a beautiful 

daughter and sister. We respect your accomplishments, more importantly, we are proud of 

the person you have become. As you come to the end of the road of you 

high school education, you are preparing to enter the next leg of your 

journey to college. Don't forget to stop occasionally on your 

busy path. Take time to remember your high school friends, 

the gifted teachers who have inspired you throughout the past 

four years, your amazing accomplishments in dance, and 

your family, and be thankful to God for his blessing. 

These are your memories. Cherish them as yours forever. 

They have molded you, in part, to be the person that you have 

become today. 

Love and Congratulations, 

Mom, Dad, and Cian 

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Sheila Leahy 

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Messages from tlw Coiiiiniiiiit\/ 187 

K3f>r-:- ^ •,.'.•.'*'■»•, 

Stephanie ^gizi *Ji66y (BiCkr 
%rissy WaC^r ^Jimancfa Lever 

We have watched you grow from httle babies to young 
n women- we are so proud of you and we love you! 

Love Always, 
Your families 

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i. •> ■' 

«-»~»-.-r^--»j^-rafM»g...-. -t^::^-.j.^-.-. 

Tanya Bechara ■ Kathy Briand -Jessica Bond 
Zeina Shuhaibar ■ Nicole Balekjian ■ Jenna Cicerone 

We are so proud of you, for who you are, 

How hard you have worked and 

For all you have accomplished so far, 

May all your tomorrows be as wonderful as your dreams. 

And may you always know that you 

Are more wonderful than any dream could be. 

Love you always. 
Your Families 

Messages from the Community 189 

Best wishes 
Westwood High School Graduates 

Class of 2006 


As though no one is watchingyoUy 


As though you have never been hurt hejore^ 


As though no one can hearjouy 


As though heat 'en is on earth. 


1275 Providence Highway -- Nonvood MA 02062 - 



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^.:^"i^■:■ . 


0wdotte Meredkfi %atie ^anietk 



B R O D R I c K 

G I L L I S 


X > ,/\ 


Here's to a bri 
Good luck next year. 



Mcsiiigcf from the Coiniuuint}/ 191 

'Wc wish you the best 

Sis you leave ^estwood High 

lis a brand ne%o beginning 

On your journey of life /// 

Qood Health, Happiness and Love to All 
^he (Dello Hiusso family 

192 Messages from the Community 


Don't be aQaid to make mistakes, stumble or fall, because most of the time the greatest rewards come 

from the things that scare you the most. Maybe you'll get everything you wished for, maybe you'll get 

more than you could ever imagine. Who hiows where life will take you. The road is long 

and in the end the journey is the destination. 

Congratulations Kyle! 

Thank you for everything you've done for me and for always being there when I needed you. 

You are the best big brother I could have ever asked for. 

I love you. 

Confflratiilatioiis Andrew 'Keches! 

hAessa^e^ from the Community 193 

Senior Will 

I, Jessica Abrams, leave Alii - Grover, a brand-new cowbell, and the ski learn; Colleen - the 
freedom to date any and every guy in the school; and KB - my innocent rep. ♦ I. Justin 
Adams, leave "The Table" to Katie, Carmen, Alex and Steve; may it serve them in the fullest; 
the halls to Alex so that he may be vigilant and guard them well; the water fountains to Rick; my 
locker to anyone who wants it (FIGHT FOR IT); the video-productions room to Carrie so that she 
may express her creativity to its fullest. ♦ I, Elizabetli Ahearn, leave Meghan our room and the 
best of luck. Tommy the possibility of the Geo and success, Maggie a clock set early, Katie the 
calling ability. The Swim Team girls pasta parties, dance parties and a ton of fun memories. ♦ I, 
Deanna Rose Ahigian, leave JJ. Johnny, and Derin the Higs Clan Legacy. To Yager, Varsity FH, 
SUPER7 & FOXY, and closet excuses. To Sean and Connor, my TV. To my junior boys, I leave 
an amazing senior year. And to Magistra, 1 leave popsicle sticks & flyswatters. ♦ 1, Sean Andrew, 
leave the Sunrise rd. community to Mike Follen-make us proud. To Jay Whealen 1 leave the 
Lacrosse net- 1 know it's in good hands, defend it well. Most importantly to the entire Junior class 
I leave senioritis- Make the best of it! ♦ I, George Aoude, leave my sister Julie Aoude the keys 
to my BMW and Camry. To Celena Homsy my beautiful smile. To Costa Belezos my boyish 
good looks, and my adorable pectoral muscles. Lastly, To Fadi Samaha my large gold Lebanese 
crown. ♦ 1, Nicole Balel<jian, leave George the overflow of my senioritis, the musicals in the car, 
and of course. night job. And Lastly, Ta and Nora- to you 1 leave my legacy, happiness and 
the joy of tomorrow. ♦ 1, Hilary Bart, leave Jen Keefe and Liz Arpino Saturday morning ballet 
class, Jamie Anderson my legacy at Frugal Fannies, Tricia Murphy the ability to be at school on 
time, and my brother all the food in the refrigerator. ♦ I, Andrew Bateman, leave Nick Sestito 
my unconditional love. I also leave Brian Kelly any skills 1 might have. • I, Andrea Beaupre. 
leave the glory of curtain call to those who work for it. Props Chief to whoever is up to the challenge. 
Steve- LSP. Frang- my cell and cash. Skippy- the backstage mental peace he lent me- Thanks. 

• 1, Tanya Bechara, leave Maya to have four awesome years at the high school. 1 leave Megan, 
Cara, Amol, Anne, Pat, Andrew, Kim, James and the rest of G Block Physics to have a fun and 
physics-free senior year And I leave my locker to some unfortunate freshman. ♦ 1, .Sarah Bernard, 
leave Molly-wolly my nasty FH skills, Gina and MT the couch. Big Kazz all of our hotties, Katie 
Carlin your dad, and to Katie and Emma good times in high school. • L Alexandra Beuscher, 
leave my sister Nikki our wonderful house (have fun...), the lovely volvo (sorry about the speakers), 
my old clothes, and countless teachers who will call you by my name (it's the curse of being the 
younger sister). 1 leave Ryan Gold a thousand hugs because i know how much he likes them (and 
how much I'll miss them). ♦ 1, Abby Biller. leave Cat McD carwashes, NickNack, and of course, 
trips to walpole. To Kfreds I leave walks into school from our awful parking spots, and to the 
soccer '05 crew 1 leave many good times & good luck getting revenge on the boys' cars next year! 

♦ I, Jessie Bond, leave the soccer team-incredible times for '06, theater kids-sold out shows, 
Supercat-times in soccer+theater, Sadler-love+laughs, LNayNay-DanceOffs, KHar- 50's 
breakfasts. Kasey-an amazing sr year, Liz W.-surprise parties, Liz tiood.-hugs, Hannah-good 
times, Jacki-yummy cookies, FRANG-my heart. Belle-all my love, Meghan F.-hugs+smiles, Sara 
Chen-car rides. Colleen-good talks, Molloy-a hug a day, Lanai-Sarah M. -soccer, boys, and 
Bertucci's. ♦ I, Aria Bonsignore-Bcrry, leave the 06' volleyball season to next year's captains 
(Em, Carlin, Maria), the best section of the band to Kristina and Alena, and 3 more years of high 
school to Matty B that I hope will be 3 of the best. ♦ I, Elana Bernstein, leave Jaclyn the car 
and the fun of being an only child. To Jesse 1 leave the excitement of high school drama. To Molly 
and Ciina. I lea\ c you two the yoga classes and pilates tapes. And to Ashley. 1 leave you Hale. • 
1. Katherine Briand, leave Joey the spelling of Westwood and love of musicals, Lauren, Chelsey, 
Belle, Stephen and Brian great times in theatre, and Tyler the fabulousness that is HP and all the 
quotes I've taken from your IMs. ♦ 1, Nikki Brune, leave Car Nikki to Maggie Mulhem, Jess 

194 Senior Will 

Kirkby, Erin Nanna, and Molly Shea, random non-awkward "tennis trips" to Leigh Carey, and the 
coolest shorts ever to Katie Cooney...rwo for you Maura McGinnis you go Maura McGinnis! ♦ I, 
Bobby Calobrisi, leave all of you with some advice. Never, ever, let anything stop you from doing 
whatever you want and need to do to always remember your high school experience. ♦ I. Mark 
Carey, leave Leigh my basement suite and the BMW. I leave the junior class the new tardy policy 
and sink holes in the parking lot. ♦ 1. Ashley Catlow. leave Jessie Peloquin my positive outlook 
on life to keep her spirits always high. To Briana Musto: i leave our ESP & triangle memories. To 
Derek Brogna: i leave poop troop advenUires w/Tom ] RIP | . To Paige DiGiacomo: i leave our mischief 
w/zippers. • 1. Elizabeth Chen, leave Maura McGinnis and the tennis team "camping trips" and 
Funfetti cupcakes; to Sarah 1 leave my cupcake-baking duties and a wonderful next three years; and 
to the class of 2007. 1 leave hope for an amazing senior year ♦ 1. Stephanie Chin, leave Chris, 
Dave, Teaml757: good luck for year deux , (symbolic) fluorescent-pink sheets of grantstutT. Ola, 
Garima, Lizzy, Rachel: confidence that science team will be in good hands. Meggie, flute section: 
superbandingness. Fanara, Kim. Skippy: boxesboxesboxes of science library thingy stuft'. • I, Jenna 
Cicerone, leave Corey all of our "Wonderful Town" memories, Joey our one on one conversation's 
about life, Stephan my insanity, and all of the other theater kids including crew the best remaining 
years of high school. • I, Lauren Conner, leave my wonderful car to Jamie. ♦ I, Caitlin Connors, 
leave my sister May two more great years of High School and my Gladus! Katie I leave a great 
senior year and so many great memories. Nikki and Sammy 1 leave fun times at FH. Tommy I leave 
four exciting and fun filled years of High School! ♦ 1. Samantha Crehan. leave Steph Michaud to 
keep breaking my car everytime she gets in it. ♦ I. Meredith Crowe, leave the field hockey team 
laughs, country music, and maybe some wins. To Corey, the purple ribbon. To Matt and Stephen, 
the neighborhood. To Tyler, morning car rides. To Brendan, your own bathroom, the green tank, 
and three more awesome years. • I, Katie Cushing, leave to tennis demolishing Medfield, another 
dominating field-hockey season, love, the car (crash-free) and an incredible two years to Belle, the 
spotlight to Belle & Chelsey, birthmark power to Maura, and my best to bro Joey Frang. ♦ 1. Casey 
Cutler, leave Jess Hogan and Alii Lampie the privilege and joy of not showering everyday of their 
Senior Year May you enjoy wearing sweatpants and not caring what other people think. 1 leave the 
Softball team all of the luck and confidence in the world. I also leave Hanna Trusty, don't ruin him. 

♦ I, Joey Dello Russo, leave Corey Dello Russo the task of restoring the Dello Russo legacy. Sadler: 
the future of male thespians. Brett: no transport home. Kasey: Drama Club, ECHO. Liz G: the 
future of female thespians. Erica: gossip, "LOL", no transport home. Harris: hilarious nicknames, 
my dance captain title. Alley Kay: notes on wall, guitar shopping. Steve Wright: a stage to be 
managed, Hendrix. Belle: post-rehearsal sunsets. Frang: & A sessions, deep convos, backstage. 
Boy's tennis... ♦ 1. Jennifer DeMovellan, leave John -another 2 exciting years of high school, 
Christa and Dani- the stupid high school drama, Annie, Chrissy. Liz, Kat, and Hollie-the esentful 
trips to Wendy's, Jles- my gas haha. and to Nick- 1 leave you my heart. ♦ 1. Chantal DiBartolomco. 
leave Caitlin- good times, rides to X. Our future cape plans & the honor of visiting me at Keene. 
Alessandra -- 1 leave you our talks about boys, and hope that you keep pursuing art. Alii- 1 leave 
you our summer 05 memories with Ryan and the crew, prom o5. and your love for Shadow. ♦ 1. 
Alexandra DiCenso, leave luck and tradition to all future WHS cheerleaders, motivation to the 
junior class to get through one more year, and my driving skills and afternoon coft'ee trips to .Alex. 

• I, Katie DiMento. leave flex (SM DB PD HH RL MR JD) the fairy and communiry. steph michaud 
my inappropnateness & don't forget the tic tacs, Elena DiMento a better start to junior year, car ndes 
to school, & my love, Paige DiGiacomo & Briana Musto life savers & car rides to school. ♦ I, 
Matthew C. Donahue, Leave my Bronco to Bnan and P.J Pender It goes really fast!, down hills. 
To Jesse Wolf I leave much unfinished parting, and to Molly Wolf 1 leave the food I've been hiding 
that's causing world hunger. ♦ 1, Matthew B. Donahue. lea\e Jim gavin all access to my basement, 
to the musto 's i leave my heart, to ashhhhhhh i give my dance moves, perry you get oldies on 109, 
stivy my boyish good looks, i leave with the highest family tardy record ever ♦ 1. Raymond Dorsch, 

leave my Celtic Pride to Kevin Morrison, Goldie in charge of the Westwood branch of the Union, 
3-wins to Okey, Pat, and Manny on behalf of Mark and me because he can't commit to his will, my 
two-step to Gooch, a fire extinguisher to Bear, a get out of trouble free card to Carlin, and to all 
future WHS students, I leave the pleasure of walking through the hallways that I once did. ♦ I, 
Jason Dwyer, leave to Molly Ward the Turk & N64. To Gina, 1 leave Taylor and Ricky. MT, 1 leave 
bagel bites & Maggie. To Callie, HERFF JONES. Daniel K.. I leave his family. To Josh McRoberts, 
1 leave the Dukies. Jeft'Moriarty, the fantasy track team. ♦ I. Stephanie Egizi, leave the volv and 
my parents to my sister Kathryn. To Liz- I leave fiinny jokes, to Cat- 1 leave modulations and my 
heart. To girls lax- A winning tradition. To Joan- all the clothes in my closet & keepmg Kat in line. 
♦ 1, John Elliot, leave to derek brogna silver bs. to steph michuad i leave soup, to corrie oleary i 
leave caml caml iced coffies. to brenda mcabe i leave " #9" to briana musto i leave " gracias y" to 
jason b i leave " can you hear me now" and to paige d i leave "vegas" • I, Christina Fabiano, 
leave K-Pops the right to always be "that girl" and Anthony a fun four years when ya get to high 
school. ♦ I, David Fairneny, leave Nick Sestito a D.T. ♦ 1, Kristen Federico. leave Steven friday 
nights with the rents, long talks and sucess and luck for a great senior year Tommy four long but 
successful years at WHS. Katie Conney the right Kristen F. • 1, Christopher Follen, leave Ramzi 
the Ski Team, and Malcolm and Drew the Boys Soccer tradition. I leave Matt Sadler his other ski, 
and lastly 1 leave my brother Mike the truck and the task of continuing the Follen legacy. ♦ 1, 
Michael Frangieh, leave the band room to the class of 2007; the tennis team to Nate Kolodny; and 
the unpaved muddy parking lot to the teachers, students, and faculty. ♦ I, Alex Frost, leave the 
class of 2007 the stage; leave everything you have on it. Be proud of your work. I leave Nate 
Kolodny sole responsibility of making sure that Tennis stays the incredible institution that it is. ♦ I, 
Allison Gassman, leave Anthony Rapp to Joey Frangieh (cause Adam Pascal is coming with me), 
the "Poo" seat, Ralph, and trips to Coldstone to Bram Molloy and Andrea Munar, and an invitation 
to come and visit me at UVM to all my friends. ♦ I, A.J. Geary, leave the javelineering duties to 
Costa and Pat. BMac gets "sexiest guy with a beard". Jamie is percussion captain, she and Wells get 
band. WolfTe is now crazy header guy. To everyone else I leave my legend. ♦ 1, Timothy Gears, 
leave the pmpmobile to Jessica, Jessica to Matt Sadler, and Matt to the dogs if he messes with her; 
Adrian's women skills and good luck with Neil to Moriarty, and the Cul De Sac to Costa. Raeef gets 
the percussion section. ♦ 1, Alex Gentilli, leave Kevin O'Conner and Brian Kelly the Eriks Reks 
fan club, Costa Belezos the memory of my car, Fadi Samaha the right to be big and Brian McDonald 
my razor. ♦ 1, Jennifer Germane, leave Kristin the wicked awesome Field hockey team and lots 
of dunkie runs, Jess i leave you a carton of eggs , to my sister Julia make the best of your years at 
high school, Tmurph keep on beastin, and LH i leave you all your hotties. ♦ 1, Danielle Gillis, leave 
to Emily, Carlin and Maria another great season with the volleyball team and to the class of 2007 a 
great senior year.. enjoy every minute, it flies by. ♦ I, Yoni Glaser, leave Planz my muscles, Pat 
Ahem my hands, Colleen Z. my phone number, Gina monthly Key Club visits. Ryan O. 1 leave you 
C.A.P., and most importantly. Bean 1 leave you Islington- Westwood Regional High School. ♦ I. 
Kurt Gottschalk, leave my parking spot (the first spot available) and all my awesome morning 
music to Kevin Brooks. ♦ 1, Paige Gunning, leave my brother Alex Rock Concerts. To his friends 
Andrea and Brian 1 leave Alex's extra tickets. To Elizabeth Haffey and Walker Wells I leave Amnesty. 
Finally 1 leave Colleen Zapcic and Katie Carlin card nights. ♦ I, Muhamed Hadzipasic, leave The 
soccer team to Malkie Goodridge, Water jug carrying privledges to Vincent Musto. My jazz combo 
to Ryan, Andrew, Evan, and Matt, Band captaincy to Andrew Wolff My wisdom, work ethic, and 
soccer skills to Omar, ♦ I, Margaret Haffey, leave Elizabeth all of our room, wonderful memories, 
and three more years of high school. To Megan C. and Liz B. 1 leave driving the underclassmen as 
well as organizing clothes and presents for XC and track. ♦ 1, Amoula Hamdan, leave the clarinet 
section to Suhas and Kim, the fun of teasing friends to Steve, the next three years of high school to 
Sami - enjoy them while you can and don't stress too much. ♦ 1, Rebecca Hansen, leave Joey S. to 
be tan. 1 leave Mariel M. gum. To Jess G. 1 leave faces. To the field hockey team 1 leave memories 
of Coach's last season, my jersey, double sessions, and Kristen D. and Sam F. to rule the field. ♦ 1, 
Caitlin Harding, leave my brother Cameron my Volvo station wagon and three more years of hard 
work and fun. 1 leave the field hockey team the hope for a successful season. To my mom and dad 
I leave their first college kid. ♦ I, Sara Harrington, leave the Lacrosse team domination, BBall 

team a new assistant coach, WW Soccer 06 humor for boring pasta dinners, Alex a new lax passing 
partner, Betsy St. Patrick's Day, Aunt Callie Jack, and Kerri lots of laughs. ♦ I, Steph Hauck, leave 
Libby endless CD's with songs that we don't know the words to, Laura the scent of mango-mandarin 
cream, Anna early mornings in lane3. Erica actual rides home (not to the nearest street), and for the 
future trackies the Norwood loop. ♦ 1, Lauren Holbrook, leave the rockin street of Birch Tree 
Drive to Callie Rose, take care of it! Also, to Mary Connors 1 leave the open position of field hockey 
spirit captain. Finally, 1 leave the seniorship of the field hockey team to Sam and Kristen, cherish it 
baby! ♦ I, Charlotte Holler, leave the minivan to Abs- wear it well! I leave a great field hockey 
season to BNalls, MLalls. Nikki and Katie; 1 leave BST and backstage chats to Costa B; and B block 
and an awesome track season to Bri. ♦ 1. David Homsy, leave: My best wishes to Celena, that she 
will do her best these two years. My love, to Audrey Vogel, standing by me through it all. My best 
wishes for next year's football and the track & field. • I, Kate Hulbert, leave Kristin Yager Decamp 
the traditions and excuses of the infamous closets. Joan my craftyness and the fence. Kat spy kids 
"06. Cal the team. Hockey Team- me and Lev's dance parties. Ca and Noelle- to have 4 great hrs of 
high school and continue the legend i've left behind. ♦ 1, Lauren Hurney, leave Celena, Katie, 
and Amy, D-block memories and Mrs.S. To Colleen Zapcic, 1 leave the Jeep and my heart. To Audrey 
Vogel, I leave her IPod and the ability to ride her moped for as long as possible. And to MB - the 
twins. ♦ I, Molly Hutt, Leave my car to Miss. Paige DiGacomo, Because she can drive it better 
then i can. 1 also leave all my playboy jewlery and clothing to Briana Musto. I also leave my knowlege 
of Boston and JP for Melinda Kareh so that she can pick up hot guys. haha. see ya guys probably 
never again. K BYE! I ♦ 1. Rob Irvine, Leave Ashley Irvine my ability to rattle a class and use my 
comical talents. 1 also leave her my good natured relationship with Mr Dexter and Ms. Parks. To 
Phill Walker i leave some of my common sense so that he won't do dumb things while he still has 
3 years left like get another tatoo or whatever he thinks of next haha ♦ I, Ashley Keating, leave 
Rkeats the power to drive my car, have as much fun in it as I did, and live the next four years up. To 
Nick, the DEERS, headbutts, and the best senior year To Paige the fiestas. To Kevin, the lifers and 
calculator messages. ♦ I, Andrew Keches. leave to everyone my amazingly good good looks. 
You're welcome. ♦ I. Pardis Koleini, leave my juicy couture wardrobe to Kristen Puopolo, my 
squirt guns to Jenny Whetstone, and my Persian pride to the Arya, Afsheen, Kayvon, Neggin, and 
Nilo. ♦ 1, Johanna Kunkel, leave Alex early morning drives, the car and good luck being an only 
child to Ellen, and great memories to the underclassmen. ♦ 1, Colin Lancey, Leave James Berluti 
the future of Westwood sports, especially Lacrosse, Drew Lowey my captancy for soccer. The 2 mile 
run to Matt Ferrari, and the best of luck to Soccer and Lacrosse next year ♦ 1, Andrew Laughna, 
leave Mahoney number 1 7, the hockey team a 24 year playoff tradition. Jay and Brian 5 am trips to 
Dedham, and to next year's hockey freshmen, "The Lawf Nest." ♦ 1, Jennifer Lawlor, leave Steve 
my sad skills with a hack sack (trash= 10 points). To Kim, my calculator games for free blocks. To 
the twins, my beloved Science Team meetings. Finally, to Meghan, the "Lawlor Family Name". ♦ 
1, Sheila Leahy, leave behind 4 great years, 2 Leahys behind n more to follow, Mr. Ducheaneau a 
new homeroom, 1 leave locker 801 empty. Coach B and the whole hockey team a great season, Pat 
(a' Xavarian, and Alanna the 8th grader I love you all. ♦ I, Charlie Leibson, leave Greg Wells- I 
begrudgingly leave the trumpet section in band. Jamie- the power to cut Greg down when his ego 
inflates, and the title of Hack Master. Tom- the duty to wait patiently for X Day. Stuart- the Tank. 
• I. Amanda Lever, leave Kat Egizi, Joan O'Neil and Callie Rose locker room dance parties and 
hockey bag bus rides. I also leave Jill Greenberg mints and the duty to dig up boulders. ♦ 1, Adrian 
Macdonald. leave my champion two-mile skills to the whole soccer team, a wet willy to Ferrari, 
dreams of being faster then me to Kjellman, another get out of jail free card to Sean, long, lonely 
runs to Jeff and everything else to Drew Lowey. ♦ I, Susie MacGillivray, leave the swimmers 
midnight practices; Jessica, Christine, and Jill my phenomenal navigational skills; Katie Harris a 
promotion to the captain of dancers everywhere; Schro, dates at Ice Jack's; Hannah, bad jokes; and 
Jess Geers, my sole dimple. ♦ 1, HaUie Malitsky. leave Colleen Zapcic my entire wardrobe (including 
shoes) and H.S.M., Celena Homsy. Katie Carlin, and Amy Reynolds D Block free and mrs. s, Audrey 
Vogel her ipod. Coons the bench. Liza Parks my flinstone dress, mr mao my camera, to the entire 

Senior Will 195 



i f 

honors physics class i leave my tcsls, and to hom-doggs i leave my janitor closet, and my weird self. 
• 1. Shannon Maloney, lea\e Laura NBLLY, half her wardrobe, and full rights to the basement. 1 
leave my room to hrik. To future ensemble play kids, 1 leave good memories backstage. I leave 
Legislative Council to Matt and Publicity to Veena, ♦ I, Laura Marquart. leave a slightly emptier 
oboe section to the band, the sand pit to all my little jumpers, my car to JKirk, and all my sympathy 
for anvonc w ho lakes .-\P Physics C. ♦ I, Caitlin McCarthy, leave to Alessandra the responsibility 
of taking care oi'my brother as he does his time in high school. 
I also leave "Spoon Cheese" to Jaime. And please guys. . .keep 
the Hack Circles going! ♦ I, Brendan McCarthy, leave 
Costa Belezos the Vanderbilt gym and the struneous last of 
annoying underclassmen. I leave Jess Kirkby my pimping 
^^^ analogies. ♦ 1, Kathleen McDonald, leave the Varsity 

T^BB^^B Softball Team hope for lots of victories and fun times next 
J"* ^m' AlM season. Wind Ensemble & Pit Band, I leave wishes for another 

^ r« - -J amusing year filled with even more laughs! ♦ 1, Tom 

McDonald, leave X million dollars in diamonds buried in the 
school for the first one to dig it up. Happy Hunting. ♦ I. Tim 
McGrail, leave Steve Walsh my Ford Taurus Wagon. I leave 
Andrew Musto Taco Bell. I leave my sister Christine all of Slingtown. I leave Jimmy Gavin the town 
of Needham. ♦ 1, Daniel McHugh. leave my handsome good looks to all the Westwood High girls 
to come. To Ramzi Shuhaibar I leave my procrastinating skills. To Greg Wells I leave my Cross- 
Country legacy, may he be unmotivated but look damn good. ♦ I, Katharine Mellor, Jono, I'm 
leaving you the wooden pickle. Kristin, I'm leaving you the pink sock and my flat tire. And to the 
both of you, make sure you have an awesome couple of years at the high school when me and Andrew 
are gone! ♦ I, Melissa Murphy, Leave Tricia the car to gel to school on time-Emily and Carlin 
control of the Volleyball dramas, and Stephanie luck to survive living with Tricia alone next year. ♦ 
I, Vinnie Murphy, leave juniors & whitey fun memories of 06, you must show next year's 
underclassmen the way. And my favorite "brospieh" and best friend i leave you nothing you have it 
all, have fun senior year liz love you . ♦ L Cassandra Murray, leave Sam Cahoon the amazing 
field hockey record, and the ability to have as much fun as I did in HS. ♦ I, Sarah Musto, leave 
to my brother, Vincent, a great high school career and the keys to the Camry, and I leave to my 
cousins success in all of their future endeavors. ♦ I, Dan Nally, leave to Gav my blistering slap shot, 
both on the ice and on the carpet; to Sebet, my 47 at Ponky; to Krista McCiinnis, a study block for 
her 4"' term tardies; and to Betsy, the Pathfinder and many mornings filled 
with bobbin' and vveavin'. • L Stephen Napolitano. leave my incredible 
parking lot destroying by car capabilities to Josh Mingles, may the 
destruction be with you. And to Andrea, to right to "guide" the freshman 
who has the locker next to hers. ♦ I, Viviane Nguyen, leave my sisters 
Adriane and Juliane, the Nguyen legacy, hopefully you guys won't ruin 
it! Anokhee, Robot lawyer, and lots of love to the rest of the club, keep 
it going! Good luck Nina and Kelly! ♦ L Matt Noonan, \ea\'cfisi pounds 
to Tom O'Connor, Shame to Ryan O'Leary, the Westwood Wire to 
Malcolm Pendergast, rides home to Chad Michel, the CYO legacy to 
Russell Travers, my fantasy bass team to Andy Musto. ♦ L Brian 
Novoson, leave: My license to dangle and high slap shots to the talented 
D of Westwood High namely Sketches. My drivers license to Pete. Large 
mouth bass and large lips to catch them to Musto and Perry. I leave Gavs 
and Walsh the title of basement league allstars. ♦ I, Taylor Obey, leave 

lax girls the legacy and future state champs, swimming & diving girls a pool/board/beat Ursaline, 
GAI to Maggie, neighborhood memories to Tricia & Jake, the ultimate story time of 4"' grade to 
Kristin, baking cakes to Jamie. ♦ I, Tricia O'Donnell, lea\e Liz & Maura- stalking Shuman, Jill- 
"Whenyou Vol my name". Teen- squeezes, Jess- my gas bill, Hillberg- #15, Cat & Gallic- each other, 
WW Soccer '06- humor, Softball- nortons, and Matt- the infamous White Truck. ♦ I, Michelle 
Penido, leave Ashley Logan all the food in the cafeteria. ..especially the pasta with alfredo sauce... 
our fav. Im ganna miss being wit you at lunch everyday!! Love you so much!! xoxo -MicH ♦ I, 
Anastasia Puckerine, leave Kevin Morrison my seat on the METCO bus. 1 leave Greg Niles First 
in line at cafe west. I leave the Metco room to all the under class to come you all know we had some 
good time in there. I leave crystal Tsoial to keep my kick game on point. ♦ I, Greg Randolph, leave 
my brother Ben my undying legacy at WHS - may you wield it for only good; and for my good track 
friend. Mingles, my skills at shot and disc and of course all the Gatorade in the world. ♦ I. Marjorie 
Rochon, leave Frank my social skills, the movie May, and walks in the rain, Steve Walsh awesome 
road trips to the Vineyard, and the Latin 3 kids an empty seat for someone to put their feet on. ♦ L 
Sam Ronan. leave Robby, John, and Jesse bench space; Tricia and Katie my shining halo; Matt first 
oboe parts; Ryan foot pajamas; Drew and BJ a mediocre manager; Russell my unrequited love; and 
to my soccer boys... some chick. ♦ I, Suzanne Ruby, leave Sr. Brillant the ability to walk in 
daylight. ♦ L Deanna Salter, leave Emily, Carlin and Maria the volleyball team and a good senior 
year! Paige, Ashley, Cara. and Jill and awesome basketball season. Victoria, a good high school 
experience. Nick, an awesome senior year! ♦ I, Nadine Samaha, leave Fadi all the luck to succeed 
in all he puts his mind to, and the luck for him to find rides home lol. My lil sis Celena i hope you 
enjoy ur high school years, all my friends the fun memories. I love you! ♦ I, James Scales, leave 
my impeccable style to Ryan Gold, my supreme awesomeness to JetTMoriarty and the legend of my 
people to history. (My dance moves will be scattered over the Pacific Ocean and my soul will be 
ground into a soup and fed to three strangers). ♦ I, Tara Searight, leave Kasey Meow, Joey infinite 
hugs. Sadler the wonder of Drama Club, Theatre kids man roles and dramatic deaths. Twishy random 
naming, Lauren abounding sarcasm, and friend's siblings .someone else to yell their full name in 
hallways, ♦ I, Kristin Sementelli, leave the High School Musical dance to swimming, power of 

196 Senior Will 

the mistresses to Karlie and Ali, hair dye and saggy baggies to Maggie, and to Katie I leave my 
family to take care of and an egg for French Toast. ♦ I, Alex Shapeton, leave my love and full 
legal ownership of my younger sister Natalie, to Liz Kenney. Additionaly, I leave Tony Xia the 
ability to communicate with animals and Andrew WolfTmy seat on the chess team. 
I, Zeina Shuhaibar, leave my love (and regrettably my car) to Ramzi Shuhaibar, dance seniority 
to Michelle Pruchniewski, a spotlight for Chelsey Ristaino to shine, stage left (and my heart) 
to Stephen Wright, and everything else (including hair products) to my baby, Joey Frang. ♦ I, 
Myesha Slaughter, leave my little Big brother Greg our mornings of "doin the deuew" at the bus 
stop. I leave my favorite little white gurl Jessie our afternoons of "daein" after school. I leave all 
my memories of the crazy times on the infamous metco bus. All of the great experiences I had 
with Ms. Brackman's African American Lit. class. Last but not least to the rest of the students 
at Westwood High School(other than the class of 06) " BETCH A CANT DO IT LIKE ME! ! ! ! !" 

♦ I, Dean Slowey, leave Derek all the trees at lymans, Brianna all the apple juice at cafe west, 
sophomores 2 more years of "fun", jess "vet" status ♦ I. Janea Smith, leave Westwood High to 
the class of 2008 the closet class to 2006. 1 leave my seat on the METCO bus to Kevin Morrison. 
I leave the soft serve ice cream to Mrs Barraza because that's her favorite dessert during free 
blocks. Last but not least I leave what I call my sanctuary "GUIDANCE" to Mrs Hayes. I am 
going to miss that place the most. Thank you Mrs Hayes for putting up with me for this last 
year. ♦ I, Ashley Smith, Leave the 6A.M. mornings to my brother Cian; sitting on the radiator 
outside Mr. Mao's room to Ali and Karlie; The snack bar ice cream to Maggie; The coffee to 
Karlie; Ketchup packets to Stacy; Standing on the bathroom stall to get a full length mirror to 
Ali; the "Run Away" song and dance to the 2005 Varsity Cheerleaders; the fun warm ups at play, 
to all the under classman from Wonderful Town. Most of all I leave happiness to my brother 
Cian, and all my best friends! ♦ I. Katie Sugg, leave an injury-free 2 mile to Megan Cheung, a 
cheering tape to Julia Kane, awesome future seasons to the cross-country and track girls, super 
youth group leading to Hanna Cutler and Jason Kelly, and happy high school years to Hilary. 

• I, Chuck Tapsell, leave Brian Pena my faith. I have faith in you, Pena. I leave Perry Treon 
my golf skills because he desperately needs them. I leave Brian Pender my intellectual skills, 
my charm, and my heart and soul. ♦ I, Richie Travers, leave to Russell the Ford Focus, the 
wiffleball league, and my good looks, to Suhas the clarinet section, and to no one do I leave my 
leather jackets. ♦ I. Jason Urdang, leave my size and talent to B.K., #21 to Nick. My shot and 
skills to Malcolm, an open door at Bentley to Gold and Bear, and I leave the legend of Planet to 
nobody, because it cannot be replicated. ♦ I, Tony Viti, leave Sharry : prayers for puberty, Gavin: 

Bates overnights, Ferrari: prancing skills, Pflanz: goals on Millis, 
Malcom: my beautiful touch. DLowe: death if you injure yourself, 
otherwise a hug. Schro: Westwood painted in your favorite color, 
Roy: the magic hat, Kulick: half a chicken sandwich. ♦ I, Kathleen 
Von Euw, leave Vikki: July 5^^; Cat: car rides w/ VKutch and dance 
skills; WWSoccerOS: better pranks, Rojosand Mediz'sraps; Molly: 
my taste in guys; and the O'Connor's and sometimes Devin: the 
neighborhood tradition of being on time for school. ♦ I, Kristin 
Walker, leave Phillip Walker my bad decision making, which you 
have already clearly inherited. Along with all the possible meanings 
of PW. 3 more years to live it up and the right to the infamous jeep. 
I also leave Steve Walsh and Andrew Burke all the Ruby Red Pink 
Grapefruit juice you can drink. ♦ I, Kaitlin Walsh, leave Steve, 
Maddie, Joey - endless screaming in the mornings oh boy & to 
have has much fun as I did ;) Yager- ur middle name for everyone 
to know haa Jess,Liz- 2 eggs... ♦ I. Katie Wiggin. leave Kara- tardiness. Ringo. three more 
wonderful years at WHS. Liz G- VE. Kasey, Belle, Chelsey, Lauren. Corey. Katie H. Joey F. 
Steve W- G-unit. the LT and my love. Matt S- drama club and SNL, Erica- Mur and being late 
to Xaverian play rehearsal. ♦ I, Sammy Wolf, leave Jesse car rides with mom, bunk 19. and 
lots of road trips to come visit, Molly a long smooth road ahead and some clothes, Katie and 
Colleen late night gossip nights at my house, and I leave Zack the Eiffel Tower. ♦ I, Alanna 
Wong, leave my locker to some frosh, an awesome senior year to Ola, luck to science team, 
and. ..lastly love to my little brother and sister. ♦ 1, Simon Xia, leave Tony borrowed robes, and 
to all juniors, the prospect of senior year to sustain you. ♦ I, Leila Zahka, leave all the good 
times and memories to my amazing sisters. Erica and Melanie. To Andrea Munar, I leave the 
spring musical *stroke stroke*. Finally to Steven, I leave all the C block frees and the hacky 
sac lessons. ♦ I, Kyle Zapcic, leave D12 and morning mixes to Colleen and Kates, the stage to 
Franggg, and beautiful game and rides homes to my man BJ. ♦ I, Joanne Zessis, leave my chair 
buddy. Joey F. the chair moving memories 
of Hamlet. CBs forever! Joey S. I have to 
keep the "Packet o' Fun" but you can have 
our daily adventures at Starbucks. . . cherish 
those times! ♦ I. Luke Zhou, leave Roland 
good luck in school and football. Nses OB 
Goldy - TumultTen, Malcolm Whitey + 
BBC - the table, JoshC - AznPride, JamesP 

- Guitar, BPender - assault, and Nikki 

- Our room of requirement; open invitation 
to UMass. 



i^j[^' 'A'- 



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